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Resetting After a Busy Season

Last Played: June 29, 2021
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Boundaries are essential when creating balance in your work and personal life. Learn about the importance of having time off to rest and reset.
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and so to me, it all comes back to boundaries. And this is for for years. For decades, my work didn't have any boundaries. You know, literally. If I was working in the afternoon and I didn't finish a project, no problem. I'll just go home, eat a quick dinner with the family, crack open my laptop and finish. Or if I didn't get the work done, I needed to this week. No problem. I've got Saturday to do it. I could do it on Sunday night, you know, whatever. You know, there was just no boundaries. Uh, you have to be on vacation, but I can answer email in the morning, or I can get that work on the project that demands more intention and focus on my vacation. So So there was just this borderless kind of work style that didn't serve me and certainly didn't serve my family. Now, when I go back to what began to change for me was when I got into my first coaching relationship executive coaching relationship, where I was the coach e and Daniel Harkavy was my coach and he said to me, he said, You've got to establish hard boundaries now. This was good to get out of that kind of frame of mind. You know where I'm going from, one temporary thing to the next and just working all the time. But it's also helpful in what we're talking about today about resetting after a busy season. So I'm willing to let go those boundaries during that busy season. You know, say, okay, I am gonna work this weekend or I'm going to work this evening, but I'm going to snap back to my boundaries. And one of the things that helps me best when I do that is to go ahead and schedule a vacation or some time off, because I've got to have that time where I can rest and recuperate, rejuvenate and kind of get back on schedule. Okay, so here's the question. Now this is in my mind, and it's like it's bothering me. How do you know when to allow yourself the occasional freedom to go out of balance? You know, maybe there's truly a crisis or an emergency that is not like a recurring crisis or emergency, but truly it's exceptional. And when you need to say no, you're just not going to work this weekend. You're not going to work, you know, in the evening you're going to hold your boundaries. So it's like there's this tension between necessary flexibility that's truly infrequent and the kind of quote unquote flexibility that becomes a betrayal of your boundaries if you aren't careful. So how do you How do you know which one is which? Well, that's a great question. And you know, what I did in the past was I never did it in consultation with Gail. I informed her after the fact. Like, You know, babe, I'm going out of balance for a while, you know? And essentially, what I was saying was, deal with it, right? You know, you don't call me on it exactly. So, for example, if you go back to the beginning of the Pandemic, where we realized that we had to pivot and we realized we had something to offer Long story short, we told in the story I think of the podcast before. But we created a course called Leading Through Crisis, and we did it in one week. So from the moment we made the decision to do the course, create the content, shoot the videos, right? The course book, Create the Webinar to sell it for the time we had that first idea to the time it was in the marketplace was one week. Now, during that week, I was. I worked through the weekend and I was working like 12 hour days. But here's what I did at the beginning That was different this time than it would have been say, 20 years ago. So I went to jail and I said, Honey, here's what we're thinking about doing. Here's why I want to do it. But I need some accountability and I I don't want this to bleed into the next thing that makes this permanent, So I need you to hold me accountable. But more importantly, I want your input and I want your feedback before we venture into this. And she, of course, was very enthusiastic about the project, and she said, Absolutely. And let's just schedule some downtime. So when you get through this and so I think The week after we launched this, I took a four day weekend just to kind of rest and recuperate
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