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Snippet of InsideEvs - Weekly Podcast: Tesla Reports Profit, Reveals New S&X and Cars Will 'Guess' Your Gear

Last Played: March 18, 2021
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The guys talk about how the new Tesla feature designed to select driver's gears for them and the pros and cons of the design for different kinds of drivers.
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all safety? Uh, not even just in general driving, but in panic, emergency situation, Someone's gonna grab a wheel. The other weird thing about this just a segue, because I think everyone has been talking about the wheel is the gear selector. And Dominic, will you walk us through how this car goes forward to reverse? Because this is just mind bogglingly stupid to me. I'd love to hear your dog. Okay. Before we were already touched that I just want to say also the turn signals on other stocks. There are no stocks on this, right? So the turn signals are on the and I both on the same side. I'm not sure what What's up with that? I I think it should have been one on each side. You know so well. It's almost better because I've driven turn signals on wheels before. And when you're 180 degrees turned like every Ferraris like this, for example, you always get them mixed up. And so maybe this is they did some study where you kind of know based off your thumb placement. Which one is the top and which one is the boss? You've driven a Ferrari with style wheel. Oh, yeah, with they're not on one side, but they're on. It was the oak style wheel, Uh, not yolks A. But the turn signals were on the wheel. I know they don't have stocks on them because 18 degrees in my mind, I was picturing like the yoke. And, you know, it's just if you're turning a normal wheel, No. Yeah, you always get them mixed up. But I'm not a fan of controls on steering wheels because, you know, we spend a lot of time on track. We have a lot of new drivers on track and sometimes their hand placement. They get freaked out and they start hitting a whole bunch of controls, and the wipers are going on Ferraris and it's all a mess. I think I got you All right, So yeah, so it's quite clear that, you know, like very clean look in his interiors. And, uh, so there's no gear stocks, and on this there's no windshield wipers. There's no, uh, gear selector. So how does it know? You know, Park forward, reverse, drive all that. It just it knows where you want to go. It's kind of guess is so It's so you parked in your garage, you get in. Uh, you know, it turns on automatically not to turn on any start stop buttons. It knows that you were in the car, Um, and you have your foot on the brake as you let your foot off the brake and touch the accelerator, it's gonna go backwards because it knows there's a wall in front of it and it can't go forwards. So you must want to go backwards and then you, you know, pull backwards and then you'll stop. And then when you press the accelerator again, I guess it's gonna know that you're gonna want to go forward, Possibly. But it's gonna get You're gonna have an option. If I don't know how this is gonna work, it's gonna tell you, I guess on the screen Which way it's going to go when you you know, as you take your foot off the breaker with your you can just stop. It's gonna tell you what it's gonna do next. It's got to tell you that, right? So if it says the wrong direction like I want to reverse even more, you can reach over the screen and touch that. We don't know if the screen in front of the driver is a touch screen, but I assume it's probably not. It's probably still just the middle scrub. I already have two dogs that need micromanaging because they have minds of their own and they go places they shouldn't go. And now I have to worry about my car when I go into a launch mode just flying backwards out of the drug. What if I want to launch forward really quick like it's? This is depending on how it's implemented. If it is implemented as deeply as they say, where every single move, the cars deciding forward and back. Imagine stop and go traffic when you have a car in front of you and behind you. How's it going to choose which way to go there? And so I just think it's all go. If you're just gonna going forward, it's always going to go forward. I know I was just that was just over embellishing, but like, you know, this is just This is terrible. I would turn that off immediately. I'm sure there's a way to turn it off, and you can override. But like, come on, don't. This is your one time during a drive. I don't need my car doing it all the time. I'm I'm curious because I do like the way it looks like that with no stocks, because, you know, it does. It makes it so much nicer looking. But can it be like, you know, as second nature? But, you know, I don't know. It's good. I don't know, Martin, what do you think about how successful do you think that's going to be implemented? I tend to use my wife as a focus group of one, which is always a dangerous thing to do, but she drives as a utility. So she learned to drive to get places like I learned to drive first because I grew up in the middle of nowhere in the countryside. That's what I get away. But mostly because I enjoy driving. She's the opposite. So I know that she because then she could never understand why cars were so complicated because, you know, she and I learned when you there was the choke to, you know, when the car was cold and and of course, you know, you were checking the oil every couple of days and you know, she couldn't get on with manual car. She's like, Why doesn't car? Why isn't the car forwards and backwards? So then we bought an
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