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Snippet of Kayatic Dreams Podcast: PS5’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Represents Traditional Puerto Rican Culture

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Listen now to snippet “PS5’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Represents Traditional Puerto Rican Culture” from Kayatic Dream Podcast. The game story is too short.
A Topical podcast covering everything and anything in news, music, sports, comics, movies, tv, books. You name it most likely I’ll speak about it. Join me as I share my Kayatic thoughts here at Kayatic Dreams Podcast.
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So on two miles Morales the video games. So this game had a great story. The graphics were amazing. The game playing was what we can expect. Like the original Spiderman, which I bought. The addition, Uh, that comes with the remastered spider math PS four version for PS five. So I got that bundle, but its overall Ah, great game. No lagging shoes. You know, the speed in which the PlayStation five is playing This thing is amazing. I haven't seen a single load. Uh, you freeze or anything? No skips nothing. It's seamless. Overall, Great. My only issue with the game and I'll get it straight out is the longevity of the game. I played it on Spectacular, which is the hardest level going in, and I beat it super quick. The story itself is about seven hours long, which is a big difference from the previous Spiderman and even that Spider Man story I felt outside of the L. C. That self contained story was a little too short for me. So this felt like just a complete run through. It Felt like this could have been a DLC attachment that could have came with the remastered version off the original P S four Spider Man game. This could have been the FC. Now they have not mentioned if DLC will be given to Miles Morales. I'm hoping that that is the case in the future. There's a lot of potential here, you know. Miles definitely was given his own time to shine. He still had elements focusing on Peter and dealing with his relationship with Peter. But once Peter gets out the way, it's completely amount morality story. You fall in love with the character, and you know the representation for myself. Being a Puerto Rican from New York myself, I've never played a game that represented the culture is such an amazing way. Like Muslim rallies. You go through his apartment and you see, you know, just traditional Puerto Rican culture, cultural items, tribal mass flags and, you know, music, even the food. It was very genuine, even the language. You know, the conversation he had with his mother, his family switching between English and Spanish. It was really authentic, you know, walking through Harlem and you know, just the vibe of the city. It was a great and like, refreshing approach because we're always playing through the eyes of Peter Parker. We've always played with the original Spiderman. Now we have Miles. Morales is, Ah, different, completely different field, a lot of the same tropes, a lot of the same themes. Um, and I feel like the only thing they could have probably worked on as far as game play wise was given miles outside of the electricity power Mawr gadgets that made him unique and could expand upon his his uniqueness. They gave him about four gadgets throughout the entire game, as opposed to Peter Parker, who had a ton of gadgets you could choose from now, everything in miles morale is just like Spiderman was upgradable. Ah, lot of costumes, You know, there's a lot of replay ability as far as the side missions and grinding. You know, I did strictly the story. I didn't really care, uh, to do the side missions first, because in my original experience with Spiderman PS four, I, you know, did all the side missions. I played it on the hardest level. There was no achievement for playing it on hard. There was no, you know, you didn't have to focus on the side missions to in order to complete the game. So I didn't focus on that for Miles Morales. Now I can actually go back after enjoying the story and do the side missions and play the story on the ultimate level, which is what I'm doing now. But overall great story. It was a personal thing, a good personal story, a lot of repercussions with Miles coming into his own as Spiderman. You know, not just trying to be a secondary Spiderman, but also, you know, stand on his own next to Peter Parker, not stand behind them or in the shadow of Peter. So this was a great story for that. Like I said, could have been longer. There wasn't a lot of villains. It really was based on rocks on, and that company and their dealings with his personal friend Finn and low villain of the story was the tinkerer and rhino. Other than that, you don't see too many other villains. It wasn't to grand a scale. I would say this was a self contained Miles Morales story, but they could have gave us little side stories, you know, outside of the actual site training missions and the little save people throughout the city. Stuff like we could have had little sides, uh, stories or little villains here. And they're interacting industry or something. I feel like there there's Mawr. I want Mawr from Miles Morales And this didn't further any storylines per se from Spiderman. So we still got to see um, Spiderman, the official Spiderman, to to get the rest of those stories like there's a There was a few Easter eggs from Spiderman. The original game that made, you know, gave the other view of things and also morcott scenes towards Mawr customs towards Excuse me, a lot of neighbors. I'm doing this in the New York City. A lot of traffic around here, so that authentic New York vibe you can be in New York without here and the honking and stuff. But besides that, I mean, I guess is it's actually appropriate. Speaking about Miles Morales and the way he's swinging through the city. But, uh, kind of made me lose my train of thought. These damn bastards. Anyway, the story itself was self contained. It was a MAS morality story in itself. I just feel like I needed more. It made me want more and I don't wanna wait for a Spider Man two to come along and then have to wait for another mile story. No, I think they need to give us a big chunk story. Docs, You know, the DLC's for the original Spider Man game. They were good, but I felt like they were quick run throughs like it wasn't thinking about longevity. I feel like if Miles Morales has DLC, it needs to be good four or five hours story packs, you know, whole new experiences. And then at the end of you know, when all the DLC's Alfa miles around will get a 20 hour, 24 hour game or something like that, that would be really my only grievance was the longevity of the of the story. So other than that, I give the game of nine. It was really amazing. Um, a good build up for the for that world gave us more context, gave us, you know, finding a new character. Um, that's been showcase heavily recently, and, you know, a different perspective with the same kind of feel that we love a Spiderman. So overall, give it a nine. The PlayStation five, you know, it's still Ah, work in progress as far as getting all the apse and, you know, things that were used toe. One of the big things that are missing for me personally is the browser. I don't know if they're gonna give that to us later in a future update.
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