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Snippet of Kingpins: "Boss of All Bosses" Pt. 1 - Carlo Gambino

Last Played: February 19, 2021
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Before he became the "Boss of All Bosses" in the American Mafia, Carlo Gambino experienced decidedly more humble beginnings after immigrating from Sicily to New York City at the age of 19. However, the young mafioso quickly became a made man in the mafia following his move to America.
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enforcement has yet to officially solve the crime. But it was just a few weeks until Carlo was officially the top boss of the newly renamed Gambino family. Becoming the head of one of the most renowned mob families in the world wasn't a dream during Carlos early days. He was born in 19 oh 22 Tomaso Gambino and Felicia Castellano. They lived in Palermo, the capital of Sicily. By the early 20th century, this island off the coast of mainland Italy had a strong Mafia presence. The Mafioso was so powerful that even officers of the law and military were afraid of the area. Carlo joined the underworld at a young age through a family connection. His mother, Felicia, belonged to a mob family. While Carlo was barely a teen, she used her influence to introduce him to a Mafia group called the Men of Respect. Though he was slight of build and only 5 ft seven, Carlo impressed his bosses with his intellect, calm nature and ability to take on difficult tasks like murder. In 1921 he was rewarded with an induction into the honored society, which is often described as a highly disorganized European Mafia. Still only 19 years old, Carlos started carrying out kill orders for the mob syndicate. The year 1921 not only marked change in Carlos life, but for the rest of Italy. Three Italian King Victor Emmanuel, the third lost power as the Fascist Party claimed greater control. The party's initial rise saw Benito Mussolini take a seat in the newly elected parliament. The changing landscape pointed Carlos eyes to the United States for better opportunities. He wouldn't be going it alone in the US His mother's brother, Giuseppe Castellano, had already started to build a life in New York City. So in the latter part of 1921 Carlo stowed away on the S S Vincenzo Florio. It took a month to travel the nearly 4900 miles from Sicily to the United States. He lived on nothing but anchovies and wine. The whole trip, the Onley foods being hauled by the cargo boat. Carlo was the ship's Onley passenger. The boat docked in Virginia on December 23rd, 1921 and Carlo illegally entered the country. He walked down the gangplank and his Neddy three piece suit and black fedora. His first cousin, Paul Castellano, met him shortly after he disembarked. They quickly headed north to New York City. Carlo stayed in his cousin's apartment on Navy Street in Brooklyn, near the waterfront. The family quickly put Carlo toe work at a trucking company Paul owned, but that was just petty cash, not the fortune he crossed the ocean to find. So Carlo reconnected with a friend from Sicily, Tommy Lucchese E. Who helped him Segway into the bootlegging business. Two years before Carlo landed on U. S soil, the Volstead Act was voted in by Congress. The law banned the manufacture, sale, or transport of liquor and unintentionally ushered in a violent black market of illegal alcohol. Carlo also helped his cousins, the Castellanos, with their own illegal liquor operations. The Castellanos were affiliated with the doc. Will, a crime family?
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