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Snippet of Motorcycles & Misfits: Landspeed Record Holder Stacie B. London

Last Played: February 09, 2021
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Landspeed Record Holder Stacie B. London sits down to discuss the many aspects of her trade: the mechanics, logistics, and her thrilling rides. Her bike of choice is a 1967 Harley Davidson 250. Stacie discusses putting aside her fear and her dedication to the sport and "racing family."

Liza Miller, the founder, and host of this critically acclaimed podcast opened her garage in Santa Cruz, CA to create a DIY motorcycle repair cooperative called the Re-Cycle Garage. Her mission was to get old motorcycles back on the road and to teach people how to work on them. Local riders and friends came together to support and educate new riders and to bring new friends into the fold. This podcast comes from that community.
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Yeah, they keep track of me, and I keep track of them. Okay? Yeah. So I wanted to go back to the bike. So now you're doing these modifications? I'm guessing that there isn't some sort of playbook. I do this, Do this. No, not at all. And this is where some of the skill starts to come in. What percentage of setting a speed record is in the mechanics of the bike? And what percentage is the writing of the bike? I would say it's about 90% mechanics, right? And this is other people would say, Yeah, but you're holding on while the bike is like going all over the place. But maybe it's more like 75. 25 because there is a lot e mean as a writer that's gone through a lot of extreme circumstances. You start to take it for granted that you're just handling it, um, and, um, dealing with the high stress situation and, um, different things that are just coming at you on the racetrack. That, um okay. You know, you just you just do it because it is a my a mile long speed. Waddell. I don't It's still, um stock suspension. So my bars are flying all over the place and I'm down in a tuck and keeping my you know, right hand at full throttle and listening to the engine in, you know, trying to get everything out of each gear. Yeah, there is some writing, and there is some experience that is required that you that you gain just by doing it. I think e don't know where you would learn how to do that. I think you need to shut off your self preservation switch. Yes, but the point being, I think that records were set in the shop and this is something that's really cool. And this is what way love is is that kind of stuff Because you have to try many different things and tested. Yeah, I mean, and you can actually only try one thing at a time, which is why records usually take a long time. Because you need to know what that change with the outcome of that change. Waas. So you can in order to do that, you know, there's that big lesson on Lee. One change of the time at the jetting wasn't working. You can Onley change the jetting and then go for a pass. Now how? That takes a lot of pieces. You know what it sounds like? It sounds if you live in a neck of the woods where there's an old abandoned airport closed, it'd be perfect because you could just make a change in general. But it it's a slow, slow process. Yes, I don't. You want it you to sell yourself short, though in the skill level, because, as you say, it is a mile long speed wobble. Um, I think it's a good a time as a Xeni to talk about one of the awards you want. I'm gonna pick it up, put it on my knee on what we have here is the water. It's on a very nice mild life. Looks like something you'd find in our garage. It is very fitting. It's about six inches tall and about five inches wide active and make a perfect match set. It's gold plated. It is on. It is shaved, shaved a pair of testicles in a in a scrotum on the gold plated on. It is 2018. Bonneville will winner for the biggest set. Yeah, I'm really proud of that award because it was given to me by the S e t a. Motorcycle inspectors. Eso This was based on just your dogged determination or being an impound every day of speed week last year. And, um, just my diligence and coming away with two records during speed with and then this year they didn't give one. Let's found out. Let's clarify, because usually impound is something. When you've done something bad, you get sent to impound. Can you explain what impounded? So, impound is where you wanna end up when you're at speed week. Um, so you're in line, you go for your first pass. You you go faster than what the record is and you go to impound toe, have your bike checked the record checked and to see if you qualify, um, for a record, so that you can make your record run and back it up the next day. So you go to impound and impound is the place where, um, you get your bike stays right or you're there's a car area and there's a motorcycle area, and, um, you're not allowed to go to the pits. You have to go straight to impound where your bike is monitored and inspected and you have four hours. Um, after they, they have to measure your bike, test the gas, which means taking your engine apart so that they can check the You know, there's a few things that they check check through, and then you're timed that you have four hours. Um, without making changes, you can't. You're not allowed to make changes to the bike, but you're allowed to do maintenance to the bike. And then it's, um then you have to walk away and your bike gets covered up and it stays an impound, Um, where it's sort of monitored that you're not doing anything, um, to give the bike more power than it has.
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