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Snippet of Money Tree Investing: Investing at a Young Age With Caleb Gulliams

Last Played: February 01, 2021
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You are only young once. Yet your investing decisions early on are extremely important to get right if you want to retire wealthy. We discuss sacrificing today vs tomorrow. why compounding is important to growing wealth and more.
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and all of the perspective, because I know when I started out, you never know how deep the rabbit hole goes. When you start out, you think you know everything, and then as you get older, you realize you really don't know anything. And then as you continue to get older, you realize how much you don't know that you don't know. And as we're kind of talking about this, one of the things that we're trying to do on this show is to help educate our listeners. Caleb, you story is great and that you're kind of you're kind of showing us what it's like to learn at a young age, and I think a lot of people for go, that they don't look at learning as a priority at a young age when I mean that's really where where the foundation starts. So how would you suggest to our listeners that they go about learning about investing and money and getting better at that? From your perspective, going back to be getting clarity and what you actually want? Here's a couple questions that I would ask people number one if money wasn't an issue at all. What would you be doing another way to ask that question is, if you had $10 million in the bank today, what would you be doing? How do you define financial success? Who do you rely on for financial advice? Thes questions are really big, because what I find is a lot of people are not self aware. And so, yeah, we can talk about different strategies, but they first need to look inward, and they need to look at the biases that they may have. They need to look at the people that they're learning from. They actually got to get clear on what they actually want, then what I would recommend. Second is our principle number two at better wealth, which is understanding efficiency. I think there's more money to be made in understanding how we can optimize what we're currently doing versus looking for the winners or definitely looking at a strategy. And so what do I mean by that? When we look at efficiency, I'm trying to maximize three areas. Area number one is cash flow. Cash flow is money coming on and when you have money coming in, there's really two places that cash flow could go, it could go consumed, could get eaten up by taxes. It could get eaten up by spending. It could be eaten up by a lot of different things or it could be saved. And so one of the first things that we do is we ask the question, How could we increase your cash flow? Where are areas that we can increase? And when you're when I'm talking to people my age, there's a lot of wasted money that we fall into that we won't buy into, and I don't know if this happens to you, but if you look at all the things that I subscribed to him like man, that stuff adds up. There's a beauty in being able to track your money, and I know there's a lot of different philosophies, and I know there's budgeting could be rough. Some people don't like it, but what I encourage people to do is just be mindful and see where what money is coming in. What money is being gone, what money is being saved for the future? One of the common principles that we have within this is every time you lose a dollar, you don't just lose that dollar, but you lose that the dollar confirmed you the rest of your life. That's gonna be a common theme in this whole kind of conversation that we have. And so the first thing is, how can we increase cash flow under efficiency? The second thing under efficiency is how can we optimize your assets? Assets could be your house. Your retirement plans were regardless of what you have, you have to ask the question. Do these are these showing up in a way that are gonna help me live the life that I wanna live? Sometimes it is sometimes like, Oh, no, this investment is what this person wants me to have, but it's actually not performing in the way It's not helping me get the results that I want and the third area and I don't know if you see a lot of this, but a lot of people are drowning in debt, and it's just figuring out a good strategy to not necessarily become debt free, because that's not necessarily the goal that everyone wants. But it's to be financially free, and sometimes we got to get a strategy to pay off that debt and so in summary, it's important to know what's important to you. Then it's important to be efficient, and then I believe in the principle of consistency. And so that's That's the third principle. Better wealth is consistency, and consistency is all about doing something over time and just making it happen. And that's where I got the richest man in Babylon. 1/10 of what I make is mine to keep. While I believe people need to be saving more than 10% That's a good place to start. And it's just in the area of like we have to understand that we need to be consistent. We have to have a long term vision, but we also have to have a short term vision and so consistency. I usually write C squared and the C squared Stanford com pounding, but some people call the eighth one of the world. It's just this idea of your money growing over time, and if you create this hockey stick growth and it's amazing and in the future is going to show it powerfully in your life. But then also control, and I think a lot of people are sacrificing control in their life. So what we want people to understand is like, What does it look like to control capital? To invest in yourself, invest in the things that you have expertise in. A lot of good things from this podcast like you learning. If you have control of your money, what would be different in your life? And so consistency is all about maximizing the long term and short term effect of our dollar. And then finally, it's use number four, and this is where I would answer your question. Where should you invest your money? If you have clarity, you're being efficient. If you're being consistent, then look at the areas. We I call this the asset based activity. Instead of saying Robert Kiyosaki just by real estate, I would look at the area that will drive the best bottom line. So for some people, it might be option trading. For some people, it might be just putting their money in the market. For some people, it might be a business for some people could be real estate. It's being really self aware and what that is. And then the cool thing is, our clients do a bunch of stuff and I'm an example of that. I do a bunch of things with my money, but each thing that I do with my money, I try. I try to make sure that that activity is giving me the kind of result, short term and long term that I'm seeking. And so I know that there's a big overview. But that's kind of how I think about money and how I would walk someone through this whole investing game is to really have the foundation before we get super niche and one strategy.
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