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Katie Price discusses her relationship with her mother, traumatic events of her childhood, having a disabled child, and more.
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tonight, I'm gonna be in conversation with the lady who is a media tour. The Force A north of six autobiographies, 10 novels and 25 Children's books that have sold millions of copies. She's also a massive reality TV star, and she started her career by getting a kiss off. Tonight I'm gonna be in conversation with Katie Price. He Thank you. Thank you, Thank you, thank you, Thank you. Come around and doing this. In my introduction, I called you a media tour. The force, which is really what you were. Because you're across everything fashion. You gotta make up range. You gotta clothing names. You've got books that have sold Millie's. You're a massive reality TV star. You're bringing up music. What? You laugh when you say that. You know why? Because it z if you look at it like I'm one of those people, to be honest, that you've just been in the background. I've never saw the doors. All right, I'm interested in Jordan, or I'm interested in Katie Price. You just somebody who was on the telly and when I've looked into your life for this show, there's so many more lazy than I expected to find. I'm like a little tornado. Yeah, there would be. Where? Boots starting off as a glamour model. Very, very few last. And they certainly don't create the empire that you've created. What do you think it is with you that's different than anyone else who was there? I don't know. It's weird. Life is really weird because when I started, they were all blondes. When your glamour gets normally about your birthday suit like fashion would was a cloak hangers to may, a literal supermodel on day, we're just all blondes, big boobs. And I was brewing up with really curly hair. I didn't look like any of them. And then I think when I changed my name to Jordan, then I got into the Jordan Formula One and then it just sort of escalated from there. I don't know. I think everything I did I don't know, actually, don't know if I knew the reason I've formatted on everyone else and I'll be even more richer. E looking at that As you said, everyone looked difference. It was big boobs. It was blonde there. I didn't have big boobs. And by the way, but I did do them. That's when the sun did that big debate telling me not to do it. But I still did it this upset. No, actually, I want to rephrase that, because that's not fair on, you know, say honestly, you can ask me anything. I'm not. Please, I'm not offended by anything. I actually would want you toe ask me questions that What do you think? Should I ask that or not? Because they're the interesting questions. Don't pussyfoot. Just ask Answer. I don't get offended. I'll answer it Honestly. Okay, So your obsession is e Go know what I was gonna say was your obsession with the size of your tits. You know, basically what? No. What I was gonna say is this obsession that seems to be and I've I've seen interviews that you've done in the past where you said you wanted to have your breasts enlarge. Anyway, when you're before the modeling. Before this creation of this phenomenon on you wanted it for you, not for everyone else. Where is for someone like may? You just saw you occasionally flash up in newspapers and stuff. I just I generally just thought you just doing that to get in the papers. She's doing it to enhance the chance of being a topless model. Yeah, it's weird because no, I did always want them done. And I went to a place called Transform and I was 16 and they won't do without your parent's signature on. There was no way my mom was going to do that. No way. So I had to wait till I was 18. To do that, you see if you have a really solid relationship, particularly from what I could see of all the shows that you've done with your mom really close. Really sorry for a moment to have that situation where the teenage doors that get breast enlargements and then to develop a relationship is a wild child before she left the teenage years. How much have put strains on your relationship? No, But then what you got remembers Lots of things happened to me, is a kid. So my mom was quiet with men, by the way, that she was quite protective of him. I wasn't allowed to paper round. I wasn't allowed to go to you club. I was let you losing my virginity. I was late going club in. So I suppose, when I was able to do these things, it's not that went out of control. I think because I started young, the media, basically they could write anything they want. So I was doing nothing different to any other person my age. Those the girls come out clubs drunk, dressed like minimal where I was the same as everyone else. But I was one who get picked on. They would use pictures where you're half blinking. Submit. You look worse than you were. So I suppose that's where that wild child thing came. I suppose that's what it's like. One minute I'm Jordan. One minute I'm Katie Price. I can't keep up myself. When you when you said there, your mom was protective of you, you were topless model on that 17. That that seems to may. No, no, but not stopping the convert Basic rapes in that quite few times as a kid but family member on like for top. It's all in my books, and it's always with men. I've had troubles where they've tried to take May, so my mom's always watched me, so sometimes I think, did I do the glamour, glamour would. I don't know if this is true, but this is what I say as a sign of Yemen. You could look at me, but you can't have me is if it's a rebellious about I don't know, because if you met my family, you would think that would be the last thing I would do. But I enjoyed it. Yeah, so I mean, he just said they're in a character casual way. I was raped a few times as a child. That's a massive statements. I don't know when I see it is so much has happened in my life so much. It's like my my head. It's like So you just have to get some of it, don't you? Really? Did you get on with your counselor? And you know, I've got really good family, really good family. No, not really. I didn't need it. I think they got a strike Strong family. I'm not quite open and talk about things that we just pulled out with it. And yeah, not everyone's like that. And don't get me wrong. People get affected by things. But that's why I wonder if that's why I like doing the glamour Modern as a up yours to you men. You can look, but you can't touch What? I don't know. Maybe some people have said in the past. That's probably why I enjoy doing it. E But I love it. Really e world way. When you When I first was right, seven in a bush in the park and it was with three other girls as well, eh? So that was that. And then another time sort of care. I know you think I'm saying it because it was so I'm like, I'll be honest with, like I'm What I don't want to do is to try and psychoanalyze you go. Oh, come on. What? Because I don't I think such a traumatic thing. That is not fair to do that. You have obviously, within your own mind, gained some protection that allows you to talk about it. But there will be a with the kids in situations or all the people who don't come out with the strength that you've come out of it. Onda. That's the bit that surprises me. Just Yeah, Yeah, I was seven that Zo Horrible things happens, so I know we talk about it later, but it's the same. I had a healthy baby. Then I was told that he was blind. I mean, that is another massive shock. It's like so I've had so many shocked, shocked shocks and it's, I think I've built a wall so I can a coping mechanism. Although when I have seen capsules before for different reasons, they always say that at the back of my brain is like a little pot. And that's why story also, I always put a barrier up. That's like with the media, right, So much stuff. I mean, I love working for me because it's give and take. But there's so much stuff that I'm just like whatever, because I'm like desensitized. But I'm just so used to it. So how we would go another story? Okay, I'm just don't let it bother May. In my personal life, I'm so soft. But men have always been men in my life that have caused the heartache always So. So the situation when you were seven Did your mom know about this place? We forget the prosecutor that was on my way, walking to the park, and she was at the cafe of her friends. So It was just like but But did they ever get course? There were two people walk through and obviously knew what he was doing. They obviously called the police because he then ran off. And then the police came, You know, they take all your clothes and stuff like that. But you know, so many years that I can only remember little bits of it. But that was the first incident. There was another one. Yeah, and there's also a celebrity and everyone know who it was. And I've never named the person and I won't name the person with some people know, have to be careful on that one. Yeah, I have to be careful in that, because if I say something, every woman who is that was another one, because after what happened, I said to my friends that this happened, that's that's rape isn't rape, and they're like, Well, of course it is. They said, Why don't you go to the police? And the reason I didn't is because I consented to go back there. So that's what I mean. There's so much different things with rape. When is it called rape? Do you know what I mean, so that was when I was about 18. You were in the glamour world then, Yeah, that that Pierce and you presumably passed in your professional life since then. No, I've never seen him since, but I can't see more because it be so obvious who it is. But to an extent, you know, it's not for here, to an extent, doesn't somebody who's done that deserves to be named and shamed? If I say the next thing, I can't visit the obvious. The person's been punished in his own right. Put it that way. I'm quite matter of fact, I believe in. If some it happens, it doesn't matter how shocking is. I believe if you talk about it instead of keeping in it, it helps a lot. There's a lot of people who boil things up and they get depressed from it. They get all sorts of things. I think it's good for people to talk about things. I think that's another reason why I've probably been in this industry a long time because I do talk about I'm very open. People might be shocked by things like I say, but I normally only say things that what people thinking and but what you've just said there about about your your ability, thio cope with the abuse that you suffered as a child, which would have sunk. A lot of people empowered you to become the powerful woman that you are now. Now I'm not suggesting that if in any way that that's a process, other people, you know, everyone is different. You know everyone sitting in here, you may. There's things about all of us or none of us know we've all had drums. It's not just May, but I choose to talk about because I feel we're talking about different things. People like, Oh my God, you know what that's happened to May? That's right. And then they're interested in what I say. I'm really good at giving advice, but I'm shit to taking my own advice. That's the trouble. But on that point, because you have you have been open air and a zoo. Say you've mentioned in the past both soften abuses. A child, if you have you had a situation where stones come up to you and said, I'm glad you said that because something happened to me and nobody ever knew about it. ALS The time I get it, it could be even about kids. You know, if they've had a child with disabilities, or I get that a lot now because of Harvey, where some people say, Why do you have to put him in the spotlight to show? And I'm like, Well, I'm not afraid, You know, I think it's good because, you know, some people can't cope with having a kid with disabilities. They wanna hide away, can't cope, think their life has ended. When I try and turn around and say Why? Just because you might not be like you, You still you still get fun. You know, it's it's a human being. I mean, I could to settle down and talk about stuff like that, but I could still do talk a lot tonight. That's all right. That's what you know. I know your will change, really? Didn't it when Harvey was born? Because after that point you were the party girl. You were free. And that was another big risks. Whether keeping him or not. Yes, I just started my career. I mean, I thought you'd only last a year, two years, that being a model because you never really hear from lasting longer, do you? Really? But I don't know how. Even being the glamour model, being pregnant didn't change anything. It got more bad. I got more mad. I got more work for me. It was just which isn't normal. You got to think that you get sacked off because you're pregnant being like a glamour model ever. But for me, it was like shit. I think my career is not going away. It's actually getting better. Yeah. Then I had him, and that was it. But I knew I always wanted kids always. I'm so maternal. Hence all the animals on the Children and I still want more. I've just always had that mother instinct for me, the tabloid world. You're in that time for you. That was the worst headlines when I had heart, because basically was saying because of my party and he was born blind, which was not true at all. Until you become a mother with Harvey. You were a party girl, right? Almost right up to him being born. And that's where particularly you find out the problems with Harvey. You must have got 180 degrees. And how do I best be a good mom? Andi, Service this this machine that's still at that stage e didn't like, I admit, And it's enough awful thing to say, and I am speaking that for a lot of people do actually agree with me, even if you don't admit it. If I know when I was pregnant, that Harvard be blind, I wouldn't have had him. I wouldn't because to me, like blind shit, What my do, How would I cope? That's the honest truth, and some people don't wanna admit it. But I think most people sitting there, they probably think the same. I didn't know Harvey. For those who don't know, Harvey is not just blind, is he? And he has got the ability now. Yeah, well, he's optic nerve hasn't really explain what it was, but I didn't find it to six weeks. Basically, I'm sure you've got kids in there on you get the social health is to that comes up on exactly six weeks. Check on day, she said, obviously doing the social smile, and I'm like, What's the social smile? She's obviously looking at you and smiling, and I'm like well, he does smile, but I don't know if it's wind or you know, because, you know, they smile when they get wind babies, she said. But is he looking at you? And I'm like, No, not really. And I bought him all these mobile things and she said, You know, when you put him under the mobile thing is he following it when you play from I went, No, I show you. So I showed her. She's like, right, And then she put a torch in that in his eyes to see would follow it. And he wasn't so I remember her saying Right just might be delayed. You know, some babies could be a bit slower than others, but maybe should go and see your doctor and I didn't really think much off of them. But then I thought, All is that normal to say that Maybe it is. I don't know. It's my first. We've had the same family doctor for years, and then we went, saw him on. He put the torch and he went, Yes, okay, it's not normal. There does seem to be a problem with his eyes. So then he referred me to a hospital in Brighton. So me and my mom went there were in the way to moonlight looking at Harvey thinking, Is there someone besides, you know, you look and think he looks normal to me. Don't look blind to May So then we went in the room and basically I'll never forget this doctor. He was cold hearted as Let's have a look. And he went, Yeah, yeah, he's blind exactly like he's blind. So me and my mom sat there like I have to say on like, I don't know, It's just like they could say, But this could help all this, you know? I mean, just some kind off the word reassurance or just summing. And that was it, like, Oh, okay. And we left the room like, really deflated, like we didn't cry. When we're like he's blind, what do we do? But what do you do? Is blind. There's something you can dio. You just have to get on with it. So then from then then you'd look at yourselves and then you sort of notice because I suppose they didn't move like other babies. Eyes would. But I suppose we become more protective of him. But then I think Is he gonna walk with a stick? And you know, all these things go for your mind is not going to drive. It's not going to do this or what can you do? You just become the protective. And then through the years, a months ahead actually had an M r I scan because they wanted to check the optic nerve on they miss stomach out in these maturity gland on. Basically, they starved him from meds that would have helped other things that would have found in his body. That's why he's got a lot of his other problems as well. The hospital admitted it in writing, and we're like, We're not going to sue or nothing, because you, you know he's gonna need NHS forever. So then it's by talking to moms. This is why I'm so strong about if people have got problems, you have to talk to people eso through my mom, getting in contact with other moms and stuff. That's when you started recognizing actually Harvey to like your child, and they're like, Yeah, my child's got this and that. So they gave us the name for Doctor. It's sort of I'm talking a lot of just a quick word. You'll be all right. So basically, we got referred to great Ormond Street. We walked in the room, the doctor doctor to tarnish his name. Is he still under him now? Straight away. Walked in the room. So having went right, he's got this. This this is basically here's the meds and you just knew straight away. Oh, at first it's called optic dysplasia, accepted optic displays and through the maturity gland, it affects your growth. Speech, your eyes. There's not one child who's got we call it S o d. For sure that I've got the same thing. But then as he got older, he just sit there, wouldn't even it just might make silly noises, and they just sit there and not do anything. So he didn't walk. He only come out of the wheelchair a few years ago, but then that's when he found out his autistic on. Then he didn't want to eat his food and stuff. That was the thing. And then he'd want to eat lows. But state I'm nice confusing. But then he got diagnostic part of Willy's. This anyone not part of Willy's is proud of Willy's is you don't know your full up, so you just want to eat and eat and eat. So we have to, like, basically shut the kitchen. So if you leave open here, just go in there, get anything like frozen pizzas. They'll even eat that, eat anything because it never feels full up. So you have to do with that. He's got a D H D. Opposite deficit disorder. Andi Quarter sold Efficient is a dangerous one for him that if you fall over and you hurt yourself or if you're running for a bus, your adrenaline kicks in. When you get to the bottom up, I've got the bus. You've got adrenaline in your body to coat to calm your body down, whereas half he hasn't. So he's on tablets for that. So if he has an accident, has several emergency injection of what he get into adrenaline State and could die. So basically, come a long story short. He's on medication. If he doesn't take it, has its six times where he die basically. But like I say, he doesn't know any different. I don't know any different and you get on with it, and he's my first. So to me it's normal. Yeah, that's in a nutshell.
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