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Snippet of Nerd Poker: Episode 3 - Manannan and the Lost City

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After their world comes to an abrupt end, the party is left in a strange new land looking for answers. When the creatures of the land prove hostile, the party takes a hostage. They interrogate their prisoner while taking quick breaks to discuss fashion and grab drinks. Will they figure out what in the multiple worlds is going on? Listen in to find out.
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you're a tweet Total er for everybody who can't hear planes Can't keep my head up E Exactly. I'm curious. You know what I wear So tweet to Is it all tweet? E really blamed You haven't already got a e. Wasn't really thinking about e sort of picture myself in a bathroom. Are you dressed like a character in a fantastic e? Looked like a looked like a professor Moriarty's college roommate. E I also play in the head coats. Nice. You want Twitter by any chance? Tweeter a Okay. Oh, me? No, for a What was the name? Goal? A car. Go, go, go, go, go, go! Goddio, offer it up to see what happens. Yeah, yeah, I'll take the lead on this thing. Yeah, he immediately resists and he starts going, man, I don't get your shit. E you feel better? What do you need? You need to see your brother, man. I'm gonna have a drink. Oh, fine. For all Drink, Thio, Let's drink Thio The end of the world Our world being destroyed e extreme now I know Find my words, find their waiting for me Fucking extreme. The world ending and shit. Let's drink to that man. Sorry about that. All right. Well, purpose. Second bite. Everybody here. That's crazy. She starts with Earthquake. You need some e mail airplanes. Thank you. Start. Bruce. Not great. Yeah, we're yummy. Role playing. Um, you're saying hey, does relax a little bit, Uh, you're warping eso. He does? Yeah. Takes from a little a cool, but he definitely seems like he is evil. Are you hostile? Right, One. So take that into account. You're dealing with an evil, magical creature was given a minute. Uh huh. Is it like the god? Oh, you, uh uh huh. Do you have family in the forest, man? I got 17 sisters through the brothers 93 6. We're all mortal is Fuck. I don't give a shit about you guys. Your mortal. You're immortal. Yeah, because you're 350 years old, man. 1995 kids. Yeah, 1993 kids. You have grandkids, man. I don't track last. All right, we'll see where this fucking fairies So nobody has ever given you a mug. This is world's greatest grandpa ferry, because you don't give a shit. I'm gonna murder a drink out of a great uh, perhaps Let's toast Thio toast to his family. Yeah, Yeah, I have another one there. All right, brother. A neighbor estimate anybody. What else? You do feel like you could maybe try to squeeze in some more questions? Yeah, but I'm also all for taking the binds off. Um, if if he wants thio, I mean, if he seems like he's gonna be No, no, I mean, I'm gonna let him just be free if you go for it. Uh, no. You say something to him first. Yeah, I say, if you promise not to freak out a lot, uh, I'll let you free for a minute. Wait. Just remind you don't freak out. If you go nuts, I might go extreme. Hey, hey. Rolls his eyes and he's like, Yeah, I'm fine. I want going nuts. Okay, I e take it. But what do we What do we have? Him todo y e pop the twine took a twin and turned him into the O. You may want to keep in mind. He is a magical creatures. There's any number of things. Yeah,