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Snippet of Les Deux You Remember This?: Britney Spears’ Mental State May Be Linked To Environmental Trauma

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Last Played: July 08, 2021
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Spears was a barbie to the public and topics like her virginity and womanhood were up for opinion. At the time mental health issues were hot Hollywood drama. In reality, the mental illnesses linked to riches and fame aren’t hot at all. It’s advised that stars like Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan go as far as they can from the environment that made them sick.
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Wow. What was it like for you going through, like, this difficult influx dealing with your mental health while also seeing how people treated Brittney soldiers or Oh, my gosh, Amy R I P. It's crazy to think about that time because it was portrayed as so much glamour like this was also the era of the hills and these, like teen hot beach reality stars. And I think it was like that was part of their glamour, you know, like it was to be expected. Everyone's on drugs. Is it alcohol, or is it mental illness? It was more just about, like, the party scene. And for me, you know, coming out of Florida, going to college in Alabama, like, Yeah, it was not hot, right? Like I would go to my therapist office and sit there with my arms crossed for, like, an hour, and she'd be like, Also you're all motherfucking day, and I'm like, take that check. I was like, me to bitch, and she was like, You're hurting yourself. I'm like, I know, and I like it. And I was just such a ball of hormones that I knew it wasn't normal. Barry, are you gonna squeak a toy the entire time. Let me put him in his great hold on, Like I was saying, fucked up. It was not hot. Like when I watched it with Paris and Britney and Lindsay. I was like drama, hot Hollywood rich fame, sex, attention. Whereas like what I was getting was like a four walled room with, you know, pictures of like, jellyfish. And, like, no one really cared and trying to change your medication. And, like, I was just so the opposite of what I saw on the media. But in reality, we were so much more similar, I think, than mhm. I realized it was just about environment that, like mental illness, got to kind of like pop off and thrive in, Right. So one thing I always wonder about Britney is like the sort of chicken or the egg of it all like, Oh, did her fame cause this, or was this, like, always genetic inside of her? Yeah, Or or most likely, uh, a combination of both. But in your experience, like how much of what you've been through came from external? Oh, my God. Like in my experience again, I'm not a doctor, But I spent a lot of time with people that are in the deep shit throws kind of like have tried everything area of their lives. And there are so many studies that link trauma and childhood and environment, too. Mental health issues that come out later. I mean, for women, it usually starts earlier than men. But for men and again, like gender as a spectrum for like your classic stereotypical men, it tends to come out a little bit later in life in way more aggressively. And with women. It's more of like a slow leak that usually gets written off as, like, hormones or work stress. Or it's a lot harder to pinpoint. Whereas, like with men, they'll have these big sort of either, um, quarter life crisis or midlife crises, or like these. Oh my God, I never would expect that he would have done that sort of thing moment in their lives. When you get down to the therapy of it all, you can really place so much of this in environment and don't get me wrong. There is mental illness that is genetic that can be passed down, but then that's also you have to add that is also environmental. You grow up around that mental illness and you get to see symptoms and signs. And so what might seem irregular to most people doesn't seem like that crazy to you, right? So you sort of let it ride? Yeah, happen. It's like normal, right? It's like growing up with, like, an alcoholic parent. Like you don't really see how bad it is until you see other people's parents. And you're like, uh, like your parents not passed out at 6 p.m. O. Was that down as a job? What? Doing what What's a joint like, How fucking white picket fence of you guys? Yeah, so, like, I would say a lot of it is environmental. Yeah, Yeah, for sure. I feel like being super famous starting in the late nineties is traumatic. Can we blame the Mickey Mouse Club for all of these people's therapy bills? Or like what? I do think that there is some sort of, like, seedy underbelly that we do not We haven't even touched the surface of. Did you see Judy? Yes. Oh, that is still ever more prominent today than ever of older men executives grooming young Children to be absolutely slaves, Essentially. And also just like in Judy. The most heartbreaking thing of all to me is that she really didn't have a chance to not be a drug addict. They groomed her into like, If you have to perform, you take an upper, got a good bed, take it down her, uh and that's like, Hello. We still do that today, like coffee and melatonin. And now it's like wellness, and we're not realizing, like the vices we're giving ourselves. But with that situation, it's so much more. Um uh And what sort of looking for? It's so much more with intent. Yes, and it's driven by money. It's driven by making a child perform when they probably they're like, monkey like dance monkey when we need you. I would love to know how much of that specifically happened to Britney. Like, full on, like before they pumping her with Adderall. Oh, yeah, We'll think about how thin she was, how dolled up she was. She was like a Barbie for people, and she just had to kind of do whatever. And that's why, when like the shit about her not being a Virgin and like her sexuality was placed upon like it wasn't her story. It wasn't her coming out story like what her whole shape and being of a woman was public opinion. She never had a chance to have her own image of herself well, and the tragedy of it all is that it's still going on. She's still not an autonomous person. And, you know, I don't know if it were me and I was doling out medical like, If you're in a situation like a Judy Peres, Brittany, go as far as you can from the environment that made you this way. Like to still be having your toes dipped into Vegas, residency in Paris with our social media and like get the fuck out or you're gonna be sick forever.
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