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Snippet of Motorcycles & Misfits: To Loan or Not to Loan

Last Played: February 09, 2021
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Motorcycles: they can garner a lot of loyalty. So when someone asks to borrow your bike, it can feel more like putting your beloved in someone else's hands. So is there a "code" when it comes to lending out/borrowing a motorcycle? Listen as the panel chimes in with different opinions and considerations. There's also plenty of personal stories in this podcast, so you can form your own opinion when it comes to lending out your own prized two-wheeler.
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is loner. Beware s So what exactly is the code? So here I'll jump in on what code is the code is different for every person. Like someone. Yeah. Also like the person loading the bike. Douglas, talk. I borrowed his t tr 1 25 a while back when I was taking the kids dirt biking or whatever. And we went that Well, remember Liza that was nut shot junction? No, that was the when Sheamus went nuts. Shot Junction Hollister. Hey was down and out and I'm all dude, he's not He's, like, paralyzed. I'm like your e got it right in the nuts anyway. But I brought it back and I said, Hey, Doug, just so you know, he took a pretty, pretty good header on this thing. Check it out and don't notice that the shifter was was a little bent. And he's like, Hey, shift a little bit. I'm like, That's cool. So next weekend, I ordered one came back Brown. I know. If we put it on, we stuck it. It No, it's still sitting in the bottom of my gear bag, but that I told you you didn't need to replace it. But that someone was nice enough. Thio, replace it out of, you know, just because he's a nice guy and now I've got a spare. So when I break it, so we're in the bottom of your bag. But that's kind of like right that Z e was breaking and replace it or fix it, you know, Z m I you have a long history. Have you ever borrowed somebody's bike and damaged it? No, I'm thrilled to say I haven't and I'm kind of I'm the worst example off somebody who I would never learn one of my bike sound because the, you know yourself the kind of bikes I build. I mean, it takes me 18 months to build a bike on. There's so much of me in it. The thought of it being damaged by somebody else means a lot of stuff. I bolt on my bike, so just it's one off stuff and I could never duplicate it. I can't wait to write your gold Wing E will shut the garden hose on a spray bottles, but, um, you know, like today clay showed up in that beautiful a prayer. I'm like clay got ever go on your ABRIR and he says, Yeah, sure. And I, you know, I took it out and I gave it the beans. Oh, my God. Great. Jesus Christ. Um, so I've always been very lucky, but you know, there is an unwritten code. Is, is let's say I was writing Clay's Apria on The worst thing happened and I dropped in. There would be no question I'd pay for the damage, but even in that gray area, so these spikes got 28,000 miles on it. Really? Yeah, that's great. Well, yeah, I think it's 28. It's 20 something, but that Za Falco? Yeah, yeah, it's Falco. Um, you know, that's quite a long way for a thoroughbred sport bike. Eso if I'd have taken it out, giving it the beans and something would have broken. Even with that high mileage on, it's like, Look, it broken my care. You make the offer to repair it. You know, there's no question of that, you know, um, and it's Italian bike, too. So, like, fucking, you know, it's It's like you get on an Italian bike. It's a venture time, e exactly be prepared for the consequences of that. But at the same time, be prepared when you learn your bike out for the guy, for the person to come back and be a big dick and be like I don't have any money, right? So, loan or be aware, that's what I've learned. It's like last time someone asked me and I was half in jest because some of the people you like, you let it ride. But other people like I don't know, Do you have 2500 bucks in your checking account? But seriously, I need this is like my daily commute. I need this shit. You got a story? I don't have a story, but I have a of applicable e. Do you have a rule that you don't tell? I I Okay, so I have two things. Um, very early on. Um, my mama taught me you don't ever loan out anything that you want back like that. You can't. Yeah. And that was something that I learned because I loaned out my Winnie the Pooh Cup and it got broken, and I had a meltdown s O. That was like, You're like, 22 e a mental value, dammit. But I have a rule that is actually not very common in the motorcycle community. Um, I don't write other people's bikes to the point where I actually don't ride a bike before I buy it, either because I e. I can't do it. I can't bring myself to do it. I was raised where you don't touch other people's shit. If you touch other people's shit, you get in trouble for it, and especially if you can't pay for it. I can't drop five grand to pay for somebody's bike, So why would I risk writing it when I know I can't pay for it? So I don't write other people's bikes and it drives it drives dug up the fucking wall. That's fine. As long as you're not looking at buying a bike, you were gonna ride. Yeah, so all the time it took, it'll take a lot of coaxing to get me to ride somebody's bike, and I write it like I'm tiptoeing it on. I won't do anything, and I'll just kind of like be uncomfortable the entire time, and I found that that's really uncommon in the motorcycle community. Everybody is like, Oh, can I ride your bike? Can I ride your bike and I'm like, Can I just stay on mine like I I know mine. I know like I'm okay with it and like, it's not that I don't wanna experience other bikes, which I definitely do. And it's not that I don't have that general reaction of like, Oh, I want to touch it and play with it and go write it. But I also if I ever wrecked somebody else's bike or dropped it or anything, I know that I would be handing cash over. I wouldn't have the question of Do you want me to pay for this? It would just be me paying for it because I would feel so fucking bad. And I also know that if I loaned my bike out and somebody didn't do that for me, I'd be like, You're done, I'm over you. The thing that surprises May is a T East. When I do write, I not afraid to ride or drive anything, but I am definitely very aware when I'm on someone else's bike and I do it with respect and I'm careful. I'm always shocked that there are people who will well, right
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