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Snippet of No Dunks: Everything You Need To Know About the NBA To Close The Week

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The “Luka Leaner” game-winner from Luka Doncic: how the Mavs got to that point, Grayson Allen’s boo boo, and Luka’s mistake seconds earlier. Steph Curry’s pursuit of the scoring title after another incredible night, the Pelicans’ Zion Williamson issue, a special night for the Clippers, and more.
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on today's show, Luca dockets. What what else is there to say after that Luca leaner. We'll try and find some words. Steph, curry's coming for that play in tournament and the scoring crown. And the clippers gave us a lovely moment. Yes. The clippers gave us a lovely moment. You're smiling. Whether you like it or not is a 12 game night in the association. Let's go. I'm task malice and this is what you need to know in the NBA for thursday. April 15. Good morning everybody. Let's start with Luca, the magician. Of course we're starting there. We are not worthy Dallas in Memphis. It looked like Memphis had this one, it looked like it was over. I'm glad I stayed up late after midnight. Eastern is late for me doing this early morning show, but it's always a lot more special. Seeing these moments live in this moment. I will remember and thank you to Grayson Allen. It was all worth it. The Grizzlies. Grayson Allen missed two free throws with Memphis up to with two seconds left, leaving the door open. Let's all thank Grayson Allen because it gave us the Luca leaner. Luca got the inbound, had to step around Jonas, valanciunas who wasn't gonna foul Luca planted his foot Behind the three point line, leaned in, was off balance. He was like at a 45° and chucked in a three with one hand on the ball. Just let her float. Oh my goodness! What is there to say? Great Grizzlies response on twitter of just bra. That's it. four letters bra. Yeah, because it looked like it was over and that floater is pretty unbelievable the photos coming from it, everything just how he was falling down on the floor and it looked like Don had made a mistake with 12 seconds left down, three. Don't kind of look for a three himself, but it wasn't there. So he went into the lane, it was foul taking a two other guys were available for a three, but with only three seconds left at that point he got hit, went to the free throw line, hit only one free throw. So the Mavs were down two and then Grayson Allen missed those two free throws. And then we got this, I flashed back to last year's playoffs where Luca had that wild game winner versus the clippers in ot game four. If you remember that step back the double bang from mike Breen on the call Bang bang, we got that from Breen. That was special. This guy is special. My freaking goodness! The Mavericks are only one game back Of 6th and they despise the play in tournaments. So they want to get up to six and the rest of their schedule is as easy it gets in the NBA. So Luca could be starting here, a run for the Mavericks to get them out of the play in tournaments spot. We might not get Luca in the playing tournament, but it sure looks like we're getting Steph curry. Steph had 42 points in just 29 minutes versus Okay, see he hit 11 threes, had a perfect third quarter where he went eight for eight And scored 25 points in that quarter and he could catch Bradley beal for the scoring lead in the coming weeks. Bills at 31. Oh, Steph is at 30.7. That would be his second scoring title of his career. The warriors locked in and got to win to stay in the play Interment if the season ended today and they got a little more breathing room with the Pelicans lost behind them. The Pelicans took on the knicks. We had Zion Williamson comparisons on our beach steppin podcast on Wednesday. I compared him to Charles Barkley and Lebron, the handle of a big man in Charles Barkley. The finishing of Lebron James tray went a little off the board. He went with Tony Parker along with Shaquille O'neal because parker could get into lambert, didn't shoot threes and shacks, finishing. Whatever your comparison is, The pelicans need to get more three point shooting around Zion this offseason, they hit 11 fewer threes than the knicks and they're shooting under 25 from three the last five games, the design is still getting his points without shooting around him because he's that frickin good. But life would be so much easier. He had 25 points on 10 of 19 shooting in this one. I overestimated steven Adams addition to this team. I just thought he'd be tough and help out. But him combined with ERic Bledsoe struggles and Lonzo ball out, there's just not enough shooting. They haven't been able to find it around Zion Williamson. There is going to be some rejigging of that line up in the off season. Let's stick in the west before jumping to the east on Wednesdays busy schedule because we've got a heart warmer here. The clippers got a nice win in the standings without Kawai Leonard paul George in the lineup when it didn't look like it was going to happen Down 11 late in this game, they came back in their hero was Reggie Jackson playing in his first game in Detroit since being waved last season. He buried the game winner with only two seconds remaining on the clock and the camaraderie after whether it's some nice morale, the celebration after the shot. call me the body language doctor but I like this for the Los Angeles clippers. Even Kawai Leonard had to frank and smile and just one note here Nicolas Batum coming off the bench. But closing games for the clippers, he had a three block game and then a five block game recently coming into this one. Him along with co and paul George throwing a point guard, whether it's Beverly or rondo and then a bigger guy, Marcus Morris or jukebox, that's the closing line up. It's looking great. They're shooting great from the three point line. Always a question mark when we get into the postseason, will they deal with adversity well, but right now they're playing so so well. Uh the clippers look like they'll finish no lower than third in the standings because it will be hard for Denver to catch them without Jamal Murray. Although they took care of Miami as they started life without Jamal Michael Porter, Jr had 25 to lead. Six guys in double figures. Yokich, Nicole, Yokich is triple double, getting everybody involved with a nice guy, right? It's on his shoulders and he tore up the heat defense to the east we go Orlando Chicago. The bulls night peaked pregame when josh Robbins of the athletic tweeted a joke that Nikola Vucevic responded to her. Vukovich made the joke. Anyways josh Robbins reporting for the magic that Obama wasn't going to play and Vukovich responded with virtue virus playing against his old team. But my God, that was the peak of the night because the magic got everything they wanted against the bulls defense, everything gone on the offensive glass or cutting well on offense, get into the hoop way too easily viewed. Had 29 points, hitting over half his shots a good night. But my goodness! The bulls defense laughable. Combined with the Raptors win Chicago only 1.5 games for being in 11th and out of the play instrument, there's currently in 10th. They hold the tiebreaker with Toronto if it comes to that. Are we doing tiebreakers for playing spots now? I guess so we absolutely are. Move into those Raptors rapper forever DEMAR. DeRozan came to town with the san Antonio spurs but this was Toronto's night. The wraps went real big O. G. And an OBE was playing the two and he was being featured. He was banging home jumpers. Recent pickup ken birch made his first start with Toronto given the rappers plenty of solidity at that center spot, something they have been lacking. Why didn't Orlando give him to Toronto? Just a little bit sooner. The Raptors got six guys in double figures and the best 11th place team in NBA history could fight for a playoff spot because of this new format. It's not over and it's not over for the wizards either. As we've said on what you need to know many of times. Westbrook's second half of the season last year with the Rockets is where he really turned it on and played well. While Russell Westbrook is playing very, very, very well, His last 18 games And in 31 days. So he's played 18 games in 31 days. He has had a triple double in all but four of those games, he's averaging 24, 13 and 13 in that span. Thanks to stat news for that stat. The wizards got to win over the Sacramento Kings, of course. Another Russell Westbrook triple double, His sixth straight triple double. They're tied with the raptors for 11th in the east. Yeah, we're watching 11th spot in the Eastern Conference standings. This playoff format looks to be working to the top nets 76 years. No harden or Durant harden is hurt, Kevin. Durant resting on a back to back. So this wasn't Steve Nash sitting guys in order to give Philly fewer reps against his guys before the playoffs. Although that would be great if he was doing that. No blake griffin or Lamarcus Aldridge either. Yes, Lot of good things happening there in Brooklyn, but nothing really to learn from this game other than aldridge. Better be ready to guard you L&B. If they face off in the Eastern Conference final because that's likely where they'd meet because indeed torched DeAndre Jordan for 39 points. Kyrie had 37. The two were tied for first in the east coming in, but Philly's now game up and they got the tie breaker. Gotta love those tie breakers. They held off a late rally by the nets, bench players a little further down in the Eastern Conference, Milwaukee visiting Minnesota karl, Anthony towns sitting out the second of two games because of personal reasons. His mom passed away almost a year to the day. So he was sitting out two games and like the first game it was played a little earlier in the day in front of no fans as a safety precaution in the Minnesota area. Milwaukee now two games back of Brooklyn for the two spot in the east and some injury news. P. J. Tucker played after missing 10 games. He's played sparingly since being acquired from Houston a month ago. He's gonna be a player for them in the postseason but Yannis also continuing to sit out with knee issue Cleveland charlotte. This was a bit of a kevin love throwback game. Playing through the 32 year old cavaliers. Big man late what? He had 17 points. Two more seasons left on that juicy contract next year. He'll be more tradable Taurean Prince. He had one of those scorching hot games that Prince has every once in a while. 25 off the bench charlotte lost three in a row. Very unlikely they'll fall out of the playing tournament though. Gordon. Hayward, lamelo ball. Hopefully those guys come back soon. Last game here on the docket, Pacers beat the Rockets India is getting healthy. They're absolutely not a pushover Of a team down the stretch and the rockets, they're just playing out the string and there's 12 games. Try to wrap it up for you as quickly as I can, make sure to join me tomorrow or I'll give you the news again as fast as I possibly can.