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Snippet of In This League: 2/27 Hour 1: NBA Top Shot, Russell Wilson's Future & More

Last Played: March 10, 2021
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Bogman and The Welsh bring three hours of entertainment to you every week (in three separate episodes). This is the internet's greatest rabbit hole of pop culture, fantasy sports, and comedy, so strap in!
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and there is literally nothing more exciting on the intro webs bagman than freaking NBA Top shot. And we're coming in late. We're coming in late to the game. We're coming in hot, but we're coming in hot. We talked about it on the last one because essentially, I will admit this. You know nothing about it. You're just like, oh, sign up, money. This is your game plan. Sign up. You want by plane? What? I know by make money and then to the moon. That's your fourth. He This is what I know. Uh, and and this is it, um, Let's see. The NBA is putting out. I'm gonna call them virtual trading cards. I don't know if that is an accurate description or not at all. Whatever they are, they're like moments there, actually. OK, whatever. I'm just explaining how it works in my brain. Yeah. Okay, so yeah, So in my brain, it's basically virtual cards. Sure, you can hit play on them and they have moments or whatever. Uh, and you buy them, and then you're the sole owner of them, and then you can then sell them. If I don't know if that's right. at all, But that's what I'm getting from it. I don't care about what the product is at all, even a little bit whatsoever. I don't care. It doesn't make any difference to me. All I know is that I can flip it and make money. So that's what I'm trying to do. Yes, okay, you've got some of it, right. It is not the sole like it's treated just like real. Like they think the card industry, where there's a base and then there are, like, numbered and stuff a moment. There's like 15,000 people that might have it, so you don't own a single moment, okay, but But it is. It is numbered. It is a certain of certain, and you can sell them because there's a marketplace. You have the opportunity to also get rarer ones, just like the card industry, and there's a market place to sell them. There are people that collect. Most people are just trying to flip and make money. If you get a low number, you know like one of 10,000 that's going to be worth more. It's a hot commodity that people are into, and people not only are people buying packs like on the video games where, you know, like MLB the show. You buy a pack and you get like a diamond whatever of a guy. But people are also on the marketplace, buying them and then waiting for the market to go up and sell them. I saw I want to say it was NBA stunk. Six stocks. Yeah, that's exactly what it is, you know, it's NBA stars. They just go up. I want to say, like Davis Maddock or someone like that had purchased like a LeBron. They tweeted about this LeBron moment at $2000 and he sold it for $30,000 and was like, This is so sad And I was like, There's literally nothing sad about this. It's the greatest thing ever. Now this is exactly how people lose their ass. This is how people your mentality of like I don't know what this is. It's a video. It's a card. I'm gonna buy it. I'm gonna sell it to the moon. That's where it's gonna get. Luckily, I don't have any money, so it's not like I can lose any money. Well, I mean, so here. Here's what's happening. We'll see. I'm just gonna laugh to see what line we are. So how this works and it's done off of like a Blockchain and what I still don't get is the product is so un enticing. Like I see people get all jacked up about this and and everybody's like This is so cool. This is this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's cool. But what I don't understand is why anybody who actually likes it, who, actually, who wanted who's like, Hey, cool, I got this moment or whatever. I don't understand actually liking the product, But you know, there is a market for so there it's You buy these packs and you open up and you get a moment or multiple. Now, the thing that's happening today, Bachmann. I don't know if you know about this, they're gonna They're doing a drop. It's called and only like, 6000 or 5000 people. Uh, right bar, which is in here. I don't understand the cash. Can you log in, by the way? Because I just want to go log in. And it says they're having a login issue that they've been working on since about uh, 7. 30 in the morning. Uh, I'll have to check on my on my phones. You there. But, um What now? Here's the other thing, though. So they have these common packs. It's like nine bucks you can buy and you get a moment and your hope is like, Oh, please get some cool this magic moment, But the one dropping today it's called a premium pack, and it's like six moments. And it's like 100 bucks. Yeah, like a husky. But they're apparently is, like a type of moment that they're going for, like a grand. So we are. But the costs on them, like the cost on them. It isn't outrageous, right? Like like to buy the two by the first pack. You know, if you're in line and you get the opportunity, isn't it, like 20 bucks? 30 bucks? It's not like and absorb it an exorbitant amount. Most packs are like nine bucks or 15 bucks, and you get a card. The one that's dropping today is we're doing this. It's a premium pack where you get six moments for $100 but $100. If you get there, there's these other ones you know, it's essentially like getting like colored cards, you know, like a green to whatever. If you get one of those, those go for, like, 1000 plus dollars and you can sell them. And if it's a great player, it goes for even more. But have you heard the expression or the idea? Because I was about to say the expression and then I realized you don't know and, you know, like a card table. If you don't know who the dog shark. Yeah, it might be you that's us in this, like imagine knowing most people buying this. But imagine knowing this stuff and hearing us right now like you're just like pitching in your head because it's like we're gonna make people are going to make money, and it's like we don't even know what the product is. We're like, Hey, give me a moment and then let me get rid of it. That's what I want to get rid of it. But I think the nice thing about these cards, even in the packs that are $100 is you know you're not gonna lose your ass doing this, you know, First of all, you're not allowed to buy that many anyway, right, Isn't it like one pack per person? That's what is allowed. It's drops. So here. So here's the funny thing. Here's what's gonna happen is there's about, like, five or 6000 packs on a drop that are given, and they're up to around 90,000 people waiting in line for it. So if you're anything outside of six, you're probably not getting if you're anything outside of eight, you're not getting it whatsoever. So you get in line and it will immediately tell you that's going to be the hilarious part. Is us jumping in line and see if we actually are there and we can do it. So, yeah, see this? This even says It sounds like they're having issues here because I did get logged in and I'm on. Uh, you know, I clicked on premium packs. So the premium packed series to drop one and it says packed, not available, and then it's not available yet. Another okay, but another thing says transactions are disabled for maintenance. It said that the whole time it said that said that from yesterday to today none of that's new. Um okay, but that's not great, you know that you have to. First of all, they they've been having login issues. I don't know. It's all right here. But Bachmann, I wish to point out. I see it right here. It says, you know, my sessions. They have a whole thing that's difficult to get in. But here's the point. This is why it's because dummies like you and me just got an account and signed up. They were 90,000 people in line the other day. You're gonna be probably upwards of near 150,000 people trying to get in on these type of packs. Now it's the next wave. And guess what? Guess what, fella? We don't even know what we're doing. This is like we're like, Hey, game stop! The same people are jumping in on a product that everyone thinks they understand. Nobody wants. I guess what you can. I can literally go click on a moment and watch the moment and not by it. But it's about ownership, and I and they're they're getting in all of us. Money and ownership. It's fantastic. Wait till baseball comes out. We'll be done. We got to go to break We come back more Hit the n b A little top shot. We'll see if we get in. Don't get any sleep.
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