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Snippet of MrCreepyPasta's Storytime: Mickey's Best Friend

From Audio: Mickey's Best Friend
Last Played: March 24, 2021
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This disturbing twist on a beloved Disney character will leave you questioning just how likable Mickey Mouse really is. When Mickey receives help from a friendly character named Eustace, he skips work to show his new friend around the town. But when Eustace decides that he wants to leave town, Mickey makes a shocking decision.
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Mickey's Best Friend is a controversial 10 minute cartoon that was shown in theaters on November 15th, 1929. It was later banned and isn't allowed to be shown again due to its history of kids requiring constant attention After viewing its content, the cartoon was animated by You Be Works with music composed by Carl Stalling. It isn't even available to anyone who wants to complete their collection of classic Mickey cartoons. It was originally intended to be, ah, Halloween related short, which revolved around Mickey and Houston's and anthropomorphic dog character. Walt at the time thought kids were getting dumbed down by their shorts and that they were mature enough to handle what he wanted to show them. Mickey is driving to his workplace in his car. Along the way. It breaks down due to an engine problem, and he gets out to check it. When Mickey finds out it's beyond repair. He goes into a depression until Houston arrives and helps out. By fixing the problem, Mickey is relieved and introduces himself after getting uses. His name Mickey invites him to go with him somewhere used his ask Micky if he's supposed to be somewhere but Mickey lies to him and decides to skip work, the to arrive in a cafe where the owner spots Mickey and gives him a stern look. He walks up and rudely asked Mickey what he wants. After ordering the sheriff, Pete enters and confronts Mickey, demanding that he pays off his late rent. Mickey, on the verge of a breakdown, is pitied by Eustis, who decides to pay off Mickey's entire debt. Sheriff laughs and warrants used is telling him that Mickey will only cause him trouble before leaving the scene. Mickey relieved that he's off the hook, hugs Eustis, enjoy Mickey, leaves the cafe with Eustis and begins to introduce his new friend to the local residents through a bunch of different scenes. They don't care when they walk off the last resident they speak. Thio begins to chuckle for a bit and warns Eustis that he should be careful about that. Mouse use just tries to get an explanation on why this person holds a grudge, but the resident is nowhere to be seen. After his warning, Houston's asked Mickey why he's smiling after reception he got, and Mickey admits to Houston's that he hasn't had friends before. and that Eustis is his first pal, used his feels bad and seems to be hiding something with a guilty expression. Mickey and Houston, in a bunch of quick scenes stopped by a theater, play a game on go on top of Mountain, viewing the scenery. Afterward, Mickey shows Eustis his home in hopes that he'll live with him. It's here what? Houston starts feeling bad for the mouse, but finally admits that he has to leave. Nikki is in shock and assumes that it's a betrayal like all of the other relationships he's had. You just tells Mickey that he isn't pleased by the town and especially the residents that is going to search elsewhere. He apologizes to Mickey and gives a few encouraging words before finally heading out the door. Mickey Russia's and grabs used just by the leg and pleads to stay. If you still shakes his head, Mickey decides that he can't lose his only friend, and he knocked him out with a rocket. He's not on the ground. The next scene shows Mickey walking down the stairs to his basement. He turns on the lights where Houston is tied into an operating table. Use this is still unconscious. Nikki begins to sob and act apologetic. He talks to Houston's through his state, telling him that it has to be this way. He constantly shouts out that he can't be alone anymore. And finally, he grabs a knife from under the operating table and begins toe work on him from off screen. After Eustis finally awakened, it's revealed that he's no longer anthropomorphic but is, in fact, a real dog. He begins to freak out and can only make barks during the freak out switches. The first person mode, and we see Mickey entering the room, used to snow longer seems scared the moment that he sets eyes on Mickey through the mouse, he feels like he needs Mickey and finally pounces and licks him. Mickey tells Eustis that nobody will ever know about this and how it will be their eternal secret. He tells Eustis that he will be known as Pluto's until they part the scene switches to make his home zooms out. The sheriff's laughter is heard along with the residents who would warn Eustis about Mickey in the first place.
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