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Snippet of My Favorite Murder: 242 - Spoilerama

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Karen and Georgia talk about the murder of six-year-old Adam Walsh and the aftermath of the case. While the case still remains cold, in recent years Jeffrey Dahmer has become a potential suspect for some people as he was living in Miami, Florida at the time of Walsh's murder.
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So there's another person who has become a suspect in a lot of people's minds in recent years, which is Jeffrey Domer. At first I was like, What the fuck are you talking like Jeffrey Dahmer? That's bananas. But even though I'm still I'm not totally convinced of this, the facts are really interesting. So, um, a journalist named Arthur J. Harris discovered that bomber had been living in Miami in March of 1981. Uh, he had been discharged from the Army due to alcoholism, and that puts him just 20 miles from Hollywood at the time of Adam's disappearance. And it turns out that bomber had actually been questioned for Adam's murder way back when, which is like fucking crazy, right? So when Dahmer's picture, So what happened was when Dahmer's picture was in the newspapers in 1991 when he had been arrested, you know, finally caught for all these fucking sick murders. He had committed several witnesses who saw the photo, his his photo in the newspaper who had been at the mall the day Adam had disappeared, contacted authorities, and we're like, That's the fucking guy I saw. They were like, remember the statement I gave you. Remember how I told you it was this person that's fucking him, which is hard, You know, eyewitness statements we know isn't totally reliable. But there were multiple people who did that. There's this dude named Willis Morgan, and he wrote a book called Frustrated Witness. So he was at, uh, he worked at a newspaper. It was his day off on Monday that Adam disappeared. He was at the Hollywood Mall in a radio shack and was approached by this creepy fucking dude. You know who fit Dahmer's description. And he and this guy, uh, Alice Morgan kind of tailed him to be like this. Guys creeped out, and he lost him when he went into the toy department at Sears. And then a couple days later, he goes to the police to tell them like he had seen, you know, because he works at the newspaper. He saw Adam had been kidnapped, and he wanted to tell them about this fucking creepy guy he saw. And they were like, Yeah, great. Whatever We'll get back to you. They never contacted him again. And one man saw said that he saw a man fitting. Um Dahmer's description. Throw a struggling kid into a blue van and speed off, and the blue van just keeps coming up. The day after Adam's head had been found in the canal at the turnpike, so too long haul truckers, the Sky Dennis Bub and another guy named Clifford Remy. They called authorities to let them know that a few days before the head had been found in the canal. They had both seen a blue van parked off that exact turnpike in the middle of the night. And the guy, Dennis Bub, drove by first in his truck. Er, what is it called? A semi? Yes, Dennis Bob drove by first in his semi, and he saw a guy with a flashlight down near the canal. And he radio this guy, Clifford Remy, who was like, a mile behind him, to be like, Hey, let me know if you if you spot this van because I think you know there's no cell phone. So like if if this person is stranded well, right, well, CB this help or try to help him, whatever, you know if you had mechanical problems. So Remy said that when he was dragging by he was focusing on the van to see if he needed help, and he said he didn't notice a flat tire. The hood wasn't up, you know, And the and the lights weren't flashing, indicating something was wrong with the van. And instead, he said, he saw a white man leaning through the opening, uh, the slide door on the on the side and fumbling around with a white bucket. And both said that they had talked to Hollywood police. They called days after the head had been found, like knowing that this might be connected. Um, and their statements were dismissed. They never they said it has nothing to do with the case. They never got contacted again. And I listened to interviews with one of them, and I mean, it sounds legitimate. It sounds like your dad fucking telling you what you saw it. Yeah, but I mean, they didn't see anything that's actual, like evidence. I mean, they saw a person down by the canal, but that person could have been fishing. I mean, it's not like they were like and we saw this child or recent thing. The thing that's the one problem and the thing is like fishing. It was the middle of the night, and it was also not a like fishing canal. I think it was just like a, you know, waste area. And the the thing here to think about is the blue van, which is another through line with all of these people. So I'll get to the balloon in a second. When authorities questioned Dahmer's. Now that he's in custody in 1991 he denies everything. Um, including any access to this kind of you know, any vehicle back when he lived in Miami, and so his involvement was ruled out by police. But it turns out, when this journalist named Arthur J. Harris does some digging. Later, he finds that Dahmer had been working, uh, in Miami at a sandwich shop. And at the time he got this cooperated by a few employees who had worked there that there was a blue van like a like a store van for deliveries that employees were allowed to take. So multiple people drove this blue van. Um, and one of the truck drivers also stated that he thought the van he saw by the side of the canal had no front passenger seat and the sandwich shops. Blue van had a milk crate instead of a passenger seat. Remember those cars that had a fucking milk crate instead of a fucking passenger seat? Yeah. Yeah. Remember those cars that your friends had in high school that had holes where you could see the ground passing underneath the car? You have to make sure that you didn't get your foot near that. Yeah, here's the thing. This is like there's so many things like this in true crime. I feel like and we've talked about a bunch of them to the theories that want to connect big murders. Two other big murders. And it's a It's a thing much in the same way that the human eye sees faces and wood grains. It's that thing of like, what if this is all connected? What if it's one evil? What three evils, As opposed to 500,000 evils, I totally get that. But also in the early eighties, late seventies early eighties, lots of dudes looked like how creepy and weird Jeffrey Dahmer looked in the nineties totally had transitioned fucking lenses and a part down the middle, And I think the moustache and the massage. It totally could have been him, too. I mean, like, who fucking who knows? Um, and when you don't have, like, good evidence and good police, because it's been a long yeah, the point, I think to me damn er is more. It makes more sense as a suspect than tool. But I don't think Tom are actually did it. I think that it's a much simpler explanation, but I think for me, what I've learned from all this is the point is oddest tool is so not the person. And the case has been closed. And they said, It's oddest tool and I just don't think it is. And I think this whole thing about look how much evidence there is against fucking Bomber. It's more than fucking artist tool, you know, if you want to clear it and actually have a little bit of a chain of evidence. But
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