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Snippet of Leveraged and Loving It Podcast: Pro LinkedIn Tips From Adam Houlahan

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These are no amateur tips coming from true LinkedIn expert, Adam Houlahan, so listen to this snippet, and take advantage of the site's hidden assets. Have you ever heard of LinkedIn jail? If not, you might be in it. Learn how to maximize exposure by regulating post frequency, and how to look the most valuable to the site itself, creating leverage for free promotion.
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cool. Well, great to have you to talk about LinkedIn because I have this kind of challenging relationship with it, to be honest. And I you know, if I if I kind of go back, rewind a couple of years, Really? When I tried to first have a go with LinkedIn, my feeling about it was I get there and I look around, I go. This place is really boring. Like, What do I do? It's like I walk into a party and they're like, no one's got drinks. There's no food, There's the conversation. Sucks on. I'm like, What do I do here? I'm going home, and I just like, get out! I feel so bored. I just walk out and leave because I was like, I don't get it. Um, so yes, but I know it's it's definitely improving. So I would love to hear your perspective on linked in Why? Why do you love it? Well, firstly, let me let me share some statistics with you and show you you're not alone in that feeling. Because there's only about 0.2% awful people on linked in that truly understand and get It s so Uh, yeah, there's We're heading towards 600 million people on LinkedIn, and that number represents about 100,000. So they're Ugo. Its's not a lot of people. Very few people fully get it. But the way we get it, what's happening? Well, it's a it's a rapidly changing platform is one. Uh, since you know, if you put a line in the sand of where things really acceptable rating of linked in, I would say it was when it was purchased by Microsoft, so you could imagine once the Might and power of Microsoft came behind it. You know, rapid change happens, and one thing that linked in absolutely stuck at is their own marketing. They they make all these cool changes and they make all these new features just never tell anyone about it. So, you know, most people just aren't aware of it. They also change the rules like every other platform do on. Don't tell anyone about it. Say a lot of people are blindly going along doing what they used to do and not even realizing they're actually in what's called length in jail right now. So, yes, so it's look, it's ah, it's not an easy platform, but if you get it and you work it properly, it z big rewards. How do you end up in linked in jail? Uh, it Z do you share content on LinkedIn? Yeah. Yeah. And you share links to articles and block posts and stuff. I actually natively post my articles interlinked in. Well, then that's then you you're fine. But a lot of people are still using things like buffer or hoot suite or, uh, you know, which is nothing actually wrong with that. But what we can't do its share links to articles that taking people off the Lincoln platform. So a Zen example. You could link to LinkedIn's own blogged. And so this is an awesome article from LinkedIn. And you would still be, um, go into what's called a contents expressions. Oppression lived in jail is just where you've been doing that for a long, long period of time. And then Lincoln just stops showing your feet in into people showing your content into people's feet. Wow. Can you get out of that? If, like, if anywhere listeners have ended up in Lincoln in jail and you would know about it would you because you just stopped showing up in other people's feeds. But you're none the wiser, right? Exactly. I mean people, if someone went onto your profile, they could see you content. It's just not coming up in their feeds. And then we'll catch let you keep uploading it. It's kind of like if you know, shut Instagram very well. Instagram has what they call the shadow ban, and it's where the exact same thing. So if they don't like your content after a while, they'll just basically remove it from feeds. But you can keep up loading it all. You like him that don't tell you about it. It's just invisible, so it's the same same thing. But yes, you unlike Instagram. If if you go into an Instagram shadow band, you might as well just shut your account down because they will not release you from it on. They will release you from it. You just gotta stop posting links for a continuous period of about 30 days on Ben. They'll usually just lift the suppression of There you go and I mean, that's that's pretty much across all the social media platforms, and I understand why they do this for from a business perspective is they want you to stay on their platform as long as possible. So anything takes their audience away from the platform they're gonna penalize. Yeah, So look Facebook pretty much do it now. Twitter will go that way eventually. Uh, instagram basically less you pay. You can't put links up anyway, so it is the way of the future. The old school days of, you know, just kind of curating content for the sake of content is done and dusted as faras link dingoes eso you have to have a really quality, uh, content strategy. Now it has to be like you said Navy Buffalo video or you know, your own content instead of post things like that. Yeah. Yeah. Great. Yes. So let's let's talk a bit more about what we should be doing now Way Definitely want to avoid being and linked in jail. What stuff should we be posting? So basically you need thio. Here's where it gets even a little bit. Mawr convoluted is that you need to use a mixture of three types of content and if you if you just do say, video, Aled, the time even though videos of the Holy Grail of content these days eventually linked in will stop showing you a Zeman e feeds as well they want you to share, and they give preference to the content creators that do. This is a mixture of native video short for your status post, which are 1300 characters maximum Um, which is just text based and the same short form status post with a image attached. So all three of those you gotta mix up into your content feed if, for example, like there's no set time limits is just way. Get the privilege of working with hundreds of people on their lengthen strategies. So we just see what's the stuff that happens. But roughly, if you for about two months, you'll get away with, you know, any content as long as it's not linked base and then after two months, if it's always the same, then you'll find this big dip in your, you know, in your rich. And that's where there's now again starting to suppress because you're not mixing it up enough. Yep, yep, Interesting. Okay, so I'm actually, and then this is probably I'm actually just realizing I'm probably making a big mistake. Because even though we do upload stuff natively into Lincoln, mostly we're doing articles, actually. So what with articles fit into that as well? When you say an article, you made a pulse article. Yeah, pulse articles, a fine. And you actually can put links in there. And the reason is because no one sees them anyway. So Lincoln's taken all of the focus away from the long form pulse articles. If you you know, if we're having this conversation 12 months or so ago, I'd be telling you the complete reverse because that's what they wanted you to be doing. Now it's on the short form status post and native videos on the reason. The reason for that is because you know, more and more we're consuming content on mobile devices. So reading a long form article on a mobile phone is you know, you have, like, scrolling forever to get through it. So So they they still allow us to upload those we would do. We use a 13 piece content strategy for months, and only one of those would be a pulse article on the rest. The rest is that mixture of the other 12 of the mixture of that are the other three were talking about How would you break it down? So if one of those is a pulse article one of the other 12, four of them would be videos. Yeah, And then we just put the others between probably to that, uh, text with image one. We would do a curated, which means that it's someone else's article, but it's already on LinkedIn. So, for example, if you posted something that you know my followers might find interesting, I might share your article and say, Hey, this great article from Renee about you know, this is my my, my point of view on it. You should check it out. So we do one like that and then the other, the other six would be would be just straight text base. No, we would just I'm not quite adding that up to 12 ft yet, but anyway, that's probably adding up to about 14, but I think I've got it. So I've got four videos. Six. Where There. It's just the text based short form 12 with short form and an image, then one which is curating someone else's article, which is linked in base. So we're not taking them off the platform, but adding our own opinion in and then one that is our own poll style article. Yeah, that's too many. Then reduce the number of text text. Only ones that is probably about five. Should be. Yeah, OK, cool. That adds up. Okay, so that s so it's only 13. You're only doing 13 posts on linked in per month. Yeah, that that seems low to me compared to like what I would do on Facebook, for example, that seems that seems low. But is that is that one of the differences? Well, the I mean, you can doom or but five per week is of Max is the maximum again, If you go over five per week, they start to reduce the Rachel them. Um, but the point is that what's two things that I would look at that one. The type of the quality of article you were talking about is, uh, you know, producing more than that is difficult. It's difficult enough producing that much content, let alone more on it. Look, it's all it's also, it's about quality over quantity. So LinkedIn is not not a twitter of the world. Yeah, on Twitter. Yeah, you can, you know, punch out 10 tweets today. No problem at all. Theme the and the other thing is that you know the reach on linking its last much longer than people think so. But it only lasts until you know, mostly until you post something else. And then it stops on that piece of content. So something every second day almost gives it two full days off. You know, traction before your next piece of content comes up on guarantee. If you use a strategy like that overall, you'll get more, more views per month than if you try and do more. Yeah, great. So that's really fascinating, because that's a very different approach to how we, for example, will post on Facebook because that's the main platform that we use in our business. And I know a lot of my clients a similar. So, um, my audience is not on instagram, so I don't bother there and Twitter, I just couldn't even it's not for me either, but I do know my clients are hanging out more on LinkedIn on De. So how do we overcome that way? No. We need to post now. There's, like, fit, you know, 13 quality posts per month. And that's that's really, really great. Thanks for that. Because that that gives us a really clear strategy. And that's really helpful. Um, So you had event. How do we then overcome? So you know, because, yes, I'm posting their 13 times a month and whoa, I could do that. That's easy. But that the other kind of feeling I got from LinkedIn waas Basically, that's what people are doing. They're going on. They're putting their quality on. They won't look at me. I'm so smart putting this stuff there. And then off they go like no one hangs around. So how do we actually get over that? This place is boring as all shit. Well, it Z yeah. So one of the things is that, you know, everything unlinked didn't like everything else is algorithm based. So if you're not engaging on your own content, as in you know, if if people come along and comment on your content and you don't respond to them, then this is again. It's a trigger toe linking that. You know, you're not you're not the, you know, top of the top us faras content creators. E. I just want to preface. As I said, there's only 100,000 people in the world who operate at this level, So 580 million others who don't So the this you know what I'm sharing it with you is the you know what linking values the most and what they give preference to in feeds. So you've got to do some work, you know, it's it's not a set and forget it's not like load up or more content in tow. The buffer a punch it out and come back next week and reloaded again. You've actually got to go in and engage in his or active most people. And when they say that you do that, then they know that it's a two way conversation that everything's baht base that comes along and it's checking your content. And if it sees that your content is getting some good engagement, they actually push that off to a real person in a real office somewhere in the world who has a look at it and goes, Yeah, okay, this is this is actually really good. The network likes it. So now let's promote it for it for that person. So they then give it lots of love on. That's what makes you know you'll see people who've got, you know, 50 102 100,000 views or comments or likes of things on content. That's because Lincoln is deemed to be quality content, and they they're actually promoting it at no cost. Wow, that's really fascinating. I had not even thought that you would Yeah, get something, if about highlights that it goes actually to a really live human that will then well, the screen and provide it. That's that's kind of cool. It is. And, you know, like even like I've had post myself that hit, you know, 506 100,000 views. You know, 2000 people interact on a piece of content. This is because linked in's picked it up on day promoted it, which, you know, you just can't even buy that level of reach on Facebook can. Hey can buy it on Facebook and expensive really, really expensive. So hence, while I've lengthen, if you if you if you know the rules and the rules of the game is what we call it, then you can. You can get serious traction very easily. Yes, okay, so what does it take them to get noticed by that. But how do we create something that we will actually get picked up by linked in and get shown for free? Good question. Glad you asked. So it's basically about staying within a very narrow field of expertise, Way called a Micro Niche. So it just means that you're content is being created with a very, very specific audience in March on its over and over. It's it's very specific. It's not general in nature, and that's that's what will get their attention. They know that it means that, you know, they know the type of people to go and show that to the people who would be interested in that content. So So, yeah, you've got to stay focused in a micro niche. Awesome, Yes, great stick
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