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Snippet of Mike, Mike, and Oscar: Oscar Nom '21 Reactions - Read 'Em and.....Rejoice?

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Last Played: April 23, 2021
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Mike and Mike discuss the nominees and the snubs for Best Director, Best Lead Actor, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.
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It's fun and it was a strength on the earth. The international features for sure. Lee Isaac Chung We from Minnery David Fincher from Man Closure from Nomad Land. Emerald Fennell from promising young Woman Where the other four nominees along with Thomas Vinterberg there and best director. So Aaron Sorkin, Regina King. The two biggest snubs in terms of the punditry in terms of the In Terms of the Resumes. Spike Lee Martyrs Eller, King Greengrass, Nolan Reichert, Wolf They were, according to a lot of the punditry, the rest of the snubbed. So this was a little surprising because we didn't get three women. We wanted three women in the category. I don't necessarily I don't think we were gonna get three women after the d. G. A. And that's not to say anything against them, But it's a little sad that, you know, you and I both think women made more good films this year than than the men. And, uh, just just to with closure and Emerald Fennell are you aggravated by that at all? Less so because this category is over such a boys club and this is history. Well, no, it's over. I mean, I mean, Chloe Zhao is winning this category and it's it's, you know, she deserves to win it. And she is going to hold the flag for females all throughout the industry because she may win everything that she's nominated for on the night. And we've talked about in the last episode that's going to be its own sort of history. But she personally know Madeleine has six times. She is personally responsible for four of those. So if she walks away with four Oscars, I mean, that's that's something that one other person ever has done period in film history. Well, I got on the soapbox in the soap you should. I mean, you're absolutely right. I mean, you know, you're absolutely right. We try to spotlight all the time, especially in the director category, how badly equal representation in terms of gender policy is needed. And I mean, nobody does us included. Absolutely not. We don't do it enough. But gender representation and and racial representation and equality in both those fields, specifically in terms of directors, is badly needed. So yes, absolutely were upset by the fact that there weren't three women we thought that could have been It's kind of history. I'm just less so. I mean, because Chloe Zhao is such a runaway in this. I think that is where the focus should be. More so. And that's the big story. Okay, so lead actor Michael, we have Riz Ahmed from Sound of Metal. Chadwick Boseman, Ma Rainey's black bottom, Anthony Hopkins from the Father. He is so good in that. Good God! Gary Oldman from Bank Steven Yeun making history for men. Ari, I should have picked him. I'm upset. I didn't pick him. I had him an old man and, uh, and and Delroy Lindo as that last spot and I went with lindo, but yeah, great. Congratulations for Steven Yeun. Congratulations for Minardi overall. Another category that seems to be and rightfully so sewn up, right? You would hope so With Chadwick Boseman. Like I said, Anthony Hopkins is damn good. Resume had took care of the critics associations in many ways. Gary Oldman. You know, we've said a superlatives about him. I don't think he'll win because he won a couple of years ago, but I thought I was his best performance of his career. And then Steven Yeun is making history. But no, I don't see anybody rival and Chadwick at this moment, they shouldn't. That should be his category for a myriad of reasons. And yeah, I mean, if it's if it's even, if if it's tier one, it should go to him. At this point, maybe that's a controversial statement, because at the end of the day, it's it's a top. It's a top level performance, and we just can't pay tribute to him beyond this point at the Oscars. So I would I would totally understand the academy, given that Oscar to him, even if some people think it's a smidge lower, or even if it's, you know, this is the chance. This is the and I argue with that, anyway. I mean, that's a performance. Chadwick performance in Mount Rainier is the lead acting Oscar worthy performance. I think in any year, totally. Oh, it's better than the last three, right? I mean, look, I fully would rank him higher than the last three. So what am I even talking about again? I just you know, I hear the arguments out there because it's such a loaded categories trying to play doubles. Well, that's the thing and I mean the other nominees are given top level performances and so usually were harsh on these categories. This is not one of those categories. This category is loaded. It's it's as good as any other year, and we're excited about both lead categories. In fact, what we talked about Delroy Lindo we talked about that snub was sad. Tahar Rahim, Sasha Baron Cohen Not really thought of he was going to get. I mean, he did well to globes. Ben Affleck. Matt Mickelson. Nominated for the movie from, uh, from this year, Michael. The way back was, uh, in March. The way back debuted in the fall of 92 I won't be told any different. It plays like one of those movies, too. It's just a It's just a sports movie that I don't get necessarily. It's the Yeah guys. Sydney LeMay was circling in the late seventies. Sydney LeMay was circling the way back. Yeah, he was. I think you know, they've named multiple movies the way back since that that have actually come about since one. Which Mr Sheen, Martin Sheen. Uh, there's a couple since then anyway. Yeah, common title that they played in the way that 1993 Sydney LeMay exactly down. No, this is This is a castle rock picture, I think. What a callback to these inside jokes. Probably were never funny to anybody beyond you and me. Good. And here we are. All right. So lead actor we we kind of boiled this one down to six or seven. This field. Look, I mean, yeah, we we said six or seven, I think. But hindsight is what it is. But if you look at these five, this feels like what the field should be. Yeah. I still think John David Washington should have been here and, like Keith Stanfield got snubbed from this category. Michael, Like Keith Stanfield, Judas and the black. Besides, I can't believe he's not here away. The pundits were telling us. Yeah, we all dumb? Yeah. I mean, we're dumb. Apparently. All of us, anyway, is is w b. Why were they running them both as supporting? They pulled a fast one on most of the punditry. It's not like I don't know, maybe some of the punditry had it right. I didn't, you know, scour the Internet. I didn't see anybody that had like Keith Stanfield as a supporting actor. The people I relied, Yeah, sorry, sorry, because we worship them and we're, you know, listen, if they task us with doing something like Tanya, you know, I don't want to mention I don't finish that sentence. But listen, we are called followers of several Oscar, but it's a lot of people that I saw in a lot of rankings. I did not see. I didn't see anybody that had, like Keith Stanfield supporting. So that's a storyline we'll talk about when we get to the category, I guess. Alright, so lead actor plays out with, You know, Definitely some major performances should be a sewn up race, though, but we'll get into another category that we love Michael, that we actually have no idea who's winning right now. And that's lead actress. We're both 54 and five and predicting this to be fair, a lot of people were, but Viola Davis, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Andrade The United States versus Billie Holiday. Vanessa Kirby, Pieces of a woman Frances McDormand, Nomad Land, Carey Mulligan of promising Young Woman are the five lead actors. Yeah, the reason we were five or five and so many people were is for the reason that we had in our predictions episode, because we don't know who that sixth would have been to challenge for the slot. Amy Adams had the sags, and I had a moment. Michelle Pfeiffer had a couple precursors, but we don't think anybody really saw the French exit, even though we are both incredibly high on her, and we both probably have her in our in our personal top fives. But you know, Sidney Flanagan Never really sometimes always great movie again. Probably little scene. And we saw some people from the academy outwardly expressed vitriol for that movie. Gross. But whatever. Uh, Sophia Loren, you know, she had her support, but if she was going to show up in this category, she probably would have had the BAFTAs or the sags or somewhere that we didn't know where that fifth or that I'm sorry that sixth contender was coming from. So this five kind of by default almost had to be the field, which is a weird way to put it, because these are five great performances. I mean, this is an all timer for best actress Alzheimer and not something we expected in this strange year. But yeah, we've had We've had strange things happening in the last few weeks even going for debut performances from around a blank at the BAFTAs. Uh, we saw a lot of you Reihan as a Marina de de Tavira pick kind of pick Roma. Uh, you know, elementary This year, Kate Winslet never really left People's top 15 from a mini Julia Garner was that should have been a contender Pick there from Mr Feinberg and Meryl Streep. Times two. This year that and that's just some of the names like we Carrie Coon. There's a bunch of huge names that we want to talk about lead actress down the line with that category pot in particular. But these five is the consensus five. And I do think this category kind of vetted itself. That kind of duked it out because none of six through 12 or whatever none of those contenders Mike stacked up any kind of resume or enough momentum to tackle the rest. Because Andrade was the late breaker, but she won at the globe. It was a huge moment, and then everybody watched the movie and they're like okay. Obviously, it's incredible and good for Andrade for not making that type of history and being only the second woman ever to win lead actress drama at the Globes and miss out on Oscar's nominating. She deserves to be here. She totally deserves to be here. That's an incredible performance. I should have said the movie Strong, strong and very in certain points like I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. But yeah, it's a middling grade from a lot of critics of the United States versus Billie Holiday. But yeah, I mean pieces of a woman that was a year favorite for you and I was a big review for us. We did very well in terms of the lessons with that one. Carey Mulligan. Yeah, I don't know who you pick right now. I think these are This is one of the most wide open races and lead actress in a long damn going to be fun to analyze for sure. Alright, Supporting actor. We did not do as well here because we had Chadwick Boseman from 25 Bloods. Kind of still getting in. And you had Franklin Gela. Well, I actually know again. You know, I didn't mean to set you up so terribly, but I did fairly well here. I got four out of five for you. This is another chance. Alright. Sasha Baron Cohen. Michael, Uh, the trial of Chicago seven. Daniel Calleja, Judas and the Black Messiah. Leslie Odom Jr. One Night, Miami Paul, Racy sound of metal Critical favorite getting in and oh, my God, like Keith Stanfield, Judas and the Black Messiah. Getting two nominations and supporting actor. So I should get credit for the Keith ending up nominated because I didn't predict him because I thought he was in the lead category. But when I first saw part of the reason I love Judas and the Black Messiah is because of the Keith Stanfield act. I mean, that guy delivers more lines of dialogue with his eyes than most actors do in there. I'm thrilled for him that he's nominal. What a proper nomination. My only fear, obviously, is that it's in the same category as his co star Daniel Calleja, who has been cleaning up in this category. I mean, is that obviously you think of cannibalization of the vote? Are they going to split votes there. I hope not. I still think you should win this category, but I'm thrilled. Like Keith Stanfield got nominated, just as I'm sure you are. For as Paul Racy, who, along with Alan Kim, I truly think, was one of the whitest, hottest names in terms of possible nominations going into the day. Well, I think a lot of pundits thought that someone different was going to get nominated because the field kind of vetoed precursor nominees like Jared Leto like Bill Murray. Unfortunately, I don't think that was on top of the screener pile on the rocks. I think Chadwick Boseman got vetoed for obviously very different reasons in the sense that all right, he's winning lead actor. We don't need to double nominate him there because it's a very small performance into five Bloods, even though it's a very good one, especially against the competition of this year. But yeah, Paul racy to me stood out and I figured people were gonna watch sound of mineral, that screener pile. So, yeah, I mean, you know, I got four out of five and I'm doing like the dance in the end zone here, and there's a penalty flag on the field that I didn't get embarrassing myself. But I do. You know, you're right, like Keith Stanfield, someone you touted and, uh, Paul racy with someone I touted. So we got what we wanted in this category in terms of the end of the nomination. Five. And we still have one of our favorite actors since the history of MMO with Get out, Daniel Hallelujah, most likely winning it. And even if he didn't win it, Mike, we love the two guys that just got in Sasha Baron Cohen is probably our least favorite in the category, but he's also a favorite actor and Leslie Odom Jr. Who doesn't love Leslie Odom Jr in one night Miami. This turned out to be one of the most fun categories going, Yeah, even if Sasha Baron. I mean, I know I'm not crazy about the movie, and it's got it's problems. But if Sasha Baron Cohen is an Oscar winner, I'm not going to be upset about that. I'm just not, uh,
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