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Best Meditation Audio On Vurbl Listen to an audio collection of the best meditation podcasts, hand-curated by Vurbl. With this being such a chaotic year for everyone, many have turned to guided meditations to help them through it. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stress, and are craving a moment of peace, take some time to sit down and reconnect with this playlist. Explore and enjoy Vurbl's hand-picked collection of some of the best meditation podcasts, including The Workplace Healer, Mindful In Minutes, Roaming Yogi Guided Meditation Podcast, and The OneMind Meditation Podcast. Vurbl Guided Meditations, Sleep Sounds, and Relaxing Audio
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Listen to this loving kindness guided meditation. Take a few moments to destress from all the anxieties of life by turning your focus from yourself to others. Send out positive energy and love to those you know, and even to those you don't, and watch how caring for others will make you feel in return.
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today. What we're going to do is I have recorded for you a loving kindness, meditation. And for me, there's no better way to come your own nervous system in your own mind and to clear your own mind and to counter act the kind of spinning up into anxiety, there's no better way than just focus on other people. So this loving kindness meditation is really about connecting with a really heartwarming energy inside of yourself and giving it out to someone you love and someone you may not know so well. And so yeah, it's a guided meditation. I think you're gonna love it, and we'll start that in just a minute. So please get in a comfortable place, just a quiet place, and you can do this meditation. But also, I want to encourage you to head over to about meditation dot com in the coming days, and I will if you're on our email list, I will email you about this as well. But I encourage you to take advantage of these free resource is that we're gonna be providing. So yeah, I think of they're gonna be live. Most of them are gonna be on zoom. So to be video, webinars and live meetings. So it'll be sort of like a live video version of the podcast and head over to about meditation dot com to find that. So let's get comfortable and start this loving kindness. Meditation. Find a comfortable seated position in a chair, on the floor or on the sofa. The most important thing is that you find a position in which you feel alert and the chances of you drifting off to sleep are minimal. For the practice of loving kindness, you can keep your eyes open or closed. The choice is yours with the understanding that our goal is to remain awake as best we can. Once you find that position, begin by simply taking a breath with awareness, not trying to change the breath or fix it in some way, just being fully present with the full duration of the in breath. In the four duration of the out breath, you may notice it most strongly in the nose and the throat. Some people notice the breath in the chest or the belly. Wherever the breath is most alive for you just allow yourself to rest your awareness. There If your mind wanders away from the breath, which it is prone to do, then without judgment, simply bring yourself back to the next natural inhalation or exhalation, and now very gently allow your awareness to move from your breath to your heart center into that place right there in the middle of the chest. Not as much the physical heart, but that place where we tend to feel warm emotions. If you would like to do so, sometimes people find it helpful to gently place they're open. Hand over the location of their physical heart, as this can help facilitate the practice. So the best as you can try and find a memory or feeling sense of a time when you experienced a strong sense of loving kindness, either from someone or towards someone, it might have been the first day you met your life partner the day a child or grandchild was born right. It might have even been a particular afternoon with your favorite pet or a time when you felt warm appreciation after helping or being helped by someone. The idea is not to find the perfect experience or image, nor should you be concerned if you find yourself thinking of many different events or experiences. The idea is as best you can to recreate the warm, tender or positive feelings associated with prior experiences of loving kindness and to allow these feelings to grow in your heart center for just a moment. Allow these feelings to grow. And now in your mind, I gently bring into focus an image of someone you care about a person you already have existing warm feelings for may feel love toward or may feel a sense of positive connection with. It doesn't have to be a perfect relationship or one without conflict. The idea is to find an image or feeling sense of someone you know whom you already have warm feelings for. So as best you can hold this image or a feeling sense of this person in your heart center and now, from the feelings of loving kindness in the center of your chest, extend warm wishes to this person you care about using these phrases silently. Repeat to yourself. May this person be a tease. May they be content with their life. May they be joyful. May they feel safe and secure again, extending warm wishes of loving kindness to the person you care about. May they be at ease. May they be content with their life. May they be joyful? May they feel safe and secure and again from the source of loving kindness in your heart, extending well wishes to this person you already care for? May this person be at ease. May they be content with their life. May they experience joy, and may they feel safe and secure, and now gradually allow the image or feeling sense of this person you care for to gently dissolve from your mind's eye.