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Snippet of Little Gold Men: The Biggest Surprises of the Oscar Nominations

Last Played: April 21, 2021
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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have two nominations this year for Best Original Score for both Soul and Mank, but will most likely come away with a win for Soul. The Best Documentary category for Short and Feature have many surprises, but Best Actress in a Supporting Role has strong contenders in weaker roles.
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the filmmakers, as did you, Katie. Uh, but that's a nature movie, you know. And I think nature movies have a history at the Oscars, but like it's not a movie. I mean, they get their environmental concerns in play in that film, but it's not a movie about, like a capital I issue in the way that some of the other nominees are. Or some of the films that were nominated were I mean, Dick Johnson is Dead is about death, but it's sort of sweet and poignant and not, you know, it's not about, like the scourge of Alzheimer's treatment in care facilities or something, you know, Um, so I think it's, I don't know it just kind of, uh it feels like something of an outlier in recent years that are very earnest, straightforward, beautifully shot. And, you know, with all this underwater photography, uh, nature film like my octopus teacher would get in there over something that can take a few boxes of kind of the awareness quota. The documentary branches always just throwing weird stuff out there. Joanna, you don't understand the animation category better than I do. Did they? Did they go weird with animation Or is it pretty much what we expected? No, fully 100%. What is expected? Okay, I haven't seen the show on the sheet movie. It's on Netflix and it's it's cute, like all of this on the cheap stuff. Like so, you know, we were talking last week about our predictions that were writing, and I had supporting actors, sound and animation an animation. Like when I was looking at the animation, everyone just felt very clear that those would be the five nominees. And then it was like, Yep, check, check, check, check, check. There we go, and souls gonna win it. So the end much loved my beloved wolf walkers. But, you know, I think this is it. What I thought was interesting. I don't know if you guys get the like Disney publicity, patting themselves on the back about their awards, as every studio does, uh, emails. But they were calling this like, you know, first nominations for Disney Plus and I was like, I guess you can call Stolen Onward and Mulan Disney Plus nominations. And I guess you can call the Billie Holiday film of Hulu nomination if you want. But like It's weird to call that, um, but not know Madeleine. Hello Because, no, Madeline is also currently on Hulu, but very weird. The lines don't make any sense, and hopefully we can just go back to normal pretty soon. Speaking of soul, if you were to go back in time to the days when you were, you know, just kind of a grungy teen smoking your clothes cigarettes. I don't know if you either of you or that, but, like, let's say I was And someone had said, If you your older self came back and said, Not only is the guy from Nine Inch Nails gonna already have an Oscar, but he's going to get a second nomination for writing music for a Disney movie. Would you have believed it? Um, And he's like like he and Atticus Ross, who wrote the score for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for so like they could win. Yeah, and they're and they're nominated for bank as well. So yeah, which is funny because they want for social network. And then I think they haven't been nominated since. Right, Um but, you know, they just won the Emmy this year for watchman like they're just, you know, they're honoring. Their stuff is so good. I know that it's fashionable not to think there's other scores better than soul and like there are lots of great scores. That they're the minority score is wonderful. But I really like the soul score, and I really want them to win. I'm going to be fully on the bandwagon with that. I'm running for minority, but the soul score is really nice. Great score. Um, I had to do original song in our predictions, and I think I went four for five on all of my predictions except for director, where I really gifted. But I was so happy to see who's the vic Make it in there. It's the only song I care about. I don't know if it's gonna win. I feel like Leslie Odom Jr stands a really good chance is like the way to reward one night in Miami. Um, but I was I was just glad it made the cut. All right, I'm gonna jump back into subtext. We have a question from Amanda Iman. I try to watch every Oscar nominated film each year. Which man? That is a process I'm very bound about having to see hillbilly elegy Mulan and Pinocchio. If I could skip one, which would you recommend? I haven't seen Pinocchio, so maybe, I don't know. Maybe if I don't have to watch it. She doesn't either. But I feel like you can skip Milan, right? You can skip Mulan, but it's more entertaining than Hillbilly Elegy. Yeah, it is. But if you're an Oscar person like Glenn, Close is probably going to win because I think supporting actress is the It's the hardest to call of that of the kind of quote unquote big categories because, yes, there is a case to be made. For Glenn. There is a case to be made for Seifried. There's a case to be made for Batalova, and there's a case to be made for Young Young from an r. E. I think Olivia Colman is the only one among them who I don't see winning, but like all of the other, the other four, you could kind of see it happen. I mean, I say young because Minori did so well in terms of nominations that that, you know, indicates a lot of broad support for the film among different branches of the academy, so that could be positive. Back alone was riding a wave of a ton of awards. People love Borat. It didn't. You know, it didn't get the best picture nomination. I thought it might, but like it got into screenplay and, you know, and then she's there. So but yeah, I don't know, Glenn. Close winning. I guess there might just be a sort of fatigue, like, Okay, here you go. Like we not that they fucked it up when she lost for the wife, because Coleman was a very deserving winner. But just like, let's get this kind of monkey off our back about, like, the Glenn close thing, for Christ sake. Um, but yeah. So I guess if you're an Oscar completed, it is worth watching that movie. But it's a bad movie, and she is actively very bad in it. Um, you know, we were talking at the top of the show about, like this being afforded sort of stinker free year, at least in best picture hillbilly elegy. Getting any award nomination for anything by anyone is bad. It's not great. Yeah, I would prefer to not be in there at all. But I think I'm with you that, like, can we get the Glenn Close needs an Oscar thing and let her win, and then maybe come back with something great and get nominated and win again if she wants to. Just get this over with something great that's less predicated on like this could win an award. Yeah, it's kind of funny. Like, yeah, better the Eurovision sequel or something. There's so many options. Put her in New York, Atlanta, Most movie. Oh, my God. Kind of a weird sense of cosmic. Okay, Yeah. Is this what you need to win? Okay, move over. Olivia. Here I come. Um, you saying Olivia Colman is the only one you think will win? The award is now having me like, wonder She's going to win Crossing. What I've been thinking about is the year that Tilda Swinton one for Michael Clayton, which was, like Amy Ryan, Ruby Dee Search a ronin, Tilda. And there was one other person I can't think about the top of my head. But like everyone, like, everyone won different awards like there was no clear consensus like it was Amy Ryan. That was Ruby Dee and then tilde kind of swept up out of nowhere in one. So I don't know, man, something we're going to happen. Yeah. I mean, close. Is more of the Ruby dee there than the tilde? Certainly. Yeah, but like Olivia Colman being the Tillman, who could do? Yeah. Uh, So here's another text from Natalie Shepherd. She just said, Not a question, But it's thrilling to have two women nominated director for the first time. And it's the first for two Asian directors to feel like coverage is already ignoring that. Um, I think that's true. I mean, we talked a little bit about Director and how if Aaron Sorkin had made it and we might be rioting but the diversity and the director category, especially, which has been so white and male for so long, that really is a big step forward. I just think it's so interesting that, like this is, this is like a really historic, especially since we've been talking. I mean, parasite obviously had a huge year last year, but we've been talking about this question of like nominating a film but not recognizing all the talent behind it, etcetera or acting talent or what have you And and you know, the fact that, like Minnery is is so well represented. And then you've got reason met also in in the best actor category, and then the conversation on Twitter.
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