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Snippet of Millennial Thoughts: How to travel on a budget: cheap accommodations and transportation tips

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Last Played: November 01, 2021
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In this snippet from Millennial Thoughts, we talk about hostels, a great and cheap alternative to staying in hotels. Along with being a great cheap alternative, hostels can be great when you're travelling.
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hostels are like a really big thing. Now, they I feel like they've always been a big thing, but they're getting bigger now. Yeah, I feel like in the black community, you hear hostile. What do you think you think of getting your body chopped off? That you getting slaughtered somewhere? And people don't even know what a hostile is. So I just wanted, like, let them know, Like, listen. Ah, hostel is kind of like a dorm room in college. Oh, are you know, just the dorm. Everybody has its bunk beds. You share rooms with other travelers, so it's perfect. If your friends don't want to travel, leave them where they're at, you'll make new friends. You'll make American friends and friends from all over the world. So if you fear not having somebody with you goto a hostel. It's not that I can't afford to go to a hotel. It's that I don't want to be alone. I wanna meet people and I wanna have instructions. Then wanna have people to go with me toe? You know, the monuments the next day or something. Oh, yeah, that's cool. I never really thought about it like that. I stay in the hospital. But it was definitely in America, whatever. When I did like a service back forever, and I never really thought about them. But when you I guess when you're solo traveling people do stay, stay in hostel. Because when you do go to your hotels like you go back to your room, you don't really know anybody. You really can't figure out who are solar child that they don't work. But going to hospitals like you are all there. You are there kind of for a common go to, like see the country. I see the city See whatever is going on the sites and stuff like that and you can always, like, try to find at least one buddy there, you know? Yeah, and do it on the budget. And the thing is, um, if you go to a hotel and you're alone, you might not enjoy the trip. Posse's much. I hear a lot of people say, Hey, I went and I didn't love it. And I feel like who you're within. The interactions you have really does make your trip. So not saying that you don't enjoy your own company, but meeting other people really can uplift you and teach you things about yourself that you didn't even know, You know, like for example, I just came from India and I was skeptical about trying a lot of foods, but meeting people in the hospitals who knew what to eat made it easier for me to try new things because I went out with them and they're like, Oh, eat this. Try this. You don't have to buy it. You know, you could try some of mind. And if you like it, you know what to get next time. Yeah, that's true. So the main thing I think that people are worried about could be like safety and belongings and things like that. So what are your tips on, like trying to, I guess. Like even book a hospital like is their options toe have, like, your own room? Do you always have to say the bunk beds like, how do you have a lot? Like what? So you can start by either going to hostile world dot com first, or you can look on Expedia or one of those sites and start from low to high. Start your search from low to high and usually those air the hostels in the city. The hostiles in the guest house is so if you are staying at hostels, they're different kinds. If you are like a yoga meditation kind of person, they have, like those type of hostels. If you're a party or like me, I go to the party hospitals. But I don't party. That's fun thing. But I go to the party hostels just to be around sociable people. Um, if you are like, you know, just really on a budget and you're really bumming it out, they really have those type of hostels to. So you know that all your needs could be accommodated. And it comes with free breakfast, most of the times and free group activities like a free morning walking tour or, um, sunset walking tour something along those lines. Hmm. Let's see what you're saying. So, yeah, so it's basically accommodating toe like, Yeah, and you can book a private room because you did ask me that you can book a private room at the hospital. You don't have to share your room, and you they have lockers and your things can be safe in the hospital.
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