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Snippet of My Anime Podcast: Review of Fall 2020

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Jujutsu Kaisen wins Crunchy Roll Anime Awards, reflecting Shonen Jump renaissance. Noblesse is a mediocre adaptation of a webcomic. Yashahime has a dissatisfying plot. Several months back, the co-hosts predicted the My Anime List scores for Fall season anime. Now they will compare their predictions to the actual scores.
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back and several months back we preview the fall season well, as we approached the spring seasons that we felt it was only fitting that we go back and touch on the fall anime that was and see how they fared and see how we fared with them. So if you are unfamiliar with that episode in anime over under myself and talk to both predicted what we thought The mile score was for about 16 shows from the 15 shows from the fall season there were about to air. We were going to give a guestimation on what we thought the quality of that show is going to be. We reflected that in a hypothetical mile score that we attributed to that show. Well, we're gonna go back and look at the actual math scores now as of the 28th of February 2021 see if we were close to accurately predicting how good a show was and if we could do this really well. I just shows that we are anime kings and that you should listen to everything that we say when it comes to animate, because we are clearly always right, or maybe clearly, always wrong. So what we're gonna do is talk is going to go read at the title, give our scores, and then I will give the actual score, and we're going to see who won this thing. My bar is basically to get over to shows, right? Anything over two. I'm like, All right. Okay. I 12 points. I'm happy enough with that. I didn't get whitewashed. The fear is that you just get completely like scrubbed. You don't want to zero on the boards. That's just humiliation. So hopefully that didn't happen. That happened to the show is talking. What's the first show? All right. The first show we talked about was juju to kites, and I've heard of this one. Yeah, it was It was on our radar even then. And we were pretty moderate with our scoring. We didn't think it was gonna be the hottest of fuzz, but you gave it a 7.86 I gave it a 7.69 And how did it end up? It was a lot harder than the funds that we predicted. Judas Caisson is currently sitting on an 8.56 I guess I got that one. I guess you got that one of the most limp wristed, limp dicks kind of way. That was a poor showing on our part. I guess we were sort of warm on it, but we didn't think it was going to. We were skeptics. Yeah, and we were clearly very wrong because Judas Caisson recently, one animal of the year on the cultural Anime Awards. And honestly, I think it was animal of the year. Yeah, I think it deserved it for its place in the zeitgeist for sure. How many episodes that you've seen? I'm about 13. And I think so. It was like a two core, right? So I'm about halfway through the first season? Yeah. Likewise, after they took the break before heading into the second half season of the season, I put it down and decided to just let it build up again. I just didn't need another show to keep me on tenterhooks for the week. The 1st 13 episodes were great. Yeah, they were. They were fantastic. I also that was right about the time we were going into the country roll awards. And I kind of wanted to like temper my view of it for just the first season because that was what had mostly air during 2020. So I kind of like, put it down purposefully. But I am excited to pick it back up again. Yeah, man, I I think this is, like, reflective of how good Shonen jump has been in the last. I want to say 5 to 6 years, like the quality of animals. But also coming out of showing some properties is just ridiculous. Jujitsu caisson, Which would be an all timer, I think in any period we also have my hero academia, the Promised Neverland demon Slayer changer, stone after stone. It's almost like constantly in a state of surpassing expectations. It's like a Shonen Renaissance or something. It is, I absolutely believe it is like I think, moving away from the weekly model that just endlessly, endlessly runs was a big plus for a lot of these shows. Like, obviously you have, like black clover and burrito, keeping that aspect down. That's still a thing that you can do one piece, and of course, we'll that will never you know they're still doing that thing. But having these other alternatives you know, just sort of seasonal Big Shonen series like my hero Academia or the Promised Neverland or Judicial Crisis. It's just so refreshing when they hit. They've just been absolutely incredible. I have been blown away by Jesus Christ, and I really have. I had a suspicion that it was gonna be good, like 7.8. Good. That's good for mouth, in my opinion, because I think anything over 7.5 you can make a legitimate case that's actually worth your time. But in 8.65 that's really rarefied air you're talking like Run with the wind. Season one promised Neverland Kaguya sama Season one, you know, shows that we would tend to gush over, and that's the rating is currently sitting, and I don't think it's hyperbolic or inflated because it's shown in. I think it's absolutely worthy of that. I know. We said it wasn't the go go fight with the KUNA wasn't exactly like worthy of anime Fight of the Year status, but it still was an incredible flight. How innovative and how creative they are with the animation, how good the story is and how dark it is, especially like the last couple of episodes of the first corps. They touched on topics like bullying. Not, and I am able to just brush it off kind of way like, say, like a narrative or whatever works like an underdog and the bullying is there. But it's more of an abstract thing. I really felt this. It was uncomfortable, almost like how real that bullying felt. Yeah, I think that might be part of what the success of geodetic icing can be attributed to Is that real basis for what the magic system is kind of revolving around. That kind of humanity and the flaws of humanity really provides them a foothold to really dig into some of the weightiest of subjects, right, like bullying with kind of a novel take, they can put it in a different light. They can make it shown any more, or like flashy but still address something full heartedly, as opposed to like Naruto like you were saying where it was kind of this undertone. It was just like, Oh, this is like building the character. But it's not the heart of the conflict here. He almost came over it. It's almost like superficial, and that's not like dump on it. Naruto We're both on the record saying we're big fans of Naruto. This one just felt a bit more like consequential. I felt a bit more like real and I really appreciated that. So we were both wrong. Majorly so with judges a caisson but wrong in the right way, as in it surpassed our expectations rather than let us down. In those instances, you're happy to be wrong. The second one is noble s. And you gave this one a 7.75 I was a little bit lower on 7.5. And where did it end up? Well, another one that we completely missed the mark on hope. This is not a theme. Noble s ended up with a 6.83 So talk to you about that one. I did? Yeah, Not the grandest of victories, but these ill fated Korean website is, Uh yeah, Rocky. Right now it's definitely a source of new kind of inspiration. But is it going to be consistent? So far? Not really. Yeah, let's just consistently disappointing. With the exception of terror of God, which I think was adequate for what it needs to be. We enjoyed it. I think there's a lot of, like, great characters, a lot of fun to be had there. It's just that when you contrast it to something like jujitsu, chitin, which may or may not be fair, it's hard not to, because they're both very popular anime titles from the last year. It just seems almost like a pale shadow next to that. Now I kind of wonder, maybe, is this situation like the Wild West of Web tune adaptations, that it will get better as it goes on? Like, you know, there's a couple of big properties that haven't had their an anime adaptation yet, like solo leveling. But a lot of people rate very, very highly. And if I can kind of contracted to say, Like When Netflix first got into anime, there was a lot of Mrs. But now you kind of feel like they're really got a hold of themselves and crunchy kind of going through a similar thing as well. Like they've kind of been not great at getting anime original out that are of a sufficient quality to justify their hype. I got to high school. I think it was nothing but a disappointment. Animation moments aside, an X arm, which is currently airing. Right now it seems to be like the worst thing ever, and that's a crunchy roll original. Which is disheartening, I guess. But I guess it's one of these things where, like, I would be cautiously optimistic that in the future the industry will get better at handling these these Web properties. And it's hard to really divorce the new trend of adapting Web tunes from the growth of country role and their original enemy. Because they've been leaning so hard into it, it's hard to kind of see well, what is it, the country role? Is it the source materials? Is it that this just doesn't line up like what's going on here? And I'm hoping that they find their rhythm like Netflix did. I'm confident that they will call me an optimist. Call me a dreamer, but I feel like it's going to happen. So for the time being, I guess we have to suffer through mediocre adaptations like Noble S X Arm that's not even mediocre. I think that's sitting on like a 3.5 looked at. It's a 2.18 That's actually hard work. We're gonna have to take a closer look at this one. Yeah, I think if we were doing that seasonal watch along for the winter season, you couldn't make a case that that was one that needed to get covered. Well, you might have. Such as that in the future. It just seems to be too good to ignore. But as far as the blessed goes, I did ignore it. I did as well. Let's move on to the next one. The next one was Han. You know, Yasha. He may single Coto Gizo. She which was the Inuyasha kind of sequel series. Um, that follows Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Whose Children? Okay, okay. Yes, yes. What do we score? This one? You gave this one a 7.7 and I put 7.71 divergent. Really Going for the over under there? Yeah, well, sadly, it wasn't under its 6.86 Currently on. Wow. I guess Bordeaux might have been a good example of how these sort of continuations are scored. I think it was like a five point something. Having this set of 6.86 is not necessarily the most shocking thing in the world. We have been so far off the mark. It all three of these so far, we're not quite a full point off. But when you're talking of a window between the six point oh, and a nine point, getting a full point off is kind of shameful. But I'll take that one by 00000000001 The real winds will start coming when you're a little bit under or, you know someone is a little under someone's a little over and like we average it out And we somehow pinned it down between our two scores. But for now, we're just kind of yeah, swinging a mess This really strike three and we are technically not out. We could go a heroic Oh, in 15. If we get something within 150.2, I would feel like Okay, now I'm pretty happy with that. So far, I think the close we've got about a 0.8, which is just not great. Did you watch the a few episodes of that one? And from what I can tell and also my significant other was very into it if for nothing else than she loved the characters. But she was also a little dissatisfied, I think, with the overall plot and the way they took it. So definitely more of a burrito and less of, uh, I don't know. I don't have a good example for one of these. Let's follow the kids. They never seem to work out. Do they know? I can't think of one off the top of my head that was satisfactory or surpassing the original? I guess we should move on. So a bit of a disappointment. But, hey, it's there and it's out there for those of you who really care, which is somebody somebody yuko Kuno Moriarty, We