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Snippet of Lights Camera Barstool: Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Last Played: February 02, 2021
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We discuss the first picks of the Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Draft, picked by us and the audience. And they might surprise you.
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Super Bowl halftime show. Draft 11 No question. It's Prince. Yeah. Okay. Here's why, though. Okay, First office, prince. But second off, Prince got up and drink that screen over him. It had his silhouette and he was playing his guitar like it was his Penis at the Super Bowl halftime show. Fucking ruled. Yeah, that is true. That's the best part. I mean, his set list was great, too, that because, you know, like I talked about it frequently, that was the Super Bowl. I saw my colts get their Super Bowl trophy in one of the worst Super Bowls I've ever watched. From the entertainment standpoint, it's true. Aside from the Hester kickoff return, it wasn't very action packed. It rained the whole time. There was some good place, but it just wasn't all that exciting. People remember it mostly for Rex Grossman sucking it up rather than Peyton Manning winning it. It, uh that was the year where Ted again returned the opening kickoff for Ohio State and Devon has to return it for Chicago in the same year. And the national champion super on. Both teams lost moral of story. Don't open your game with a kickoff return. All right, 2007 prints played. He he played. We will rock you. Then he played Let's Go Crazy Baby, I'm a star, Proud Mary All Along the Watchtower, Best of You, and then ended with that incredible purple rain. And they had the marching band at Florida A and M Rappers marching band out there. All right, audience. Their first pick. This was their number one choice. Actually, Prince was number two, the Janet Jackson Super Bowl. That was Yeah. So I'm assuming that they're getting this for the controversy, which was huge at the time. But it was I remember sitting in my dorm room and it happened, and I looked over my friends. I'm like, Do we just see a booby? It's This is completely pick for the controversy. It's a not great halftime show, nothing very memorable. But at that moment, not great at all. And it is a shame how Janet Jackson got all the heat for this, for whatever reason, when everyone involved in it was in on it, in my opinion for sure, it's like, Yeah, this isn't even a question for me. He got a lot of heat for last year. Justin Timberlake, very far down on my list, will have to be in a bad spot for that to be one of my Yeah, the only thing I remember about that is my, uh, 2004. I was 11 and my mom just didn't care. She's like, Oh, so it was a boom like it was funny, like it didn't matter at all. And then, like when I went to school, people were like, Yeah, like my mom kicked down the TV because there was a boob on screen, like matching, getting razor like your parents just getting flipping out over a fucking titty like Who cares, man? You are given an enemy. Damn! Jessica Simpson. Janet Jackson P. Diddy Nellie whose done like three Super Bowls, Kid Rock and Justin Timberlake They did a party. All for you, Janet Jackson, Bad boy for life P. Diddy Diddy to the tune of Mickey from P. Diddy Hot in here mo money mo problems, uh, cowboy rhythm nation And then rock your body was the the infamous moment they really tightened up. Obviously, after this moment, because the next year next Yeah, the next year they just went to the other end of the spectrum and got Paul McCartney, who is universally beloved and will not, will not show his titty. You know, typically what happens. People wanna ask Paul McCartney Ah lot Thio. Show those Liverpool Ian Beale titties and he will not dio e will not show you my titty job to Paul McCartney. I actually like that halftime show. My pick. This is a pretty easy pick for me. This was my number two. So my number one was prince as well. So that was That was gone quickly. This would be the YouTube Super Bowl halftime show. Patriots Rams. This is the 9 11 1. It was beautiful day MLK, And then he did where the streets have no name and the banners the banner behind him had all the victims of 9 11. That's still one of the coolest concert moments there. Just TV moments ever. Uh, it was incredible. It's It's still like goose bumps. Every time I see it, I I would say that's one a one B with Prince for best people halftime shows. That was incredible Bond. Then you two went on and through their music on the everyone's iPod, the goodwill was lost
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