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Snippet of No Dunks: Everything You Need to Know About the NBA From the Weekend

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The Clippers get “Playoff P” and “Playoff Rondo” on the same night, Donovan Mitchell has entered the MVP chat, Zach LaVine’s pristine passing, Victor Oladipo has another injury scare, Kristaps Porzingis gives the Dallas Mavericks playoffs chances more hope, and OKC’s plan is finally coming to fruition.
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on today's show. Hate them or love them. I'm sure it's mostly hate. There are some reasons why but the clippers are getting it together. Donovan Mitchell's impressive season is only getting better. Here comes the M. V. P chatter and we had to dunk of the year candidates on the same night. It was an entertaining one in the NBA. Let's get to all seven games for you. I got some complaining to do. I'm tas melas and here's what you need to know in the NBA for Friday, April nine. Hey, what's up everybody? I set it on yesterday's show. I'm getting a little prematurely excited for the playoffs and it happened again Utah phoenix the night before. Then we got phoenix clippers to seat first the three seed in the west. It felt like a playoff game. The clippers ended up taking advantage of the sons on a traveling back to back beating them late, but it was a two point game going into the fourth paul George was phenomenal the whole night seven of 10 from 3 33 points co I had 27 got hot in the second half and the clippers got some playoff rondo, rajon rondo had 15 points overall. He was a plus 15 in the fourth quarter alone. You ready to hate this team world because they are going to be in the playoffs and they are going to be making some waves. Their fourth quarter lineup, Kawhi Leonard paul George, Marcus Morris nicolas Batum and region rondo. It was a spirited playoff battle. Patrick Beverley was ejected from this game for hitting chris paul in the open court. I'm not going to show it to you here. If you're watching on Youtube, this ain't the nineties, this ain't shattered the new podcast about the knicks from the Athletic, no, no parental discretion advised we're not showing that to you. It occurred to me while watching this game. The clippers, point guard, our Patrick Beverley and rajon rondo, probably the most hated point guard duo in history. You throw chris paul into this game. How could it not feel like a playoff matchup? The clippers. Marcus Morris was ejected late. His brother Mark Keith Morris was ejected for the Lakers on thursday two twins ejected on the same night and we had a runner up dunk of the year candidate from Kawhi Leonard. Look nothing is going to beat the Wolves, Anthony Edwards dunk on Utah Watanabe. But co I Leonard with a monstrous jam. Don't see co I do that very often. He was hit by DeAndre Ayton, still able to throw it down. Beautiful from Kauai Leonard. The sun's still have to feel pretty good if these two teams meet in the playoffs despite the loss, they hit their 1st 27 of 40 shots before cooling off in the fourth clippers on the other side. They gotta feel good too. They have won 13 straight over the Sons at staples. Center clippers now hold the tiebreak. If they do tie going into the playoffs, two games separate them right now in a 16 battle. See the playoffs just continue. Utah ended up blowing out the Blazers. Donovan Mitchell a great start to this game, Doing everything for his team. He ended up with 37 points. They were struggling early but Donovan Mitchell was making it happen. 40 points and 37 points on back to back nights for Mitchell. Yes, people starting to Mitchell for M. V. P. conversation. I say sure why not bring them to the table, pull up a chair. But there are other players that are just doing too much for Donovan Mitchell to actually win this thing. It's a tough crowd, tough field right now. But that's how good the N. B. A. Is. It's going to yoga. It's going to be. Lebron will throw his hat into the ring eventually when he gets back, we'll talk about that too many guys. There's two big guys and I can't even mention them all. But Donovan Mitchell in this game, his quarter by quarter production. He looked like an M. V. P. S. 11 9 then 13 for the first three quarters. He didn't need as much in the fourth. It was a flashback to the playoffs last year. If you remember in the bubble, Donovan Mitchell average 36 points. Yeah, they only had one series versus the Nuggets and that seven game or him and Jamal Murray going at it. But my goodness, let's get these playoffs started. The Blazers struggled to score on the other side. It was good to see use of market out there after he sat a game with knee inflammation because you know when you talk injuries, you talk Portland Trail Blazers, you gotta worry moving on to some other action on thursday night. And this one had me a little agitated bulls Raptors. The bulls, there are more enjoyable watch since their trade for Nicola Vukovich, right, They're making a more concerted effort to move the ball, Zach Lavine bullies and his teammates more just from my perspective on my couch, he had 13 assists in this one, Zach Lavine, that's the most assists he's had since his rookie year, six years ago when he was being played as a point guard. The Raptors suited up only eight players. Why? While a couple other guys were suspended earlier in the day for leaving the bench during an altercation earlier in the week. We'll get to it on the drop the full no dunks episode. And worst of the week. A ridiculous decision by the league. The season from hell continues for Toronto. They just need bodies. Only eight guys. They signed a man by the name of Freddie Gillespie to a 10 day contract. No, not classy Freddie Blassie, but Freddie Gillespie yet. Show and tell if you're on Youtube here, Classy Freddie Gillespie. How about that? How about that? Is that a good nickname? I don't know, probably not. He couldn't even play though boucher. Chris boucher had 38 19 for the wraps, pascal CIA come had 27. How about that? Why didn't they win while the bulls got far better production because they had far more players. Far more of their roster. Bulls win. Lakers Heat. The Heat took care of the Lakers on TNT no Anthony Davis, no Lebron James for the Lakers. They probably just didn't want to play on the Heat's offensive court. This vice versa court bothers me more than any other court. Since I've started watching basketball. The pink and blue with the shimmer. It's absolutely unwatchable and I I'm an easy going guy when it comes to courts. But no, it's unwatchable. You can't do that. I hate watching games with that court anyways, Lebron nearing the three week mark of his absence because of a high ankle sprain. No timeline for his return, Anthony Davis could return from his calf. Achilles tendon knows this injury when their road trip Ends in three games, so some some positivity there. The Lakers remain fifth in the standings, three games from dropping into seventh into the play and tournament, they are hanging on one negative for the heat. Victor Oladipo sustained a leg injury, grabbed his knee when he went up for a jam. He's been hampered by injury recovery the last couple of years had to leave the game, no one touched him. He also had a real big dunk in this game looking spry. Hopefully victor Oladipo gets back and that was just a little tweak Milwaukee, Dallas Luca don Cheech. Obviously the best player for the Dallas Mavericks and M. V. P. Candidate some would say. But the key to unlocking how far Luca can take this team is there big Kristaps Porzingis and he's healthy posing has played on consecutive nights for the first time in months. He's playing more physical 26 points and 17 rebounds, 17 rebounds for Kristaps Porzingis. And the Mavs have found their ideal lineup to surround both Luca and Porzingis with defenders who can also score their starting lineup of lucca, Jason Richardson, not Jason Richardson, josh Richardson, I'm a Jason, Richardson fan, Luca, Josh Richardson, Dorian, Finney Smith, Maxi Kleber and Porzingis is 15 and four this season, Jalen Brunton and Tim Hardaway are they're super duo off the bench. Did I say the playoffs, we're going to be great or what for Zynga Sean in the fourth, scoring eight straight 11 overall in the quarter. And he even had a dime to the corner for a big three with two minutes left, his only dime but whatever. No Yannis for the Bucks in this one wonky right knee bothering him. He's missed five of the last 10 games for the Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit beat Sacramento, Cory Joseph 24 against his old team. He just got traded from Sacramento to Detroit. He had 24, he led all scores and we also had a second best dunk of the year candidate. And this one mo Harkless, he plays for the Sacramento Kings. I had a monstrous jam. It was crazy because he jumped off his off foot and took some body contacting, just threw it down either way, Anthony Edwards is still got the dunk of the year. That's the one Cleveland. Okay, see last game here to wrap it up, The Cavs blew up the Thunder by 27 collin Sexton had 27 for Cleveland. This season's plan is finally coming through for the Thunder. And by plan, I mean losing to start the season, the thunder were the only team of the 30 that was not trying to win this year. I know it's hard to try and wrap your head around that. It is for me, the Minnesota Timberwolves have had such a bad year, were they trying to lose? Uh They're trying to win, Houston Rockets were trying to win, playing john wall victrola. Uh they got victor, all the people after that James harden. Uh It was it was just a wild, wild ride to start the season. Detroit pistons were signing every old guy. Okay, see was trying to lose, they've lost five in a row, but they were too good when she guilders, alexander was playing so now they only have the seventh worst record in the NBA. So they sat shea they sat al Horford, they're just working on the growth of their players for the last third of the season. Tail Meledandri alexei ponikarovsky moses brown. I'm not sure how much we'll be talking about. Okay, see on what you need to know over the last five weeks, which is probably a positive for them. That's it for me. Make sure you check out the full drop episode here on friday. I'll be back on monday to give you the news as fast as I possibly can.
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