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Snippet of Killer Instincts: The Green River Killer: Ted Bundy Helps Catch Gray Ridgway

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The Horrifying Story of the Green River Killer Told Through Podcasts On the surface, Gary Ridgway was just another average guy. He was a devoted husband, a hardworking employee, and a regular churchgoer. Ridgeway was also the second-most prolific serial killer in the history of the United States. Over the course of what he calls his "career," Ridgeway murdered at least 49 girls and young women. According to him, the total was closer to 70. The so-called, "Green River Killer," terrorized the Pacific Coast Highway for almost two decades. Ridgway baffled the police—who were aided by Ted Bundy—and even passed a polygraph test to stay at large. If it weren't for the invention of DNA profiling, Ridgeway might never have been caught. Discover the whole disturbing story in this playlist full of expert documentation and analysis of Ridgeway's monstrous life. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
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When the police discover five bodies in and around the Green River, Detective Dave Reichert realizes that he is dealing with a serial killer. The police launch an investigation, but when the prime suspect—a cab driver named Melvin Foster—volunteers to give the police information about the killer, they aren't sure how to proceed.
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Let's move on to the murderers. Eso The first five victims of the Green River killer were discovered in the Green River, so the Green River is a 65 mile long river in the state of Washington. And in the summer of 1982 the bodies of 16 year old Wendy Coffield and 23 year old Deborah Bonner were found. Wendy had gone missing on July 8th and was found several days later, on July 15th. Deborah had gone missing on July 25th and then had been found on August 12th. Both of these women were sex workers, and a detective on the case of the time was a 32 year old Dave Reichert, and at first no one really knew what to think about these killings and finding these bodies in the river. But three days later, after Debra's body was found, Dave received a phone call from dispatch telling him that two more bodies had been found in the river, and at that point he knew that he was dealing with a serial killer. So the next to bodies that were found were 31 year old Marcia Chapman, as well a 17 year old Cynthia Hines. And while Dave was scrummaging through the river at the arrival of hearing of the two bodies that had been recently found, he actually stepped on a third body, 16 year old Opal was found also on August 15th, the same day as the other two bodies, and after five women were found, 25 detectives were assigned to the case immediately. Opal was only 16 years old and she was a junior in high school. Her mom had actually told her she did an interview and said this. She literally sat Opal down and showed her the pictures of the victims in the Green River just a couple days before. And she told Opal how important it is to always stay safe, to never go off with anyone and to just be aware of your surroundings at all times. And Opel told her mom that she would be careful and nothing like that was ever going to happen to her. But unfortunately it did. And after the first five victims were discovered, that's when this unknown killer at the time was marked as the Green River killer. As faras suspects or even persons of interest the police had no idea where to start. But then shortly after that, they started looking into a man by the name of Melvin Foster. So Melvin was a cab driver who worked the late night slash like graveyard shift as a cab driver. And he said himself that when you're driving around a late at night, you see a different side of the world in a different way that people live. He constantly came across young women walking the streets and sex workers and prostitutes, and would sometimes actually give them rise and give them a place to stay and feed them. And so obviously, when the police started looking into him, seeing how involved he was in these girls lives did not look good. But what's crazy is the reason that Melvin was even looked into to begin with is because Melvin called the police station himself and told the police that he actually thought he knew who the Green River killer Waas