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Snippet of LinkedInformed: LinkedIn Etiquette

From Audio: LinkedIn Etiquette

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LinkedInformed Podcast. The LinkedIn Show
Duration: 17:17
Some seriously important words breaking down the tricky subject of LinkedIn etiquette, much of which you wouldn't even think of unless you were listening to this snippet.
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Mark Williams is an independent LinkedIn mystic. With his vast knowledge and years of experience on the site, he might as well have created it, himself. Listen to this important snippet from his podcast LinkedInformed, breaking down the tricky subject of LinkedIn etiquette, much of which you wouldn't even think of unless you were here. When is it acceptable to comment on a competitor's thread? What about posting articles in the comments? What do you look for in content that adds value to another's profile, versus content to unethically redirects the audience away? And what about @ mentioning people you don't know? Mark's got the professional expertise for it all.
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So last week I was having a conversation with a fellow Lincoln trainer about all things to do with Lincoln, and we covered a whole variety of different subjects. And one of the things that we were sort of debating waas what was acceptable or not when adding comments to a competitors post. So there are lots of thing to train us out there and they'll do a post, and sometimes they mentioned you and ask you for your comments on a certain thing on. Sometimes they don't, but it might come up in your thread. Maybe you're following a topic like Lincoln Tips, for instance, and it comes up and you've got a view on that. So are you going to pitch in and say something or not? This is the debate that we were having on. I'm very much in the camp of Look, if they're direct competitors, I would never comment on their post unless they specifically asked me to do so. If, however, I really feel that I've got something of value to add to that on, then I may we'll contact them and ask permission. The only exception to that is there's a couple of people that I would say, I know very well who I know would always want me to comment so But you have to make a judgment on the situation when I think it's, you know, very tempting. I think if you see a competitors and you know in any sector, any field, you see one of your competitors, even if you know them, you know, posting something that you feel you would be able to have some value to to pitch in on that. But just the fact that you're commenting in itself may well be seen as competitive by the original poster. Right on. That's the problem. I think with that. Anyway, this kind of got me thinking, Really, This is very interesting debate, right? And so, you know, like always when you have one of those debates, it kind of gets your mind going. One of things I love about linked in and this is a personal conversation face to face. But But one of things I love about Lincoln is if you read imposed and they're good on, they get some debate going Enough stimulates, um, good thoughts, doesn't it? Anyway, eh? So it got me thinking about this, and I So I posted a video. Uh, most of my post these days are videos. Uh, I just find I like the medium personally, but I just find him getting great results from Lincoln Video. Another side. So what I posted was and again, I'll put this in the show. Notes. I'm not suggesting I'm right here. I just This is what my post says. Um, it's just how I feel. But I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks. Is it okay? If so, why, um if, like me, why not? If you think like me, then why not on a few hashtags on the bottom of that, I'm basically what I'm saying is it's no okay, in my opinion, to post a link in the comments of somebody else's post, right? I personally my position on that is that's bad practice, and it's happened to me lots of times on. I've seen it happening to other people. I see it happening all the time. To be honest with lots of other people on dso, I posted it just really to see what kind of reaction we would get. Did it very quick video that I made on clips on board. Well, where are we at the moment 100 like 106 comments. So quite a lot off interesting dialogue that went on in the comments thread there. So it's an embedded post in the show notes. So if you click on it, you can actually go through watch the video, which only last literally, you know, 15 seconds or something. But but what you'll see in the comments that is very interesting. And, you know, I found this really educational because we could all have our views on what we think is right and wrong, which is kind of the essence of etiquette, isn't it? Like everyone's gonna have their own position on this. Everyone's gonna have their own ethics, their own view on what's right and what's wrong on. Also, of course, that will vary from market to market is well, so Ah, one thing that came across in the comments, but it seemed like quite a prominent view on this particular angle to etiquette was that it's okay to post a link provided it adds value to the discussion on Is not promotional, um, which sounds quite sensible, doesn't it? When you hear that? Said you just think Oh, yeah, that makes sense. You know that last time that that was my kind of first reaction? Um, but I don't think that takes into account the original poster. The person did the post What kind of how they would read it. Because they're probably posted that content to encourage engagement or if they're doing it properly, that's why they're posting. Mostly, I mean, not always, but they probably are encouraging people to get involved in a discussion of some sort on. Do you go in and post a link, and what does that link do? It takes people away from the discussion. So actually, it's the least engaging thing you can. Usually you're not helping that discussion because, you know, if I go into it and I go, Oh, right, someone says, Oh, I wrote a block about this. I click on it. That's me gone right? I'm not coming back. Um, I or I might do, but I think the chances are probably not. So. Is that really helping? Is that really adding to the dying? I'm not really. What it's doing is it's kind of like the equivalent of going? Yeah, a group of people all stood together in a room having a discussion. Andan you going over into that and then sort of saying to everyone, Look, come over here into my home, my territory, And we'll have that discussion over here, shall we? That's kind of how it feels when it's happened to me as a poster is that I'm like, Oh, right, So you're basically coming in and going right. Don't get involved in this discussion that Marks created, uh, come over to my world and have a discussion in my world. Now, I don't think that people that do it, certainly in my experience anyway, do it with that intention that that they actually have very good intentions. They believe that they're adding and contributing to the threat. By doing that, they're adding value, which is what people basically saying the comments is okay provided it adds value. But I would argue, I don't think it's OK. Um, I understand that the good intentions, but they're not actually achieving a good intention at all. They're not actually achieving a good thing, not intention, because you're distracting from the actual post itself. And of course, it goes a bit deeper than that because actually, as the poster and this has happened to May and discussion with this other guy last week he was saying the same thing. But, you know, I've had this situation where someone posted a link on board, you know, you think Well, you're just being promotional because as the poster, it kind of feels a bit that way. That's how you can feel when someone does it on, even if it is well intentioned on their part. Just the fact they've done it taking people away. They may be a competitive. They may not be, but but it feels like they're not being helpful on that. They are being promotion because at the end of the day, if you think about it, if you're writing a blawg, it's on your website, right? Andi, you are bringing someone to your website on on your website. Is things about how amazing you are the product and service that you can offer a sign up form to get people on your email address, etcetera, etcetera. Right. So, uh, is that you know, even if you're adding value, you're still being promotional because you're getting people onto your site so you can grab their information. That's the whole point of why you're blogging the first place, isn't it? Or one of the key reasons why you do it. So to me on brothers, it feels like you're trying to steal kind of people on day. Take them away from from the original posters. So that's the problem. I think you know. The problem is, where's the line? I guess you know, because because again, as you read through all these comments, you kind of see people saying, Well, I'm completely confused. I thought I was being helpful. Now I'm not sure what I should do. And it's a minefield, and I mean, that's very true. It is a bit of in mind feel that I do appreciate that. I do appreciate how other people could be put off by things like that, which brings around to the subject off. Well, so what is right and wrong? And should we be saying that, you know, should we be saying this is poor etiquette? Um on and I think have to be careful because I think you can put people off. I think people just go. I don't understand now. But then again, I think, as I linked in trainer, it's part of my role to try and educate people in the best use of Lincoln. And I think what I was trying to do in this post and I'm still trying to do in this podcast as well is put a different point of view to the norm, because I think the norm is that people think it's OK, so long as it adds value on day. I'm just saying, Well, just think about that. I understand your intentions are good, but just think about it because, actually, really, Are you helping? Because I'm not sure you actually are on day. It may be that you want to contact the person that did the post and say, Is it okay if I had this in, In which case they may say, Yes, you could argue that you put in a difficult position. It's hard for them to say no, but at least you're doing the right thing and being polite. That may well be a better way of doing it. But of course, the whole subject is broader than just posting comments in someone else's in someone else's threat. I mean, someone in that thread. If you look at it, your C brings up the point about hashtag and I mentioned, So they're saying I don't agree with this. By the way, they're saying, Well, does it also count for mentioned? Because if you mention someone in a post in the comments in a post, then you're taking people to their profile, therefore also taking them away from the post on Also, if you hashtag it, you're doing the same because they click on the hashtag to go and see other posts off similar subject on whilst they get that. That is true. You can't deny that's true. I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantage. I mean the whole point. If you if you are adding a hashtag or not mention into a post, you're bringing people to the post. That's the point of doing it, isn't it you're at mentioned in someone because you're bringing them to you could say, Oh, you want to speak to at Fred Smith? He's really good on this, but most of the time, when you are at mentioning someone you really doing is saying Hey at Fred Smith, have a look at this type of thing. So you're bringing them in? Hashtag is even more so with a hashtag. What you're actually doing is you're saying, Look, anybody searching for this hashtag is now gonna find this post, I'm bringing more people towards this and I'm helping the original poster, so I'm not sure I agree with that point, but again, it just brings up this whole issue of what's the right and what's the wrong. Where do we sit on all of this? I think my advice is that you should, when you are reacting in a comment thread, you should think about the original poster. Your intention should be towards them, right? You should be thinking they created the post. This is their territory, if you like, and you should be polite on did respectful of what they are trying to achieve. And as long as you're always that I don't think you could go too far wrong in terms of etiquette. But of course it is just wider than post comments. I mean other things that have come up. I saw someone post about this this week where they were saying, I think it's unethical, might not be the words they used to at mention people that you don't know in your post. Well, there's an interesting one. So, you know, I'm thinking, Oh, well, again, you know, in some circumstances, that's okay. So, for instance, if I'm writing a post and it's about business ethics while we're on the subject on De. So if I'm posting about this podcast, right? So let's say I'm promoting this podcast. I'm talking about etiquette, Andres, somebody out there that is an expert or that's their subjects. And this is what they do, right? So they are on Internet ethics etiquette specialist. Right now, I don't know them at all. But wouldn't it be good for me toe at mention them for May because it brings in some expertise from outside, which is good on for them because it's allowing them the opportunity. Thio promote themselves through adding value to the comments because it's their subject. So I don't know, really, I'm a bit like I think that's a good thing, but I do agree that tagging or I mentioned in somebody that you don't know just because you know they've got lots of followers but not, you know, for any other reason. That too May is just wrong all over on. I know people who you know. I'm speaking to Alex Galvez, Alex authentic Alex about this a while back and you know she has a big following on. She gets that mentioned Aled. The time people she's never met, never heard off on it just becomes tedious. You know, you can remove yourself a zone that mentioned by the way, it's not that difficult to do, but just in the three dot menu. If you go through it, there's the option there to remove yourself both on mobile and desktop. But, you know, I think that I think that's wrong. That's that's my position on that one on. Then, of course, you got the whole thing about personalized invitations, which is always uninterested subject, most people would say, from an ethical point of your from an ethical point of you, Sorry. You know, you probably should personalized invitations. There are many people that think it's not necessary. I personally don't subscribe to that. As you know, you probably heard me say this a million times before. I think personalized invitations are essential, but they should be personalized and so that the worst type of invitation is one that is generic personalized. That's the worst, right? That's spammy rubbish. Don't ever do it. The second worst is nothing at all. On best, by far is genuinely personalized. You've read the profile. You thought about it. You're actually writing something that clearly demonstrates the recipient, that you are inviting them as a task because you would like to connect with them. And you're making it clear as to why it also makes sense because you get much, much higher acceptance rate when doing it that way. But there's the other thing that happened to me this week, actually, and getting added into group messages. This drives me nuts, right? So someone will create a little group message on linked in I don't mean a message in groups. I mean, you know the messaging system on, you know you can multiple. You can have multiple people into a message on. They add you in without asking you, and then you pushed into this thing and this is kicking off whatever people talk about this, that and the other and you just think Do you know what I don't want to know? about this, That you commute conversations like that. Um but even so is it Is it good practice to just bang someone into that? I'm not sure you may have a different view, but certainly as the recipient of that, I've kind of find it quite irritating on I just remove myself from them. But you always feel guilty about doing that because it kind of looked bad. But, you know, I'll do it anyway because I just think I didn't ask to be part of this conversation. I don't really want to be part of this conversation. Ondas Much more intrusive than in the thread. Um, but they're Ugo creating. Sorry, sending emojis we've already discussed, but again, you know that that could be by some, Consider, to be poor etiquette. Andi. It would be if it's inappropriate person. But you just gotta know who you're sending it to. I don't see it. As I mentioned before, I wanna send an emoji to anybody. Unless I knew that there'd be okay with it. Otherwise, I think it's, um I think it's slightly dodgy ground on then. Yeah, the other one I mentioned at the intro there. Post connection. Welcome message I used to do this whole time. I used to believe it was good practice, but I must admit aside, started receiving Maura. Found a bit Spammy really just kind of feels a bit wrong. Depends what they're saying. But quite often it's, you know, literally just jumping in with 2 ft. I mean, okay, you've invited me. I have accepted. But all of a sudden you wanna be my best mate. And you're suggesting this, that and the other and asking me questions. What do you think about, you know, on these questions are clearly designed to set me up for some kind of sales pitch that that for me, feels just wrong on Did you know? Then there's the whole issue around your activity and what you do, you know, selling in posts, you know, promotional posts. I mean, I don't know. So you think that's poor? Etiquette is poor. Practice on it doesn't work because the algorithm or push them toe. Hardly anyone. So you're wasting your time doing it, but I'm not sure is poor etiquette. But maybe you think differently. Maybe you think it z it is poor etiquette. It's interesting, isn't it? And He's a real mind field that, you know, I wonder whether, you know, as I said before ready whether we're putting people off by talking about such things. But then again, you have tow have some some people in the world if you like, have to be providing some kind of advice that people can follow. I think people in a position like mine, I think is right to do so. I think it's right to question things like that so that people start to gain. You know, all I'm doing is trying to stimulate the mindset of people who are using things. And so they think these things through because I think a lot of times people don't really think it through and then make their own balance decision. Um, so there you go. What do you think? Have you got any other examples or than the ones that I've mentioned of what you would call poor etiquette on? Do you agree with me, or do you fervently disagree with me? Please let me know. Mark at Lincoln form dot com is the email address, but far better that would be just to contact me on Lincoln is free to send me a message on Lincoln on Even better still will be to go to the website, gets the right hand side of the page. You'll see a sort of orangey leather yellow button that says, Ask me a question. You don't have to ask me a question. You could just give me your thoughts. Click on it. You got 90 seconds. Record yourself and then you'll hear yourself on this show. Okay, that's it for the main subjects. I'd really welcome your views. Now let's move on to a couple of bits of information about Lincoln.
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