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Snippet of Lights, Camera, Barstool Episode 256: Patton Oswalt Interview

Last Played: February 03, 2021
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Listen to the Lights, Camera, Barstool podcast created by Barstool Sports. In this clip, the group interviews iconic actor Patton Oswalt and discusses (briefly) his new comedy special before having a lengthy discussion about Star Wars.
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you talk to Patton Oswalt panel has got a brand new comedy special coming out. We talk to him about that for I don't know, five minutes. Then we talked about Star Wars for 25 30 minutes. Eso hears us talking to pat aswell about Star Wars. It was a fucking blast. We are joined now. Very happily joined by pan aswell. How are you doing? Thank you for joining us. I'm doing well. Um, nice. Still in the box. Action Figures behind you, my friend. Well, very, very proud of you. If you think we're gonna talk about Star Wars during this, you are correct. Oh, he just ran off to get Oh, shit. Look at this one. Is that a runner? Yes. He can't showing off the blockade runner right now. Yes, E a four hour built earlier. I think I want that set s so cool. It comes off like the escape pods come off and everything. It's awesome. What? Oh, hang on. I might be going on Amazon after this. Holy crap. It's so much fun, But yeah, we're going to talk more about Star Wars. Trust me. Cool. Cool, Cool. We'll talk, but you have a new special coming to Netflix. May 19. Yes, May 19th. Got the new Netflix special. I love everything will be dropping on that date. So what can we expect in this When I read a little synopsis on Netflix, but I'd rather hear it from you. Well, I mean, it's kind of Ah, kind of Ah, I guess a rearing up of the life force After how dark My last special was everything that I went through, you know, I fell in love again. I kind of crawled back into the light. I guess so. This is more of when you're when you've been dying of thirst. A sip of water, you know, feels like an oasis. So this is just I'm It is a It is a comedian celebrating being alive. Even though he's turning 50 and the world's on fire. I'm just like defiantly trying to find joy and stuff. It z obviously on Netflix. Like I said, I'm very excited for I've been a fan. Not to blow too much smoke up your ass. I've been a fan for you Big 10 years for a while back and sitting on a guy. Wait. A guy with a wall full of action. Figure A I actually, I've seen you one time at a free concert back when I was either a freshman or a sophomore. Penn State. Oh, my God. Well, I was I good. Was it fun? Was you were you were You did the George Lucas bit and that's all. I mean, that was like, Hey, did he played the hip's good? Okay, good. Oh, my God. Do you think the pro bono content might not have been that good if it was exactly college? I'm just going to give him 30% energy today. Come on, you prefer. And I've always been curious because I have been a stand up in for a long time, not just your but many people on. I became a big fan of stand up different comedians through listening, either buying iTunes albums or when Spotify became first popular back in the early 20 tens. And now, like you're special here, it's on Netflix. It's a different medium. Do you do you prefer, like the feature way to listen or consume your stand up? I'm one of the other because obviously we've gone down more of a video rap. Yeah, I mean, there's a definite for me. I'm of an older generation. There's that nostalgia. Oh, I have an album out, just like all my heroes when I would get their albums So and I still put out vinyl copies of my specials on Guy. I put out my son my early specials on TV, but we're living in a more pull it out of the air streaming world. Now you know it's 2020. So I don't think that the the delivery medium it matters so much as the content you could, you know, it ultimately matters on what have you put on that medium. They're streaming specials that are terrible there. Once they're great, they're streaming movies, that air. It just depends on what you're doing with the medium. So I just try to focus on okay, the technology and the delivery system. That's not my department. My department is the creative, and I'll try to make the creative as the best I can and trust that the medium will serve that. I guess so. You know, that's always been my aim. It's just funny, because I don't know if you have this problem, but I think anyone who listens? Who knows if you, if you plug in a phone into you like a car or do like Apple Carplay will typically play like your latest iTunes. And for me, the only thing in my iTunes is old albums in your album, which I forget the name. But it has like it's like a very colorful album. I think it was the one where you yelled at someone in the crowd for fucking up one of your jokes. It's always the first thing, that place, no matter. Oh, that's that's where wolves and lollypop Yeah, which and that that's all. Just one show. We I did like five shows, like at a. D. C. Together. And then that was to show warts and all that we decided not. Let's just that's the album right there. That's what I wanted to capture what the live experience feels like. We're some things were great and some things kind of go wrong, and I and I liked that that got captured. Is there like nerves in that when you're doing like a Netflix special or anything, we're like, Oh, I really want to make sure I nailed this one take because I remember we I did Thio disease taping of one of his life Stand up special. And there's like, a lot of hecklers in the first one in MSG, And then they ended up using the second one. And second, I was like, Oh, man, I was when I was in so years ever like fears about that nailing that first take for a Netflix special. Yeah. I mean, the first one, What you want is you want the first one to go really, really well. So that then you can relax on the second one because you know that you have it in the can. So this one, I recorded it in North Carolina and we really the first one was really good. We nailed all the material. It was it wasn't as lively. And so then, in between the 1st and 2nd 1, I had a shot of scotch and then I just felt because they're like even if the second one goes terrible, you have a very solid for special. So knowing that I was able to be looser and goof around and this special is pretty much the second take, it's the second show the nine o'clock show because it was just fantastic. I think that's good to know way we're gonna talk about Star Wars, so we gotta just we just got its jump in man thing. This is a question that you must get asked more than anything else. And it's Theo. Unscripted parks, Filibuster moment. The fans. How much do you get? Asked this in any given interview? I mean, I usually get asked about it in every interview, especially a pop culture interviews, because it's it's a thing that kind of went beyond way beyond me and way beyond. I think I was almost like I was the delivery system for something that had been pinging and around in people's heads at the time, which is well, if all of these things were being bought up and Marvel and DC seem to be trying to connect all these worlds, then will there then because they have to keep generating product that people will keep coming back to. So once you get over the initial surprise of Oh my God, Iron Man is linked to Hulk, which is like the Thor which you know, which is again all very exciting, but then will they start going in another 10 to 20 years with the next generation? Be like Okay, let's combine. You know, star, let's combine D C Marvel Star, whatever. Like let's see how many things we can get into one and see what happens with that. Yeah, they want to cross over. I think people, whenever they ask you that, they just want the sound bite. They want you to stay and just admit that like, Oh, no, I actually pretty wrote the entire thing, but I believe e If I had pre written that thing, I'd be even more of a genius That it was that was like me in the moment not wanting to get fired off of parks and rec. And they didn't, you know, cut. So I just I went in. My panic mode is apparently doing a trivia dump of everything that's inside my skull. You're defining our podcast more or less. Yeah, learn something about yourself exactly. Yeah, there is a show that came out recently. It's a star we're showing if you've heard of. It's called The Man DeLorean on. And in that show there is a lot of comedians in smaller roles. You know, Bill Burr said, a kiss ratio, Sands, Bill, Brian was saying all these ones Did you have, like, a urgent it all? You want to get onto the show? So I mean, I'd love to get onto the show because I think it's so well written. And I think it's the most exciting thing that's been done with the Star Wars universe in a long time. The fact that the plots hinge on the different cultural differences between you know, these kind of throwaway races. Uh, jaw was ag knots on, but they're they're giving them deep backgrounds and beliefs and and ethos system to me is so fascinating and so fun to watch that they're having, you know, this was a it the Sequels depend on How well do you play in the toy box of some of the Sequels? They are great. And some of them, you know, they didn't really play with him all that well. And the man DeLorean, I think more not since Empire did they go. Okay, we're going to use this as a starting point and launch even deeper into this world. And I thought it was brilliant. That's so true, Because, like even the knots like the mischaracterization, you get them. Is them screeching at your box or something? And now you have Nick Nolte voicing one, you know, giving this whole, like you said, like an ethos to them in the system. Just so. But you also like, understand that now, looking back on it, yeah, they were being mean that they disassembled c Threepio when they're yelling it. Um, Chewbacca. But they were also slaves, and they were being tortured and they were being treated horribly. Which then also makes you wonder about was Cloud City the utopia that we thought it was, if that's how they were treating the people living in the underworld, you know what I mean? So, like, it just adds all these different layers of things, and I think that's that's great. When you do that in science fiction, it makes you hate Landau in Landau. You're running this shit like, were you kind of a or was it that thing of like Was that a version of the Ursula K. Le Guin story? Those who walk away from a male s which, yes, we live in a paradise, and it's the paradise on Lee exist because there's a certain person that's being treated horribly that gives us this utopia. Are you willing to make that trade? You know what I mean? So it's almost like those who walk away from best been like, Are you willing to live in this world where the knots are being treated so horribly? What? Pick a character? If you could pick a character, it could be any species. Maybe something new fresh if you could play. Would you even want to play an alien? Yeah. I mean, especially now that what with what the man DeLorean did. It makes me want to go back to the canteen, the sequence, and look at the other species and find out what their deal is. What is the wolf man's deal? What is on walrus heads? Deal Or, you know, all those. Or it wasn't hammerhead camera, walrus man or whatever. Yeah, but what is their species? What do they do? What do they mean? They seem to be able to all hang out in a, uh, in a bar and drink. You know, despite whatever their differences are outside of it, You know, this job was in that cantina. So why did just that kind of stuff to me is fascinating droids, you know, droids and and? And what? What happened in the past that makes people hate droids so much? Because, I mean droids. You're basically just there to serve and be subservient. So why do they hate, Um, Was there an uprising? Was there some kind of, you know, and why shouldn't clearly the droid E in Star Wars feel loneliness and pain and fear? So they're sentient beings. So why are they being there? There's something to explore their They kind of got into that a little bit with I g 88 which we'll or i g 11, which I thought was fascinating, you know? Oh, that's just teach. I 88 was one of many models, you know, for lahm is just a C threepio unit. Um, it's a protocol droid that was reprogrammed as an assassin because it's the same body with a different head. So what? What was that story like? We could get you as a bounty hunter, but I I think you need to play my favorite. And and if people listening are sick of me saying this because I thought it was a character all the time. It's snaggle tooth. It's the one where George got the toy from the box and so had moon boots and said No and said, Shrink that down. Take the moon boots off. But now Dave Filoni and the Clone War, Syria's just brought the moon boots guy back. You, I think I think you gotta be snaggle tooth moon boots and it just seems perfect. Yeah, or the Who was the guy There's there's just a basically just a flat out astronaut in the Cantina E elsewhere. Chewbacca is so he's clearly just another smuggler, and it looks like he's using either rebel alliance clothing or imperial clothing. So what happens are there There's gotta be factions of both? Um yes, there's imperial traders. There's also gonna be rebel traders who are either working with the Empire or working kind of Azzan between, uh, just to make money off of themselves. There had to have been rebel profiteers, and that would be a fascinating area to explore, like and I mean, that show dives into everything. I wanted to dive into music because we're fascinated by the music and star wars just understand. And his little and the modal nodes. I mean, come on. They were being paid to be in that cantina that they go to different planets or they only on that planet. Like where did they go Work? Just the fact that jazz and Star Wars is called jizz is the most fascinating thing. Probably about star. I don't. That was one of those words that age so horribly. Oh, George e mean ever orbits in the galactic jizz whalers. Did he know what he like? They made that a band, like, 20 years ago that would age so terribly that you just can't really You can't print it anywhere because they're just going to get you a black and white for Gun Dan movie where you find out that Bergen Dan was like the son of some like, um, conservative religious leader. But he wanted to go play ages. The judges? Yeah, he rebels and then has toe and and then he like, but then aged badly. Because he does it in, like Jawa face. And now that's considered offensive
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