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Snippet of New to Who: Genesis of the Daleks

Last Played: August 09, 2021
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Hosts Colin, Daniel, and Steven chat with guests about the early years of Doctor Who, particularly the seasons between 1963 and 1986. Opinionated and accurate, hosts/guests aren't afraid to call out the outdated, poorly written, racist, and misogynistic elements of the show. Essentially, they watch the episodes and explain why or why not they're worth watching.
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Okay, so I think we're going to probably be edging. We were on the edge of spoil it. Steve. Liz, I think I'm just That's it. I've stepped on. I'm standing on a land mine. It's gonna blow us into spoiler town. Just get clear. Please, Steve, just get clear. No, no. I'll put something underneath it. Make it firm. Make it firm, Steve. All right. I think that's probably, uh, just very delicately Raise my foot and we'll get clear and fan. All right, that's it. Thank you. Guys were in spoiler town away. Right? So where should we start, Guys? I mean, where else to start? But at the beginning, in that quarry, You love this query, Liz, It's a very good quarry. I love this quarry. It's one of my favorite quarries, e think, because partly it's because I saw in childhood, so I didn't even realize it was a quarry. Oh, my God. This is a scary landscape of death on, but that kind of impression remains, But also it's a very appropriate quarry isn't just random alien planet. It's There's a huge war going on here, and there's been so much weapons and explosions and poison and put into the thing that it makes sense that land is, you know, a desert off rocks and miserable nous on. They've also got such a lot of good missed. The missed is very cool on atmospheric. I feel like it's maybe it's the first time ever I was watching Doctor who, where I was like this quarry is appropriate. I think I've written that someone. No, it's basically rid of its, like, finally, inappropriate use of a quarry, not just a stand in for like, ah, Baron alien landscape. It's like it looks like a you know, like a World War one like a great war battlefield. It's just like Scott and pitted and the like. The walls of it are really high and vertiginous, and there's just all that smoke everywhere. It's just a great use of quarry on duh. That's that sound effects. That's, Ah, Quarry of the Month Club Sound effect because this quarry, it just happens to be bench worth quarry in Sorry just for you. People who care about these things, which is no one except me. E. I can't tell you down that it's no longer a quarry. It's been filled in Are you told me this? That the quarry is that that, like, how do you can never go there? Liz? Now you'll never go to bench Worth quarry. I can't believe that. That's because I think that is monstrously huge, like they're deep in that pit. Those walls is so high, it's all filled up. That's how I wish. I guess we produce. But there you go, but no longer require what a great opening. All that smoke and mist like all those when those soldiers those sort of like great war looking gas mask soldiers walk in. It's so like it's such a great image, and it's like, immediately terrifying. I love the opening shot. You definitely have that sort of World war one vibe going on. But the way in which that sort of casually sort of dissolves into the scene with the doctor and the time Lord on, they seem to be standing in exactly the same spot that the massacre just seemed Thio take place. It's so chilling, it's brilliant. Yeah, I think I think the atmosphere of the whole story managers Thio kind of maintain that that level of chilliness, which is is something pretty impressive because, you know you can get this great opening shot you can set the tour on. Then you can completely ruin it, especially in a six parter. But I really feel like it keeps up the sense, the sense of threat and dread, which is partly why object Thio edited version of this Because, gosh, darn it, you're not taking out on any field. There's no filler in this story. It's all adding detention. Like when does when the doctor and Harry first escape? One could argue, wrongly, that you know they're escaping to get captured again. What is the point of that on its? That's not filler that's not felt. That is world building off Callard society on what's going on there in in the bunker on just how scary is and how relatively effective it is on bond. And it also serves to to characterize neither and the way he reacts to their escape with, you know, with rave in. We were like God, this incompetent, silly general spouting propaganda on, then neither turns up and it's like, Oh my God, who is this guy? This is really, really scary on he immediately, he's obviously not filled on. Then he's like, immediately tries to gun them down on bond just the way he coolly deals with it all. It's like, Oh my God, thistles Not good. This is not good. As a self confessed fill a hawk like I'm always looking. I'm always in the out. I'm always on the lookout for filler. Andi like especially in these, like these six parties are warm or I'm always looking for something to complain about. And there isn't. There isn't a lot like even the tunnel, even when they're in the tunnels or the cave the second time going back, back and forth. It's still there's still good dialogue in there, and also I love a good monster cave eso. I'm quite happy to go back to that monster. Get any time. Yeah, I feel that often what's called filler tends to be that were a lot of decent character stuff gets done like my favorite. My favorite is for this is probably frontier in space, where there are ridiculous number off escapes and captures by join the doctor. But the point is that we get all those lovely character scenes from there locked up, and it's like that I'm completely okay with them running away and getting back in Azaz them the little bit of excitement between where we actually get character moments because that's, you know, that's that's not the thing that's most often associated with Classic who, But it's it's there. Yeah. So, seeing seeing Harry make silly jokes about the clams and, um, yeah, just class. Just think they're an amazing one E. I love the clam like I really hope that they took the clam props from some other production and didn't make up Well, I don't know, like some kind of undersea. Show us something that our film that they made because otherwise there. Any other explanation is that Deborah's at one point in his like, you know, experiments had a feather clam phase, and he's just like clams, clams In the future, we're all going to be clams on, then. You know, at some point he was like no claims air out its Allstate's all snails. For me, I was going to be
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