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Snippet of No Dunks: Everything You Need to Know About The NBA From Last Week

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LaMarcus Aldridge abruptly hangs ’em up after 15 seasons, Giannis Antetokounmpo makes his return to the Bucks lineup, Steph Curry is on a scoring streak he’s never been on before, Jaylen Brown does something a Boston Celtic hasn't done since the NBA-ABA Merger
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thursday Lamarcus Aldridge announced his retirement. The seven time All Star five time All MBS had experienced in a regular heartbeat during his final game With the nets on April 10. And it got worse after the game. And since then he had been dealing with medical or he had been getting medical advice. Excuse me. It's something he's dealt with his entire career since he was diagnosed in his rookie year and Aldridge made the decision for his family, putting his crew first before basketball and the potential to get a ring with the nets. This season, six 11, Aldridge came into the league in 2006 with the reliable jumper because he worked at it and this is a neat story, so I'm gonna go through it here. He heard his hip during his first year at texas and that knocked him out for the season. But even though he was in all sorts of pain and couldn't stand, he sat on a chair and refined his release point on the shot, he went up higher and higher and higher and he came back with a higher release point, The patented release point we've seen for 15 years in the NBA. Now there may be some romance. So that story sure, but there's also some romance now that we're celebrating his career, so let's just get into it. But you know, it was a bit of a complicated career throughout his years in Portland drafted in oh six alongside Brandon Roy and Brandon Roy always got a little bit more of the shine there in Portland and Aldridge felt that all throughout his career lots of reports about Aldridge not being entirely happy. Then there was a Greg Oden draft and he also felt that they're in Portland despite being an incredible player. As I said, a seven time All Star five time All NBA Air. Then Damian Lillard came along and Became the number one guy on the team. Even in 2014 when Lamarcus Aldridge had Those incredible two games against the Houston rockets to start that series where he was a beast 40 plus points in the first two games, Damian Lillard kind of took the Spotlight at the end of the series in 2014 against the rockets by hitting the series ending shot. So the next year Market soldiers said I'm out of here. He had had enough. The departure wasn't amicable on on both sides, but he he got out of there. There was that story about him leaving Memphis on his own, getting his Own flight. If you remember that in 2015 he went to San Antonio he found more peace there Uh playing with Tim Duncan and then Kwai Leonard where he found his most playoff success as well. They went to the Western conference finals, if you remember 2017, that was his first Western Conference finals appearance. Game One, they're up 20 plus points in the second half and Zaza Pachulia stepped under coach by Leonard and that was the end of the spurs run that season. Everybody celebrating knowledge of his career. A lot of people discussing if he'll be a Hall of Famer, we'll discuss that on today's no dunks daily show here on friday. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, the list of Presenters for this year's May 15 entrainment were announced an incredible class This year includes Kobe Bryant, tim Duncan, kevin Garnett, Tamika catchings. Patrick, Baumann, Eddie Sutton, Rudy Tomjanovich, Barbara stevens and kim Mulkey, Michael Jordan will be presenting Kobe Bryant not to speak for the deceased, but I assume Kobe is smiling somewhere, hearing that news, congrats to Kobe and the Bryant family. David Robinson will present tim Duncan, Isaiah thomas. The original will present kevin Garnett, Alonzo mourning and Don staley will present Tamika catchings. I love to make a catch. Got to talk to her once. She is great. Speaking of the Hall of Fame two time M. V. P. Yeah, decided to compose returned after missing six games. Yeah, I'm going there with left knee soreness and it had been bugging him even before those Six games that he sat out. He played 25 minutes. Had a quiet night by his standards as he eased back into the action. But the bucks handle the hawks easily so it really didn't matter. It was a nice balance attack for the bucks. Just like coach bud likes it. P. J Tucker had eight points as he's getting acclimated with his new team. Two threes and a hook shot. P. J. Tucker hit a hook shot. You know it's a good night when Pjs in the lane thing I hated about this game. There were fans in the building in Atlanta but it was louder when there weren't fans and they were piping in the sound. It was just so quiet in there because they decided you know we got fans don't need to pipe in the sound. It's like the pendulum has swung the other direction as I hit my mike here. The pendulum bangs, the mike sorry JD they piped in sound where there are no fans and now the other direction it's Just so so quiet. I got to find a balance here, Bogdan Bogdanovic, 28 Points, six threes on the night. He stays hot but Trae Young was off returning after missing two games with a calf injury. Three of 17. The hawks are 16 and six since Nate Mcmillan took over as head coach, But they've struggled with playoff teams. Of those 16 wins, only three against current playoff teams and those team has had injuries. Miami was missing. Jimmy Butler Lakers, no Anthony Davis and Lebron got hurt in that game. The hornets were without Gordon Hayward or lamelo ball. They beat some teams on the periphery of the playoffs, like the spurs Warriors Republicans, but can they upset a good team in the postseason? They got to get better if they're going to do that here over the last 20 ish games. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, Steph curry and the Warriors took care of Cleveland easily. Staff had 33 he scored over 30 for his ninth consecutive game. The first time he's done that in his career. They're relying on staff now, especially with the news that James Wiseman season is officially done after undergoing right knee surgery. The warriors have won four in a row. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, Lakers coach frank Vogel says Anthony Davis has been cleared to return to on court activity with his official return to the lineup to be determined. Yeah, I'm going, I'm going there with everybody. Everybody's making the Hall of Fame looks like Anthony Davis will be back next week because he has defeated his achilles, tendon and calf issues. The Lakers continue to show some fight without Anthony Davis and Lebron. They're treading water, but they could have used Anthony Davis rim presence against boston. On Thursday, Jaylen Brown was a pleasure to watch. He had a 40-point night for Boston 17 of 20 shooting, He was getting the ball on the move, got going downhill and no problem with any Laker around the hoop. It was fun to watch Jaylen Brown, nice setups from brad stevens, getting him Moving around, picks and screens, getting him downhill again, where his athleticism took over 40 points, nine rebounds, 17 of 20 shooting. He is the first Celtic with a 40 point game on 85% shooting since the NBA merger, thanks to StateN Use for that stat.
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