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In this episode we wrap up our trip with the guys who make up the Global Goulets.  We talk about what makes up a great Friday night in New York City.  Explore the "Boozy Brunch" and why The College Interns are Back Day should be a real thing.  Make sure you check them out at! Did you read the title correctly? Live New York City like a local, and in this snippet, learn how to live New York City Like you were born there. More specifically, Learn what New Yorker do over the weekend.
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you know that these guys know New York City like no one else. Ladies, gentlemen, without further ado Brian, Eric and Alex from Global Glaze as they take us through New York, New York Now, guys, it's a Friday night in New York City. Endless possibilities. What are the locals doing on a Friday night? So let me set the scene a little bit earlier in the evening than that for you in New York City. It's It's probably well, I don't wanna be. I don't wanna offend any other cities, but it's the hardest working city in the world. People are working all week, hours that are just completely unimaginable. And come Friday evening, it's just timeto just have a beer. So the very first thing every single person does They walk out of their office dressed in business casual. Or if it's summer, they're they're just rocking the casual and or they're wearing a suit because they're crazy, whatever. And they're just walking Thio. Thio gets, um, happy hour with friends. So if you walk around, you know any neighborhood of New York shirt were east Villagers. So I'm gonna tell you while walk down Avenue A or just walk anywhere in the East Village and you'll find, um, you'll find happy hour going on people. Maybe it's a sports bar. Maybe it's like a dive bar. But anywhere you go, there's gonna be people, you know, letting their tie loose a little bit and having some beers. So that's the very first thing that happens on a Friday evening. Um, is happy hour. Um, that starts itself. Let me pass. Let me pass it over. Thio Alex to continue the Friday evening saga. Okay, so you've You've got a little buzz going. You're just finishing up. Happy hour. Now you're gonna go. You maybe go back to a place and shower change out of that, that those work clothes and you're gonna get dinner somewhere. So you're gonna go to one of those places that we just mentioned. Um, maybe you'll get sushi or some ramen, those air. That's just something that's always happening after that. There's a few things that you can dio depending on the kind of night that you wanna have. Uh, one of the best things you can do is if you have any friends in city or you meet someone, you'll find us on the rooftop of an apartment building. So maybe that's a six story apartment, five story apartment, usually in the East Village. They're pretty low rise, and you'll just be sitting up, seeing the city light up as night falls and just having a few drinks up there. And many great nights have been spent just hanging out on the New York City rooftop. If we're not doing that, you might find us bar hopping around the Lower East Side. There is just an insane there's an insane density of bars in the Lower East Side, just below these village below House in ST on dure just can pop in and out of them, just one after the other. And that's how a lot of people will spend a nice weekend night, especially because a lot of them will end up having lines, which are the is probably the worst thing about. New York have to wait in line to get into bar, so we try to avoid those for the most part. But sometimes it's kind of fun to just hop around waiting line. Jump in, check out, check out how the bars and and just experience at a neighborhood. That way we might be at Rockwood Music Hall, CNN live show, And then a cool thing that happens during the summer is that in Central Park, I think every week there's movies being played on a gigantic screen where hundreds, if not thousands of people come in to just watch a movie. And so that's a really, really nice way to spend a night. Beautiful. I love it. Kind of bringing the driving experience to the city. Yeah, Yeah, e gotta ask. Now, do you guys know what a driving is? Yeah, it's a driving, but no one in New York has a car. So Right, so you take your taxi and get out of the taxi and sit on the class. Right? Central Park is a big, giant, green luscious. Um, just change right in the heart of New York City. So if you want something just worlds away, You all you have to do is walk right into the middle of New York City and you get you get to enjoy Central Park. So this is just one of those excellent features of Central Park. Now, these rooftop get togethers, parties, whatever, are they just very prevalent. Where do you specifically have to know someone who's having one? I mean, you're just not walking into apartment buildings and checking out the rooftops that would assume right? Yeah, yeah. If you could do that, then you would be afraid for our safety. Yeah, but Joel to that. And there are bars that are rooftop bars, and there's there's more than a few one that comes to mind that's really great for travelers is it's called two 35th, and that's actually it's addresses well, and it's 235th Avenue, and that's anyone could go in. It's not very exclusive, even if they might have a line. But one nice appeal of that bar is it's just a bit south of the Empire State Building. So when you're up there at night, the bar is being lit up by the lights of the Empire State Building, and you've got a perfect view of it. Awesome. But let me ask you, Is there a website that New York City residents count on to deliver? You know, events and happenings and what's going on on any particular night? So there's a really amazing one on bits called the skint, and I think it's Yeah, it's just the S k i n t dot com skin, and it's basically free or super cheap activities going on in the city every day and they'll announce things in advance so you could just go on there. And if you're coming to New York City on a budget, that's the website you've got to go to because they'll have. We'll have concerts will have. You know, maybe there's free food somewhere or discounted food or, you know, a show going on something going on in Central Park or whatever it is. Ah, poetry reading. They'll have everything on that site. So it's super super useful website the skin.
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