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Snippet of Mike Tyson: Bite the Mic with Peter Rosenberg: Flavor Flav Grew Up In A Gang Area

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Last Played: March 30, 2021
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In NYC, you couldn’t go to certain places by yourself, depending on who you represented. Flav found himself in the middle of this gang-ridden area, but still found the time and space to spin as a DJ.
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because the game. But see, you know we can you know, we grew up in the gang area. You know what I'm saying? No. The black spades and seven crowns. You know what I'm saying? The disciples. You know what I'm saying? The destroyers. Royal Pythons. You know what I'm saying? That Long Island to Foot. Yeah. Long Island and the Bronx as well. You know what I'm saying in the whole shit. You know, I remember, man. There was times, man when we used to go out to the Bronx, man. You know what I'm saying? The fight with the black spades, we all get off the train train. Let me warrior style. Yeah, yeah, yeah, because I was not only that, we're doing We're doing some robberies on the train where we're going up there. I might as well two for one. Everything done, Robert On the train, Robert. Everything in the coming man, robbing everything. Remember grabbing, going all the way. All the way out to the branzino. He went that train, man, get on the four train in the to train in the three train trips to the Bronx to fight the black spades and then And then, after we unloaded everything head back out towards Coney Island. Shit like that in those days in the eighties was, um people always describe it to me as if, like going to a different borough. Where you weren't from was some shit. You have to be ready to go if you're going to the Bronx. You were almost like we'll give you a family will fight you, but we're going to be strapped. This in case something crazy going, we'll give you a fair one. And it depends on on on on who you was or who you was representing. You know what I'm saying? Because you couldn't Can't represent a certain crew and goal in certain places. Absolutely not by yourself. Absolutely like that. How rough was Freeport? Uh, part was it was rough, but, uh, but I suppose that you know what I'm saying? That's back in the days when, you know, shooting dope was the error and shit. You know what I'm saying? Way back in the days, disco. I mean, you know, because I remember, first of all, when, um DJ and first came about and shit. You know what I'm saying? And we used to do parties. There was no such thing called a fucking mixer. We used to jam with the radio and a record player. The radio will be playing something dope. And then after after the record be going off on the radio, do we start turning up the record player and shit? You know what? I'm saying? It And that's how we used to. You know, DJ, back in the days, the next thing you know, K mixes and all of that shit later. Shit. Then that's when you know, because that's when stereo first came out. Flash. Yeah, I'm just taking your way back because really, because really flashes really, Who invented the fader? So pre flash? I mean, you have different mixtures that you could do levers, but people weren't cross fading before hurt, really? With the first one, you know, rapping in detail. That's that's that's all. Caribbean s from Jamaica, absolution, Jamaica and stuff. And you never know that wrapping came from Jamaica. And I was one of the first DJs out there, man, you know what I'm saying on Long Island? And that's when the shooting dope was the error. Because my my pops and his friends and all of them used to, you know, run the town about 70. Yeah, not the sixties. And that's what the shooting dope and all of that stuff going into the seventies, like 72. 73 all of that stuff. You know what I'm saying? The disco first came in. Remember Donna Summer's Do I? 10%? No. You know, I love the message. The message is the message. And you know what you were spending back then. Flavor as a kid. Yeah, I was spending back then. What would you do with them? Right. You're beautiful. While I saw you in the picture a long time, you guys look younger. Yeah. Yeah, man. I mean, you know, out, wind dance, Long Island. It was all right, You know what I'm saying? But we had You really just had our gang days and shit. You know what, Yo? And there was times, you know, we used to like, like, like, like like, walk through North Freeport, you know, residential, neighborhood, you know, houses and shit. You know what I'm saying? So it be like about 15 of us, man, somebody will pick up a break talk through somebody's window. When the next thing you know, everybody started running down the street and shit. You know what I'm saying? Oh, man, That was your nose was the day.
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