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The boys from Global Goulets are showing us around New York City.  Taking a break from their trip from NY to Argentina they show us what New York is all about.  Come with us as they show us where to get a $1 New York slice of pizza, a play where you walk around the set, and where to get some great mozzarella.  The guys also show us why in the city that never sleeps connections are made at 2AM between three people just looking for a ride home. Hear it from three born and raised New Yorkers where you can get the best pizza in New York City.
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because for me it exemplifies what traveling is all about. And that's it's about getting out there and meeting new people, which I really love. That you brought that up. You had mentioned misconception that people have. But let me ask you, what is the biggest misconception that travelers have about New York City? I wouldn't call it a misconception as much as I would call it. Ah, fatal flaw. Ah, lot of travelers, they come to New York and they what they know about it is all those iconic places, you know, Empire State Building, um, Central Park, Ellis Island and and Times Square. Especially Times Square. Uh, the most crowded, oversaturated place you'll ever be. And people get tricked into spending their entire vacation in just these notable places that are eating at sparrows. Oh, my God. Just making just mistaking after mistake's. So if that's a misconception, if there's a misconception that travelers have, I think it's that it's it's on Lee sticking to those, um, those known spots and missing all that there is to see underneath. And I think I think those places have their place and they have their purpose and people come to New York to see those things, but they shouldn't miss out on the backbone of the city. That's behind all that. I've been a New Yorker forever, and I just for the first time went to the top of the Empire State Building on Lee a few months ago, and I was floored. It's great, but I've, you know, I know New York beside. Beyond that, I've never even been to the Statue of Liberty. Really. I mean, e guess I say, really. But, you know, I live close to the Niagara Falls and I go and see it once every five years. So I guess there's just this familiarity in the sense that they will always be there, so we'll go some other day. But I gotta laugh. When you mentioned Spa Rose because there's a episode of the office where Michael visits New York City, he says, I'm gonna go get me a New York slice. And he has. This borrows a reference. Now, since we are talking about pizza, let's talk about the food In New York City. New York City is known for having great restaurants and great food. It's also known for being rather pricey is there a, ah few different restaurants that you could give us that we should go check out that are about $15 a plate? This is such a beautiful softball of a question because we just I mean, I'm going to start off by saying my favorite food in New York is $1 pizza. You confined hundreds of locations around the city, walk in, have a delicious hot, steaming slice right away. You hand them the dollar bill, they return you a steaming, perfectly crafted slice of New York City pizza. It is. It is not only one of the best deals in New York City, but probably the best deal in the entire world. Because you're comparing this Teoh. You know the $30 meal next door to the $1 pizza place and the to are equivalent in the way it's gonna fill you up and how how delicious it tastes. So, first of all, number number One thing that you gotta get when you're in New York is $1 pizza. You'll find it on basically every street corner from from Times Square to Battery Park. Fair enough, but we know that all pizza is not created equally. Is there a favorite $1 slice that you have? Look, I mean, you know, the right answer to this is to say, Oh, yeah, I got this one spot, but I really I can't discriminate between all these places. They all serve their purpose. They all do a great job. I mean, I can tell you on my walk home from work, there's a There's a little slow spot hit, you know, it's like hidden from the street. It just says $1 pizza. Walk in. It's on Avenue a between like 2nd and 3rd Street. Um, right on the east side, right on. Like third Street. I'm right on the corner. That that's good. I don't know. I can't tell you one that's better than another. Sure, there's gonna be some places that are really good that are you know, that you actually spend a couple bucks on, but I gotta just I can't distract from the fact you're talking. We have been on the road for five months now, and we miss a lot of things. And the amount that we've Eriks talked about how much he misses $1 pizza. You're probably talking the most passionate person about $1 pizza on the planet. So this is all just you know, this is as passionate you're gonna get about a New York food s. Now, if we could get the $1 beer to go with the $1 pizza will be all set. That'll be tough. Might not be new You.
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