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Snippet of Manifesting Through the Chakras Meditation

Last Played: December 08, 2021
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Listen to an audio guide for manifesting your goals or ideas through chakra meditation. Check out the full meditation episode on the Roming Yogi Guided Meditation station!
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This is a manifestation guided meditation that will guide you in manifesting an idea or goal through the chakras. We'll be moving from crown to route via the manifestation current. Find a comfortable position either seated or lying down, ensuring that whatever your position, your spine is long. Take a moment here to bring to mind a goal or idea that you would like to work on and bring to fruition. It could be something new, something that you have worked on in the past and would like to recommit to, or something that you have wanted toe work on but haven't gotten around. You choose your goal or idea and hold onto it throughout our meditation. If you haven't already gently invite the eyelids to close the mind to settle and the body to relax on, do you find stillness? Bring your awareness to your breath. A Z. Your breath becomes slower and longer begin to observe its course. A zit moves in and out of the body. Mhm, numbering your awareness to the crown of your head to the location of your seventh chakra visa has Harare chakra. It is just beyond this space that your goal or idea has been floating out in the cosmos in the space of universal consciousness. Every now and then, it has brushed past your individual consciousness, making brief contact with you. But it hasn't stuck. It has continued to float out in the cosmos. The individualize a skylight right at the crown of your head. See the skylight open and begin to see a soft, warm, shimmering violet light radiating down from the cosmos into this space, filling you up and connecting you to all that ends. Thats violet light brings with it your goal or idea allowing it tow land within. Take a few moments here, seeing the shimmering violet light drop into you through the crown of your head allowing your goal Tow land more deeply within you. Yeah, yeah. Your idea has landed within you ready to descend into the physical plane into reality. Bring your awareness to the center of your eyebrows to your sixth chakra. The agenda chakra. Begin to see a deep into go glow in this space. This is your third eye which allows you to see with the two physical eyes. Cannot is you bring your idea into this space begin to create mental images of what working on and accomplishing this goal might look like. Thes mental images will be your blueprints. As you manifest this idea into reality with each breath embody the element of light, allowing you to see your goal as a reality more clearly now that you have visualized your goal. Seeing it clearly with your third eye, we will continue our journey of bringing it into reality. Mhm. Bring your awareness to the base of your throat to your fifth chakra of his shooter. See a light blue glow in this space on. Invite your idea to drop into it. This is your seat of healthy communication of speaking your truth and expressing yourself freely. The next step in manifesting your goal is to speak it out loud. So as your goal drops into this space, bring to mind the words you will use to communicate it. Who will you share it with?
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