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The Best Podcasts About 80s Blockbusters Ah yes, the 1980s. . . the decade where box office records were broken every single summer, the Brat Pack was still together, and the concept of "PG-13" just wasn't a thing. The 80s brought us Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark— movies that we now define as "high-concept films" (aka those with cinematic plots that were both broadly marketable and easily understandable) and "cult classics." So throw on a Member's Only jacket, hop in your DeLorean, and listen to this most excellent playlist of the best podcasts about 80s blockbusters! Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
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Allan and Jonathan have no critiques for this cult-classic action film! Instead, the pair gab about Bruce Willis' best scenes and share which lines they deem to be his most memorable.
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you know, Is there anything in die hard? Where? Because there a lot of amazing action sequences. Is there anything in the movie that you felt was like? Okay, that's a little too much little like it was a little too far fetched for you. Too far fetched in this one. Yeah, I'm saying no, e Think that's far to charm. Yeah. Yeah, very grounded. How genius was that was like, shoot the glass was like, What? That's terrifying. Yeah. Yeah. And every time he pulls that piece of glass out of his foot, it's like, Oh, my God, I'm just I'm sorry that no, not like it's just terrible. Yeah, And while I read somewhere else so that he still flinches when he sees that scene, like 40 years? Yeah, that's hilarious. Yeah, but I just I love the whole, you know, when when I heard the fire fighting the the shooting first starts and he's like trying to figure out what to do. And he's just trying all these different ways to get the police over there and finally outcomes. And he's about to drive away, and he just he's just he's just fed up with It was a dead body at him on. Then he has the best line. Welcome. E And and Alice. So great in that moment was like, Hey, cusses was like, Hey, starts right back. He's on the radio Back up now. G got Now, you know how they film that to it. It was It was an interesting choice to not play that scene at the same time as things were going on. Right? Remember, that was kind of like a flash, Like a mini mini mini flashback scene, right? I thought that was an interesting choice to do that. Uh huh. Yeah, you know that question? Why? Why Announced his presence by tying up the dead guy and writing on his shirt, even home? Well, you know, he goes now I have a machine gun. Why do that? Is that what you Yeah. Yeah, why Announced his presence like E. It could be because, like, even like Like Holly said, you know, kind of like, Why is he's going crazy and he's like, there's only one man could make someone that crazy. It's got to be my husband or something like that. Maybe that's like one of those things just to get under their skin. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, because when these bad guys are very different, it's probably the one time where you see the bad guys are dressed up with, like, really nice suits, their sophisticated, their European. And then And then there's John McClane. No shoes, no socks. Tank top, Sweaty bloody. You know, ask, kicked, like, left to right and stuff like that. But the good guys are the there, the refined, bad guys, you know? Yeah, I know. So just love the part when he kills the guy who's actually belly dancing in my life, I don't know. Yeah, but he's there just fighting. They're just going at it. And he's just so angry and frustrated the whole situation. He's like, I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna eat You just look like wow e back, man. But he's just going off. He's pummeling him and just Yeah, this is far different than when he killed his brother. When he's like, Hold it right there. Drop the gun. E rewound them. What did he say? He's gonna eat him, e I'm not to listen to that one again.