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Snippet of Most Excellent 80s Movies Podcast: 16 Candles (1984)

From Audio: 16 Candles (1984)
Last Played: February 09, 2021
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Despite becoming a cult classic and spearheading the genre of teen coming of age movies, 16 Candles is not without its shortcomings. In this episode, Nathan Blackwell, Krissy Lenz, and special guest Professor Shaina Hammerman discuss how John Hughes' first film fits into the context of today's #MeToo movement.
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are plenty of people for whom this is not only their favorite, John, whose movie or their favorite Molly Ringwald movie, but it's their favorite movie on. There are a lot of people who are diehard 16 candles fans and just like you know, our super into it and there's a lot that's funny. There's a lot that's cute. There's a lot that's charming, but there's a lot that's really messed up about this movie too hard. With its rated P G. It's Ring did the same thing as like Frozen, I think, yes, yeah, and it's got oh, frontal nudity and at least one if not two F bombs within the 1st 10 minutes. I totally had for gotten about that and I was really shocked. It is possible that I watched this on like TNT earlier. Yeah, and so I missed the There's more late night parts. Yeah, well, I I think that I must have also seen it on TV or had, like a recording of it from TV, where you don't see her completely naked in the shower. You just like taking a shower and understand that the girls are are ogling her in the shower um, but so, like, yeah, so when you see, like, her entire rack was just like what? What really took me a step back. And even at the moment, she's like, they fucking forgot my birthday. I'm like, Oh, really? We're doing this? Well, yeah, we were just talking about So this this predates the PG 13 rating, you know? And so they had I mean, like, Temple of Doom. We've talked about this. Came out the same year. It's the one that inspired the PG 13 rating. Um, last boobs. Yeah, and and But it was this weird thing that keeps popping up in the eighties is Well, it's not rated R. So therefore, it must be PG. And so you you get Yeah, and so for a movie. Yeah, but apparently, but But this was this was definitely aimed four teenagers. And so you have that difficult question of is, you know, where does it where does it land on that scale? And so by because of that, a lot of PG movies during this era are a lot harder than what we would ever see in a PG movie, you know, 10 years later. So I I remembered after I watched this that at the height of the Me too stuff right after Harvey Weinstein in 2018, Molly Ringwald actually wrote an article in The New Yorker about watching the Breakfast Club with her 10 year old daughter. Yep, and she right away. She, like, Look, 10 is way too young. But my daughter insisted that a lot of her friends had seen it already. And and, you know, my adult friends were saying that kids will just kind of let the stuff they don't understand. Usually the sexual stuff, like, sort of wash over them and they won't remember it. Which seems true for me when I revisit movies from my childhood, I'm like, Oh, damn, that's a sexy movement. Yeah. Um, and she was talking about all of the is focusing on this. Me too. Thing. All of the ways in which this movie is about sexual assault and 16 can really pushes it. Yes, he's gonna violate, or I could violate her 17 ways. Whatever it is that Jake says about his drunk girlfriend No, that's actually against the loss or yes. Yeah. And you know, I understand that teenagers are both horny and horrible. But there is so much rape culture in this movie in, and it is treated the way that is. It's funny. It's funny that the hero, this perfect blank man, is like, ah, hero and desirable because he chooses not to date rape his drunk girlfriend and instead gives him gives the girl, too. Someone else, like hands her off to someone else and like after tricking her and just thinking like when they do that weird thing where he's like, Who's that? That's me. Who are you? I'm him. Like so she thinks that she's safe and then he's like, Have fun, right? It's not.
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