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Snippet of Kinda Funny Games Daily: Fortnite and Street Fighter Crossover

Last Played: February 26, 2021
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Epic Games’ Season 2 Chapter 5 entry includes Capcom’s 1980s classic. The Twitter leak of the collaboration raises interest for fans of both video games. Fortnite has done an incredible job of embracing popular culture. No other game shifts or adapts the way it does as it continues to be one of the biggest games in the world.
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awesome Fortnight news were started i g. And where Tom Power is talking about a possible street fighter across Fortnight collaboration Ah, Fortnight and Street Fighter Crossover event appears to be on its way. According to newly leaked assets Fortnight data miners including Sheena BR and Lucas seven Yoshi posted images on Twitter that point towards the iconic fighting franchise being the next entry in fortnight. Chapter two season I'm sorry. Season two, Chapter five. According to Sheena, Br Fortnight's latest multiverse portal has been labeled Skirmish and the image is embedded in their tweet suggests that street fighters world is about to collide with fortnight. This is completely wrong. Things is factually and totally incorrect. We all know that Chan Lee is going into the mortal combat movie you completely. This is nonsense. Don't even bring it up. Don't even bring it up. It's like what is going on and then it's like Is this just for attention? Because it's working, but you're not taking the article down even though it's completely wrong. I don't whatever is going on, just keep moving. Carry? No, not at all. Do you care about fortnight and do you care about street fighter coming fortnight. I have so much respect for African fortnight. I mean, let's think about this, right? Okay, cast your mind back. But I think about this a lot. But I think about this a lot. But I think about what fortnight was supposed to be. You know, back in the days of like Cliff Brzezinski, like running around E three, whatever talking about how what's the quote? It it was It was putting survival back in survival horror. That was like a direct quote of one of the things that he said, you know, and it's like this Disney Pixar. You know what you think back to like what it waas and then how it just it pivoted. And it changed on how, actually even from that point where they moved to the kind of background mode, but everything so subsequently after that, like the fact that it fully embraces popular culture like, you know, from, like, concerts in it. Characters like all these things that they've put in, they are really, really, really good at that. It's I have such respect. It's a it's amazing to see. I think like it. It's crazy, like think about another game that's like fully shifted in that way. And then it's now just like one of the biggest games in the entire world. I hopefully is also taught some parents that some online games can be paused. I mean, you know, in a very hopefully and also how to protect their credit card information, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, but I have such huge respect for the game and just like it is that sort of thing of like, especially in these times having to think about as a person as a brand or whoever like things kind of happen. You have to, like, really, really shift and pivot and adapt kind of. You can't just be like, Hey, this is what we're doing And this is how things are. This is just a beautiful kind of like a tour de force off. We are just gonna adapt on pivot and change on smash it every time. It's like, yeah, I'm in all of it, always, Yeah, I don't think you know. I think you know so many people want a bag on fortnight because it's kids game or it's just too pot and it's like it's bagging on Coke because they're doing such amazing stuff here. They're the biggest thing going there on Lee them they are able to go make these deals where you have a game where it is Master Chief versus creators versus Batman versus anybody from the Marvel University having their that I'm just venom, You know what I mean? Like the fact they're able to do that and break down those walls and have this literal toybox of characters and action figures that I'll get to exist in the world is incredible. And like you're talking about the fact that not only do they reinvent off the main game that nobody cared about to reinvent it season after season, chapter after chapter to get people involved, like for me personally, street fighter doesn't move the needle in terms of my interest. But I know it does for other people, and I know what I'll do the same thing that you know, all the D. C. Stuff does, or even the Terminator stuff does or, you know, man DeLorean where I jumped in, and I'll give them money for that kind of content and I'll come back to it later and play it, however, but yeah, Street fighter being in there. I know it's gonna be a big thing for a lot of people. Yeah, it z really cool. I'm just Yeah, I don't even try to play it anymore. Like this. Just Yeah, I feel like I'm too old. My hands don't work as well or something. Kevin, where you are with your fortnight skills. Kevin, Kevin and Joey have been out there playing a lot of it. Kevin, where you have with your fortnight journey reached level 100 last night. All right? You know, I mean, I got man 100 on the bat. I got Baby Yoda. I'm living my best life now. You were talking earlier about how Joey has become a stone cold killer. She's getting 11. 12 kills. It's crazy. Where's your skill level? You still baby, baby? You know what I mean? Like I'm like, Joe, bring me back. I'm scared. They brought me down and they're going to shoot me, and then they shoot me. Everything are gonna Would you buy street fighter content? Kep? No, I wouldn't. And thank God because, like, let's let's be honest, they've taken enough of my money for the time being. Let's take a little break. Let's leave the wallet alone, You know that's fine. That's fair. Still, in Fortnight news, Eddie, a game spot reports that there's a patch out. Epic Games has released a new update for fortnight, and it's now live on Nintendo Xbox. Uh, we'll just put those two or whatever it is described as a maintenance patch and according to what epic shared deals with a loan matchmaking issue, rather than introducing any new content or other big changes. So if you're having problems on the switch or Xbox one or Siri's X Slash as there appears to be a fixed for you and then I have no opinion of that patches air good, in my opinion, you know what I mean? Fix what's broken. E didn't know you were against fixing games. Julia. Yeah, that's a fully stance that I mean to make him worse. E
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