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Snippet of IDOL: I Dream of Lists: Super Bowl Halftime Shows

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The Top 8 Superbowl Halftime Shows Check out these snippets talking about the best Super Bowl Halftime Shows!

Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the Superbowl Halftime Show. Whether you're a football fan or not, it always causes there's always a lingering buzz following the performance. Fans are eager to know who is going to perform, and artists put on their best performances every year. Check out this playlist talking about their rankings of the best performances of all time.
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Evan, Scott, and Special Guest Paul rank their favorite Super Bowl Halftime Shows and rave about Motown music and their Halftime Show.
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number five on this list. The one the only lady Gaga. Yeah, Not much to say about. Keep going. I guess we'll come on. Uh, she So this was 20 17? Yeah. Performed in Houston, Texas. The reason why this guy on the list in my book was aka the drones A The drones be She jumped off the actual performance. Nothing more American than drones. What? We're going back to the politics. Uh, she jumped off the top of the stadium and slowly zip are slowly was lowered in. Yes, Kerry, uh, she played the guitar full choreographed, played the regular piano crowd, surfed and then caught a football. Big deal. Plays the piano every day. Yeah, that's her job is to play a piano. I'm not a key. Tar. What? Yeah, she's great. She's very talented. It's kind of a ho hum performance, though. I guess it gets top five, though. I don't know what happened. I left the list making process, and then all of a sudden, good guy was on the top five side. Blame Paul? Yeah. I mean, Evan really wanted it there. It's It was a fine like she's a talented person. Undeniable. I had Lady Gaga got halftime Super Bowl halftime show poster in my cubicle for a very long time. So, big fan, uh, I'm Jeff. It's fine. She ended with bad romance. Million reasons. Like talk about making the crowd go to sleep. Yeah, like I'm gonna sit slowly and sway. Okay. Wait till we get to number four with number four on the list. Motown? Yeah. Uh, it's good. The music is Yeah. Motown music cash, my favorite music. And that, uh, for me? Yeah, it could be. Yeah, we listen. Toe morning, Motown. Mm. On one of our streaming services on. Uh, yeah, We'll just leave it at that. Um, that's on all the time in our house. Nice. The Motown Motown Super Bowl 1998. Motown's 40th anniversary featured Boyz Two men. Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves, The Temptations Theory journal. Queen Latifah, Uh, on Grambling State University Marching band. Yeah, well, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. They were correct, Boyz. Two men saying Motown men, But men. That song I was at a wedding this past weekend way worked really hard to get Motown. Philly played because yeah, that's what I thought. And half the wife side of the family is from like Jersey, but they're Philly people, eso their Eagles fans and all that. So I was trying to be give them, you know, throw them a bone. Be like, here's a Philly song and there were, like, three people on the dance floor. It was me going crazy. It's a top five song dance with Dan out there. Yeah, there was the two of us. Nice. Hey, I would say back to the list. Yes. Sorry. Uh, hit after his list of Jason. Uh, my girl can't help myself. Heat wave. I just want to sing every song as you as you. Well, that's the thing about Motown. Every song is good. I will say boys and men did slow it down with a song for Mama That one towards the end. Yeah. Great performance, though. Top five months. Incredible song. Yeah, I did feel a lot of place, but there's probably like, there's probably reason they're single that year. Yeah, And then every artist saying dancing in the street to close it out. Damn, Queen Latifah. I mean, she was awesome, obviously. You know, great singer, great rapper as well. I had the, uh no rain cassette Growing up u N i t by u n i t y. That's a unity. Yeah. Fucking a za Kids would say that slaps. Yeah, Clean. Good. Yeah. All right.