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Snippet of Meditation for Dealing with A Crisis

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Meditation Station by Stin Hansen
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Listen to this meditation for dealing with a crisis. This meditation is best used for the 4-6 weeks after hearing devastating news to help you feel peace. Allow yourself the space and time to feel the strong emotions you've been experiencing. Check out the full meditation on Meditation Station's Vurbl station.
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This is a meditation to use for the first 4 to 6 weeks after hearing devastating news toe help, you feel peace in the next little bit. I will ask you to give yourself permission to feel it rest for a few minutes. It might feel contrary to what you should be doing or feeling at this time, but this is a healthy way to escape from mental exhaustion on likely one of the most productive things you could be doing with your energy. Aziz. You're able to release and transcend the strong emotions that you've been feeling. You will be in a much better position to take the next best steps in your life. If it's possible in your situation, give yourself time. At least 30 days to settle and clear your mind before making any major life changes in reaction. Difficult situation you've been faced with. Avoid making decisions out of anger, anxiety or fear. Also this side and commit now the hold back from all potentially destructive behaviors. Instead, seek out the best ways to heal and expand yourself spiritually. There is great potential at this time for you. Now close your eyes and get comfortable, give yourself permission to now let go of the outside world for a few moments. Begin this process by taking several slow and deliberate breaths, allowing each breath to repair your body and mind. So let go on to transcend your current mental and physical state. See yourself now in a safe and comfortable setting, mentally leaving everything around you for a while, going to a space of safety and peace. Look up and imagine that you see a bright clear ball coming directly above you. This clear ball has come to take from you all negative emotions that you feel to take hurt. Sadness, anger, regret anything uncomfortable that you have been carrying. So do a mental scan of your body. And to begin to get a sense of where you may have been caring, thes painful emotions within, they might feel like tension and tightness in certain places. Or perhaps you may visualize these negative emotions as dark and cloudy parts within you get a sense of the places within that have been affected. This clear ball above you is here to take away and clear your body of these feelings to leave you in a NY ideal place for healing thoughts. Paul is miraculously able to clear you of your sorrow and pain and is now actually pulling from your chest any and all anxiety and stress that you allow it to take with it. Visualize each chair of your body, letting go and releasing as this ball takes all anxiety and stress that you've been carrying any negative feelings. Breathe deeply to help release and allow any stress intention to unwind, to untangle itself and to let go. Aziz. Tension and negative emotions were released. You're left feeling a deep sense of being lighter on being free of the heaviness that you've been carrying. This is the time to let everything go, continue to release every bit of anger, sorrow, regret, anxiety and stress until they're gone. Do another quick scan, maybe take a few more breaths, letting go of anything that might be remaining and then see that ball now being lifted up into the sky like a hot air balloon. Taking with it all that negative energy on lifting it higher and higher into the sky until it is a small is a little pinprick in the sky, far from you separate from you