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Snippet of In Your Twentys: Traveling on a Budget

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In Your Twentys
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Best Audio About Budget Traveling On Vurbl Check out this audio guide to traveling on a budget. Feeling like taking a trip but feeling uneasy about your financial situation? Just the thought of budgeting your money can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Listen to these audio tips on financially responsible travel to see the world and not worry about your fleeting cash. Listen to great tips from podcasts like Zero To Travel, Extra Pack of Peanuts, The Budget Mouse, and Travel Goals Podcast. Vurbl Traveling The World in Audio
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In this snippet from the In Your Twentys, Tinah and her friend Joey Ucci discuss his favorite apps to save money for travelling.
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had What are some tips that you've learned? Whether it be what are the best days to book a flight? What acts do you use things like that? Yes. So I the number one after I use well for first thing places I definitely use Airbnb, I think like one that shows you a bunch of different places. And you can also put in your dates and also like it will give you direct like rates and things like that. And you can you know how many people to kind of try and get on a trip based on, like, what? Airbnb. You want to stay and and things like that you book you so you book where you're going to stay before you book your flight. I do not. I always booked my flight first, but I was just saying like, that's the app I used for like like where I'm gonna stay. But for for flights, I use this app called Hopper. You can put in a destination where you want to go on and you can choose a like specific dates like if you know you, let's just say you want to go over Labor Day weekend or something. You can put in those dates and watch. You can watch like that flights or like that, the destination And those dates. I'll give you alerts when, um, that flight is gonna be the cheapest or like when there's a really cheap flight for that time. But also like So let's just say this is what I've always done because I kind of have flexibility when I'm on cow off, because I could just take off whatever days I need. Thio and I don't have classes all the days, so I'll just put in so, like, let's just say I'm gonna go. It doesn't matter what month I go. I'm gonna try and go from either January to march at some point. So I'll put in January to March and I want to go Thio. I've never been to L. A. So I'll put in L. A front. I know it's not crazy. I know I haven't been West Coast, and I was gonna go this summer for CEO of Amazon in Seattle. But now that's virtual. So it's it's ruining my plan. It's true in a lot of things, I'll tell you I know, but so you can put in like the three month range in l. A. And then it'll look over those entire three months and you can also set how many days you want to be there. So, like you could make it four days too, I think, like eight or nine days or something like that. But it'll, like, notify you like O L. A. Is very cheap this day, and it's like 100 and $50 flight or something like that, which is really cheap for L. A.