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Snippet of ...Just To Be Nominated: Oscar Nominations!

Last Played: April 06, 2021
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Chadwick Boseman is essentially a shoo-in for the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role, sadly making it the first posthumous Best Actor award since Heath Ledger in 2008. ...Just To Be Nominated also has an interesting take on the least anticipated part of the evening: the In Memoriam section.
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Anthony Hopkins has just been reinvigorated since he popped up in one of the Transformers movies. Since then, he's, you know, he's getting Oscar nominations again, you know, and I like him, but it seems like he plays the same character in every movie. I really get that feeling where it's like, you know, kinda adult kind of. You know, you don't know if he's like up to something or not. It's nice he got a nomination, but I don't care. And in that category for best actor, he'd be the last one. I may. Well, Gary Oldman, too. Those two are down on the bottom like Anthony Hopkins is kind of becoming the poor man's Christopher Plummer. You know, it's a It's a niche. It is. You find it and you play it. Yeah, and Christopher Plummer is someone who I don't mean, you know, the last couple of years of his life. I don't think he slept, walked through anything, Um, you know, look at that one where you had to fill in for Kevin Spacey and one and I got an Oscar nomination. That was the one I was gonna say and then also knives out, which is just phenomenal. Yeah, but, uh, you know, if I were looking at that and you didn't have the Chadwick Boseman kind of spectre hanging over this because I think it's his, it's you can't not give it to him. And if you didn't, there's something wrong with you. I really do. But if I were going to pick beyond that, I would really want Riz to win because I thought that was a beautiful performance that, um, should be recognized. And I'm sure in other years it would be it be the hands down favorite to win, and he seems like someone who he has a very long career ahead of him where he is going to be. He's going to be kind of Matt Damon able to really balance, I think big budget stuff that's coming his way, and these very well selected indie pictures that are going to get him a lot of the lot of the awards, and he's, uh, it's not impossible for him to be. We talked about the Grammys at the start of this is not possible for him to be getting some Grammy nominations at some point because he's also in an incredible rap group that people should check out if they've never heard of the sweatshop boys. That is true. Yeah, but he'd be my choice if if I didn't have other things to consider. But you're not. You're not, um, you know, doing it just because he died. He was really, really, really good. I think if I were to let's say he was still living and everything were the same, I maybe would have nominated for best supporting actor instead of best actor. I think that kind of raised the stakes a little bit. And he would have been finding that category. Because really, Ma Rainey's black bottom isn't about the trumpet player. I was gonna say, obviously, the last time that there was a, you know, a posthumous acting nomination That was Heath Ledger. And then before that, it was a long, long while, um, 94. There was one. Um, I think, yeah, I think. Still, the only to like actors that have won posthumously our ledger and Peter Finch. Right? Is there another one that I'm missing? Yeah. He's the only one that those are the two of one. Yeah. Yeah, It used to be if you were dead, they wouldn't give it to you. But then Peter Finch kind of broke through because come on, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore. That has to win. Um, and then I think with Heath Ledger, that's another one of those performances. You go. Oh, my God. This is, like, unbelievable. Even now, the other jokers that have come since reference what he did. Uh, and so I think that Chadwick Boseman can't lose If he does lose their their really wrong, they really shouldn't. They shouldn't be accepting that kind of a situation. Yeah. No, that's not gonna Yeah, that's one of the few. I think there's your absolute locks. Yeah, that and I feel like nomad land for best pictures. More or less A lock. I would say, Director, I think she's a lock for best director. I don't know if the picture could be. You know, this could be like those years when life of pi one, but didn't win best picture. You know where they give the director to somebody else? Steven Spielberg lost for, uh, saving Private Ryan, But one, the director award. So those are things where you go. Maybe if they really wanted to slide in there with a different one for best picture that's still open. But I think that's director. It's a done deal and the same with Chadwick. Boseman done deal When When Parasite one, it was up against 1917, and it seemed like that was the one that was kind of a lock. And then it got bumped. And yes, a time in Hollywood to where people go. Hmm. Quentin Tarantino has never won. Best picture here might be an opportunity. Well, here's a Here's a random out of the blue question. Who do you think the in memoriam segment is going to leave out? And everyone's going to get upset about? MM, It's gonna It has to be because, like, you know, like with the Grammys, it's always someone that's more like an underground personal. Lot of times, it seems like so it'll be like some character actor that everybody loves but just doesn't get the get on. The in memoriam segment will be somebody like to add a character actor type or yeah, I feel like I mean, like Brian Dennehy is the one that jumps to mind as far as character actor. But, I mean, I don't know. They got to get him in there and let's see. John Saxon is maybe not going to make the cut. But you feel like there isn't a real like John Saxon hive to to get too upset about that Open as much as I love John Saxon and yeah, I love John Sex and shout out uh, well for primary is going to make it in there. Obviously. No, it's gonna be a character actor type, right, Bruce? It has to be. It's going to be the snow that everybody's mad about who gets the last spot. Usually that's the biggest star. Okay, The last spot she did. They give it to Chadwick Boseman because he's big that night. But they are going to be Kirk Douglas this year. Was he in this year? Yeah, they like him. You could be the last one. Unless so many days between now and then, Right? Sean Connery? Does he have a chance to be the last one? Could It would be nice if, like Alex Trebek makes the cut. And it's just his, uh, his scene from shortcuts. Yeah, Kirk Douglas feels like a good pick to be last. Yeah, they'll have publicists and all those you think. Why are they in here? Couldn't they be on the TV screen at home where you look it up? That's a fascinating thing is to see who's who's not going to get in the in memoriam. Tommy Lister is maybe going to be the one that people get upset about it. If he doesn't make it Debo from Friday like we had well to see if there's any betting odds for uh, yeah for the in memoriam segment. Carrie Jones. Maybe from Monty Python Now I hope he'll make it.
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