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Queer Eye's Tan France talks with the LadyGang members about the difficulty of coming out to his mom as both a fashion major and a gay man, his role as a judge on Netflix's Next In Fashion, and the not-always-sunshiny effect of being one of fashion's biggest icons.
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so I'd love to hear, like, just a little bit about how you got into fashion. Yeah, actually. Can I touch on the family first about relates to fashion. Can do whatever you want. Okay. Thanks. When you are a child of an immigrant, especially a person of color, you have a couple of options to you available to you and the This is universal. If you're Asian, South Asian, black and you are an immigrant in the country, your options usually are doctor, lawyer or engineer. Your parents want you to hit the top. Assumes you hit that country. Andi. That was the case of my siblings. I'm the youngest of my siblings. But I had no affinity for academia. I was fine. I always do perfectly well at school. I had a natural ability because I'm South Asian, I guess. But I didn't like it. Can hated it. And so I went to study psychology, College on die during my first year. I This just isn't alive for me, but I know my parents will literally slapped the shit out of me. South Asian parents are usually quite, um, fork right with a slap. We're not afraid of it on. Do you know what? I quite appreciate it. I've There's no shame in it. On dso I've really was worried that they were gonna either disown me or slap the shit out of me. And so I dropped out of college without telling them on. Then I signed up for fashion college. I completed my cause on my graduation day. I said to my family, Hey, come watch my graduation. I took a home in my car. Ondas she drove with me, My siblings all went separately and on the way I said, Hey, you know how obviously I went thio school for psychology? Uh, graduated? Uh, well, tricky Boesch Uh oh, my God! Graduating in my fashion Major literally slapped the shit out of me and grabbing out to pull over. I was like, I'm driving. She was like, Did I use destroy our family? I was like, Oh, God, on that E. This is gonna be so shocking to anyone listening and because it sounds offensive. But I'm not belittling the plight of the LGBT community. It was harder to tell my mom I was studying fashion than it was to tell her I was married to a man. Were you out before then? Or were you? I was not. No, no, I was still in the closet. I was out to everyone other than my mom. I came out to remarkable years later. And so it was a really big deal Thio to take a risk and do something creative. But the thing I said to her, uh, just encouraging to stop hitting me was that I promise you you know me well, Mom, I'm a good kid. I've always been a good kid. I promise you, if you let me do this, I will be the best I could possibly be. This I will work so hard on, I will be your most successful child. It wasn't analogous comment. Her kids were successful. But I knew that if I was going to deviate from the path that was set out for our people and it's such a common path of our people, I better excel. Otherwise people are going to forever in our community say you can't do this random creative thing otherwise you'll end up like 10 on. I refuse to be that. And so I worked so damn hard I worked every job I could find within the fashion industry to learn everything I could so that when I started my own company, I knew how to do it and I knew how to do it. Well, on DSO, I studied fashion in college. I majored in women's thank you. I majored in women's where I was playing a lot of people. A lot of people make fun of me online, which I'm sure there is no surprise to you. People are horrible online. We'll say, Oh, he came out of nowhere and all he does is the French truck and don't run. I know the value of the French talk. I mean, it has turned into within where people may not know my name, but they know me. Is Mr French talk, Let me tell you, that is street money like that has street value. I'm not a stupid man, but what I actually do is I designed them is closing for a living. I wasn't a stylist even though I've been citing for years. That wasn't my main job. I was a first and foremost a fashion designer. And so when people say when he's just a French truck guy, actually, you're You're diminishing everything I did or denigrating everything I've done for my whole life to get to this point. Well, I know we found, and it was shitty, and I thought it was shit. I thought it was Someone said this like a public. People know People say it didn't catch what E said. I know who said that. Oh, yeah, you know. Yeah, I want to know now. So this summer during quarantine, there was like, the battle of the new fashion shows, right? So there was, like, two fashion shows. There's next in fashion, which Qattan was the host of with Alexa Chung. And then there was the other one making the cut and then, uh, like there they were always being compared even though they're very different, Um, ones like a sewing competition and ones like a business competition. But anyway, so like some competitors on tans show, we're like, Oh, I wish I had been on the other show because they had Naomi Campbell and like, she actually knows about fashion. Well, of course, she's a supermodel icon, But like I thought that was really unfair because obviously you have this history and fashion and just shitty, and it's just people being mad. They got cast on the show that they didn't want to be, and then the guy was like, Anyway, it's just shitty, but people are shitty. What I will say about that is I understand somebody. A lot of people said, Why don't you talk about it publicly like this person is dragging you and you haven't said anything? I've learned the power of silence in this 100% Andi Also, what I have thought is I can't I don't know what it feels like to be on a fashion competition around A or a competition show where I'm a contestant, so I don't know how bitter you one might feel. But I did want to make a couple of comments, which I have done it up until now, which is, you know, my fashion history. I told you all of the staff competition when we started on the first day, I said, I know that you might all seem, is a French guy bought. I literally made multimillion dollar companies by the time I was 32 when I retired because of my fashion skill. So please don't just assume that I'm the guy from Karachi who put somebody in a French talk. Eso It felt like a real personal Digg. But also now I am a Campbell. Yes, she's an icon. I love Naomi Campbell. However, maybe I'm wrong and I'm not trying to denigrate. Now. Everyone I'm saying this. I'm just trying Thio Express myself. Stress what I bring to the table. Maybe Campbell. I don't think designs. I don't think she's pattern called. I don't think she's so I don't think that that's her. That's her, right? Everyone has their own specialty. Well, you're, you know, the technicalities of fashion. Absolutely everything. And so I am in a position to be able to judge the way you've created this government and what you're putting out there that's gonna be commercial again because I own fashion brands that were commercial. I think I'm in a strong position to be able to say that's probably not a viable option. This one is. I think this person thought I was such a moron for being a judge on this show. I just think, How did you make it to one of the last episode If I was that stupid and incapable. You must be a terrible sign because I chose you Thio more about you know, it does about me. I actually love it. And I I really, um I really love you as a judge. And I love that people are starting through the book and through, you know, stuff like this. Like finding out your past and fashion because I do think the same thing happens with us. They're like, look at these three vapid assholes and, like, do you know how much work it takes to build? Ah, brand How much you do before that big thing too? It's like, e no. I love the people that, like I just cannot know what now. Like it takes so much. What was it Where you get a show on TV. So it takes 10 years to build an overnight star. Oh, shit. Girl. Put that on a T shirt. Tan. Here's what can I mention? One more thing about this e Let it go opera Let it go, Oprah. I promised myself I would never talk about it for me. But I will say this one other thing The tone of the show was way had wonderful produces a wonderful show runner who created the show. However, the tone of the show with all the positivity was something I pushed for so hard. When I got the offer for the show, I said, I will never be involved with the show. That is nasty. That is mean. That that is gonna talk to these contestants. I know what it is to be a designer. I know what it is to put your work and something We will not talk to them on National Tele International Television. It is gonna be kind. We're never going to denigrate the other other than commenting on the clothes themselves. Even then, we're not going to get nasty way on Thea Mount of times. And this person did mention the article that they had been a bitch so often and it was never shown on the show. And I think Who do you think was responsible for that? Who do you think it was who protected you to make sure that the world saw you was kind? Me and you're the one who's coming with me so publicly? It was really Should you honestly hurt me so much? I get so affected by the main things that I said about me. I wish I was a stronger person, but it hurts my heart.
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