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Snippet of Moonshots - Learning From Innovators: Lady Gaga, Part 3

From Audio: Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga's Best Interviews on Podcasts Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, shares the story of her life in this series of snippets. Discover how Stephanie created Lady Gaga as an antidote to her insecurities and doubts, and how Gaga carried her on a meteoric rise to fame and superstardom. Learn about the traumatic encounter with a music producer that left Gaga in permanent chronic pain, which has transformed Gaga's mission in life from shocking the world to bringing joy to it. Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
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A quick clip of Lady Gaga describing her creative process, and the Warhol-ian idea factory that makes it all happen: The House of Gaga. According to gaga, it was always her dream to work in an environment surrounded by her friends who create with and for each other and the fans, and The House of Gaga is that dream come true.
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So we're going to listen to a clip now that the Guard guards creative process and it is really wonderful. This is Lady Gaga talking about her creative process, just like her fans, who know that her live performances are always tremendous shows the costumes, the choreography, the direction everything is created by Gaga in order to offer breathtaking visuals. Gaga's performance is our unique. She imagines these visuals with a very special team to express her artistic universe. The star had the idea of being surrounded by a team of creators who constantly work for her. The House of Gaga. Their mission is to propose ideas, concepts, visuals, which gaga can then select and incarnate. You look at everything about the clothes for your video, everything. So you are a group a little like the factory. It is my Warholian factory. That was always my dream. My dream was to always have all my friends around me and be able to create for each other with each other and really imp empower their creativity and they empower mind