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Snippet of I Am Hear: S1E1 - Andi & Senda - She's A Super Geek

Last Played: February 04, 2021
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Andi and Senda reveal the paths that led them to roleplaying games. They also offer advice on how to become the best GM or player that you can be by avoiding comparisons and finding a play style that suits you. For instance, you might prefer to be a proactive GM, and plan for every eventuality. Or, you might like to be more reactive, building the story as you go. Andi and Senda believe that it's less about the style you chose and more about what feels best for you.
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because I was in a position where I really liked playing and had thought about GM ing but then kept being like, No, no, I don't know. I don't know if I could do that. And as soon as I started hearing women gm ing, I was like, Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I can do this. Yeah, I can. And my husband was kind of like, no, duh like, yeah, but sometimes you need to hear that from someone removed from your situation or just see it represented. And exactly, um I mean, it's really interesting, because the first couple of times I tried jamming, it went horribly. It was a disaster. Do we want to tell disaster stories to humanize us? Because we both have. So and that's the other part of it is I think, that we also don't want people holding themselves up to a standard that they might here, especially if it's edited because we totally yeah. Oh my gosh, Yes, exactly. Because like you don't want people. I kind of put it this way. Like critical role has gotten really big, of course, and people see like Matt Mercer and his players and they're like, Oh, I can't do voices And then, like, I can't do voices like that And then they're disappointed in themselves when maybe they try and they don't think they sounds that great. So then they don't do voices, and that's what we want to avoid is we want people to see the best that we can be. But we also still want to be human and say No. We all started somewhere and you get you get to a certain level with practice. Yes, experience comes from inexperience, and sometimes it is about finding which games and which style of running games. I mean, in the particular case of GM in Right, which games in which style of running games actually works for you because absolutely. I mean, the thing that I can tell you is the reason that I thought that I couldn't run games is because I was trying to run. Oh, this is gonna sound so like Studio me. I'm sorry, but I wrote an article over unknown stew. I think about a month ago now about kind of playing with the idea of gaming from a proactive space versus a reactive space, right and um, the idea being that pro activity is taking very strong actions or like planning your game in advance and like prepping, um and that in a general like, standardized stereotype of the way that we think of like a D and D game. Then we would consider the GM to be the proactive party and the players to be reactive because they're reacting to whatever the GM does, right? So what's really interesting to me about having written that article in the reason that I bring it up is because I can now pinpoint for you exactly what style of games and exactly what style of GM ing works for me because I am not a proactive GM, right? So I am. I mean, there's a certain amount of passing a you know, pro activity and reactivity back and forth at at a table that you want no matter what. But what I found was that when I try to be a proactive GM like I'm just not. I tried twice and I tried to be that GM that, like I sat down and I mapped everything out and I, you know, had everything planned and I like filled dungeons and had rooms and stuff. And it was terrible. And I even accidentally like, scared one of my really good friends off from playing D and D for, like, six more years because it was such a like not good experience. Oh, no, it took forever to come back. Thanks. She's coming back now. It's OK, It's OK. She's coming back. But But I felt terrible like I was not. I was an awful jam. It was bad. It was very, very bad. And it was my second attempt. And the first one was like just a bad. So it was both of these, like things that like I started, and they, neither of them want more than one session because they were just awful. But you have to remember, I don't remember who said this, but sucking at something is the first step to being kind of good
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