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Snippet of Internet Freakshow - Stories of Internet Mysteries, Trolls, Weirdos, and Freaks: Chip Chan

From Audio: Chip Chan
Last Played: February 03, 2021
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Chip Chan was discovered in 2006 on a 4chan webcam thread, she claims to be held captive streaming herself for days at a time.
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no. In 2006. Ah, user on four, Chan accidentally stumbled across a live stream of a Korean woman's apartment. The woman on the camera was sleeping so deeply that the four Chan user actually believed her to be dead. But she did awake and quickly hid behind some hand written signs written in Korean. He posted his discovery to four Chan, and thus begins the story of Chip Chan. Now, before I go any farther, I want to touch on that name, Chip Chan. Apparently the woman is aware of this nickname, but it's not very font of it. And so, for the remainder of this episode, I'll use the name she prefers to be known as which is simply Jane. As I mentioned before, Jane streams nearly her whole life online and has been doing that since at least 1990 nine. Her life starts to take shape a little bit through all the signs that she holds up to the camera, as well as chats that she sometimes participates in with the people watching her stream and the blog's that she's maintained throughout the years. Jane believes that she's been implanted with a microchip that controls her. This microchip was implanted by a man that she refers to Onley as P, and she claims that P is a police officer in Korea who holds her captive. She claims that she comes from a very wealthy family, and that P is after this money Most of her life has spent streaming online, although she does seem to leave her apartment sometimes. So if she is really being held captive, her captor doesn't appear to be very good at it. When she leaves her apartment, she frequently does so in disguise. Throughout the years, she's maintained many blog's one at WordPress that hasn't been updated since 2000 and 13. Another block of hers went quiet in 2014, but came back for one entry in August of 2000 and 18. But it hasn't been updated since. The more you dig, the more blog's you'll find Summit, WordPress, Summit, Blawg Spot and all of them are very outdated. Some were opened and only have one entry, and they all have approximately the same format of links to the old outdated streaming feeds with passwords on how to view them. Her YouTube channel is now the most active online presence that she has operating at a channel named Mind Control Weapon. Her streaming sessions last varying amounts of time these days, but they could go on for several days at a time. Typically, her streams air just her sleeping, sometimes for 30 hours, arm or at a time. Some of her hand written signs have been translated to English. They say things like, Don't get tricked, Don't get fooled early every morning if someone comes that paralyzes the person, I can't be stopped. The stalker used this skill from 2000 and six. I have slept for 20 hours every day since then. I do not know what have happened while I've been asleep. I have always been afraid of sleeping. Stalker Pee breaks in after disabled camera Korean Copy makes me lose consciousness at any time, so I always sleep on the chair for years. How can you sleep sitting on the chair every day if you don't lose your consciousness? I haven't dreamed for years because I lose my consciousness. The days of her streaming 24 7 for days or weeks at a time are gone. Her YouTube streams now go silent for days at a time, and when she streams, it's only for a few hours. She usually sleeps in a chair, but sometimes she sleeps in a filing cabinet. Some users have chatted with her while she is live streaming. Others have interacted with her via email. In chats and emails. She always mentions P. She does have a canned email responses. She sends too many people who reach out to her. The email reads. The stalker Korean Copy has been after me for 16 years. What he has done to be discovered, maybe mass communication, and that investigates and it will be revealed. Please help me for reporters or help people know this. I need this case.
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