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Snippet of Motorcycle Men: Interview with Chris from Scorpion Helmets

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Motorcycle Men
Last Played: February 09, 2021
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Helmets stay on so you don't have to! No one likes to think about accidents and laws certainly vary, but when it comes to the most fundamental piece of motorcycle safety equipment, a helmet is #1. In this snippet, listen as Christopher Martinez from Scorpion Helmets talks about design. Although this episode focuses on the Scorpion brand, Chris offers a glimpse behind the scenes to see what manufacturers are thinking and what's trending in the world of noggin protection!
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Yeah, Asparagus. Um, some of the designs of the helmets, like the physical designs for, like, vents. And how does that how much does that play towards? You know, the writer comfort, you know, for air vents and padding, etcetera, etcetera. Things like that. You mean you mean, like how? How so? Maybe we'll the physical design. Every helmet that you guys have is all shaped differently. They have. They have the vents sticking out here or something sticking out there. Is that all to help with Ryder Comfort? Like with mostly preventing. Yeah. Um, so always there always. There's the purpose for all of them. Some of the some of the smaller events I could see on chance they might be. And And don't hold out like I lost you there. Oh, can you hear me? Okay, I got you back. Now. Go ahead. Yeah. Sorry about that. Um, so some of events, like just for example, one of the helmet that I'm using right now. It's got to position on the front. The first one. Kind of a little bit of a defroster kind of thing. The second one, when you kick it down, it really flows the air. Um, we try to make them all open and close herbal when we can s Oh, yeah, it does play a factor, I think more than just the outside Vance, I think with a lot of people overlook is the interior that the E. P s foam There's channels cut in there. And that helps, you know, keep the air flowing and exhausted, Can you Can you actually feel the air moving through the helmet? Well, the helmet I'm writing and right now it's not released Jets coming out on spring. I'm doing more secrets away, but absolutely, really, because that's that's one of the major complaints that I know. Well, I have. And my brother Chris, when he was a full is you could open events. They could be three inches wide. You're not gonna feel a thing going through the helmet. Well, we need to get you get you guys in some scorpion helmets, which you know what? It's funny. It could be 10 degrees out, my brother Christian going. I am not putting a full face. I'm gonna wear this little half, but But in his defense, there's some. There's some areas I'll tell you. E talked A lot of consumers, just some areas, like guys like and let's say, Arizona or something. Just like me. Degrees E There's not much that's gonna keep that cool. E There's just It's just the way it is. And sometimes guys, while this thing doesn't vent while it's like, Yeah, but there's not really anything that's gonna vent. Well, where you're at, you're just a You know, right now, you're you're in California, and it gets pretty hot there. Do you? At any point do you say You know what? I'm not wearing a helmet. Everything? Yeah. Never. Never, always were e I've seen I've seen I've seen too much and, you know, I get it. I just Never Now, as far as goes, I'm gonna I'm gonna dump into your your C 90 helmet and like, your seat. 1 10 you get. Do those things. Move. Did you guys get a lot of people going for those? Yeah. So we actually do. You sell quite a bit. Um, the one thing still playing with half helmet. So this is where I respect and this is where I like representing Scorpion because we get people asking us all the time on the half home outside, we didn't make a lower profile. Half the reality is what to tell your listeners. We don't make one of those low profile half comets. You know that we make how much that are gonna provide pro protect if you look at, like, our C 1 10 e the E p s foam even goes back down. Yeah, higher on the head. But, you know, we're making safety gear, and if we're gonna make a half on what we're gonna make it, tape is we can, you know? So, yeah, does that kill us a little bit on sales? Is there some other guys that are selling a lot more? Probably. But you know, it can look each other in the mirror every night and know that we're just We're making safety here. I'm happy that the factory does not compromise on stuff like that. Well, I'll tell you what. It's It's a lot better than a tough aware that my brother would wear every now and then. So, you know, I get it. The C, the C 90. The C 90 is a little bit more lower profile. A little bit different. Look than that. C 1 10 on gets crazy because people think, like on that 1 10. We actually events on it. A lot of people think. Yeah, a lot of people think vents are not necessary, E. Yeah, but you know that.
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