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Snippet of Mafia: 1 – Sam Giancana (Part 1)

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From marrying a famous singer to doing business with the Kennedy brothers and working with the CIA, there's no doubt that Sam Giancana enjoyed his share of powerful connections while serving as the boss of the Italian Mafia's Chicago Outfit. Giancana served as "The Boss" from 1957 to 1966 and was hired by the CIA to carry-out a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro.
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Sam was quick to claim that he was responsible for Kennedy getting elected. And while most dispute this, Giancana believed it. And crucially, he expected payback. So John Que No can legitimately think that he had done his work. And the Democrat We're that close on election that night that he had tipped it and that he could expect some. Some result. Jane Kano wanted Bobby Kennedy off his back. He's even quoted as saying that they'd promised to take care of him, and Bobby would soon be just another goddamned lawyer. He thought he'd gained the power to influence the highest office in the land, and things just seem to keep getting better. In Las Vegas, Giancana had met the beautiful Phyllis McGuire, lead singer of the popular squeaky clean trio, the McGuire Sisters. She was 29. Giancana was 52. Phyllis McGuire was a big star, beautiful, wholesome, America's darling. So what was she doing with the likes of Giancana? I was always titillated by it. I think the public was titillated by the fact that here's this beautiful, uh, innocent looking professional singer, uh, admired, even loved by a nawf lot of people who followed her in her career with her sister's. Suddenly they discover, for heaven's sakes, what's she doing with Sam Giancana? Um, you know, is she not the innocent little lamb we always thought she waas And what are her sisters? Think about that shuffle and shuffle and shuffling down, trembling, scrambling, heading for town, hustling, bustling, buzzing around, happily awake next station. I thought Gioconda was all sort of proud of the relationship with one of the famous McGuire sisters. I think he sort of saw it as a Z A. Is adding to his image as a a za mob figure. I and I don't think he cared a damn about what publicity about the relationship did to Phyllis McGuire. Uh, I I thought Sam Giancana waas a cold in mind, cold and heart cold in spirit and cared not a damn about what anybody thought about him. Um, are what he did. Giancana lavished gifts of furs, cars and jewelry on Phyllis and followed her to performances all over the U. S. He even accompanied her on a two week European tour. But the high profile relationship worried many of Giancana's mob associates with all of his flamboyancy and all of his, I would say bringing heat. That's their term. Every time you look around Sam's you encounters Picture was in the front beige or something, or he was at the poolside with somebody, and, uh, the old timers didn't like that one bit. But Sam was very good at what he does, and Sam also had the backing of the commission. I mean, I'm talking about the five families in New York, Cleveland, New Orleans, the West Coast, Vegas. And remember at that time Chicago was running Vegas. Amazingly, while making headlines and helping Kennedy get elected, Giancana was also meeting with one of the most powerful and secretive of all American government agencies, the CIA. A. At that time, many crime families had lucrative business interests on the poverty stricken island of Cuba. Cuba was a gold mine for the mob. A lot of money made down there in the casinos, Joints on, Yes,