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Snippet of No Dunks: Everything You Need to Know About the NBA Today

Last Played: April 07, 2021
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Kyrie Irving drops 40, Karl-Anthony Towns finally has reason to smile, Gary Trent Jr. hits a game-winner, the Mavs are coming, and a crazy comparison between Darius Garland, Collin Sexton, and Kevin Porter Jr. to Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden.
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on today's show, Karl Anthony Towns has reason to smile again. Gary Trent Junior hits a game winner. He's already a fan favorite in Toronto. He's Damian Lillard, part to relax test and Kyrie Irving is a G d showman, although James Harden sustains an injury in Brooklyn. We'll get to that. Hey, I'm Task Melas, and this is what you need to know in the NBA. For Tuesday, April six. Hey, what's up, everybody? It was an entertaining set of games on the NBA schedule that got the heck out of the way for the N. C double A final Congrats to the Baylor team on the W in the professional leagues. The N C Double A s kind of professional, isn't it? Should be. Anyways, I first turned my eyes to Knicks Nets. The Nets are trying to get fully healthy for the stretcher on getting ready for the postseason. And like most weeks in my life, things started promising for the Nets. Kevin Durant, scheduled to come back soon. James Harden did return after missing two straight games with hamstring tightness and then on an innocent looking drive to the hoop. Just four minutes into the game, he got into the lane, did a little driving dish. What hardens been doing? Things look normal. But then he signaled to the bench, Hey, hey, Coach Nash, get me out of here. He tweaked that right hamstring again, a worrisome injury as hamstring injuries tend to not go away. He went to the locker room, did not return. Hopefully, he's just being safe. No word on the severity of the injury as he, K D and Kyrie have only played seven games together this season. It's a weird year for Harden. Played himself into shape in Brooklyn. Looked amazing. But hopefully he'll be all right. The other part of that victory. Kyrie Irving. What a show! Watching this game, I thought if there's one player I would pay to see perform on any given night, it would be this guy. Yeah, I'm taking Kyrie. The difficulty in the shop making this year is like no other player. Of course, there's Yokich and Lillard and Luca and LeBron. There's a ton. Let me know who you would pick in the comments, but the acrobatics, what he's doing, pulling back the ball, falling in the lane, right hand left hand, like he's going to over and over and over again this season. I'm taking Kyrie. Kyrie ended this game with 40 points as Brooklyn came back to beat the Knicks, who are struggling offensively lately. That is their big issue. Moving on. The Minnesota Timberwolves have had many issues this season. You can't point to just one. Karl Anthony Towns has had little reason to smile, but it was awesome seeing Cat smile again in a win over Sacramento. Yeah, huge smile and his stats have been pretty bonkers recently, 27 11, with nearly five assists on good percentages over the last 15 games. Very solid, 2020 was very tough year for him with his family. His mom passed last year, family members passed. That's why this season was always kind of a write off for him. But no one was expecting them to have the worst record in the league expectations for them to be in the play in tournament, at least with D'Angelo, Russell himself and rookie Rubio. Then they got injured. It all went downhill, although because of the injuries, rookie Anthony Edwards took on a bigger role. Got some more reps. D'Angelo Russell, one of those injured guys did return after missing two months against the Kings. He came back. Didn't have a great shooting night. But here we are. This is Karl Anthony Towns, sixth year in his career. I just don't want him to be a numbers guy. I just don't want him to get those numbers, uh, and not have the double use alongside it. Big job for a new head coach, Chris Finch, in that locker room to mix the Angela Russell and Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony towns. Hopefully, they can find some stability there because they haven't found it. There was some stability in the rim. There was a wedgie in this game great called by Dave Ben's Jim Peterson to call this wedgie. You'll see it on the full No dunks episode today here on Tuesday. Washington TORONTO Gary Trent Jr has been a rapture for less than two weeks. He was acquired for Norm Powell at the deadline, and in those two weeks in six games, the 22 year old has had his career high. He was coming off two consecutive games, where he hit six threes in each, and then on Monday, he wasn't having an incredible night when the Wizards were up, one they missed with 10 seconds left, leaving the door open for Toronto. Trent rebounded the ball and said, I'm taking this. He made up his mind that he was taking it, he told Eric Smith after the game on the broadcast, Yeah, I wasn't letting it go. It's a little Damian Lillard like right? He played with Lillard in Portland before being moved to Toronto. It already looks like an incredible deal for the Raptors, and it's not just a game winner, although that was phenomenal. UH, they traded one former second round pick for another moving Norm Powell over to Portland. But the one in Toronto now and Gary Trent will be signing his first big contract with the Toronto this offseason rather than his second big contract like Portland will be doing with Norm Norm. And, unlike his dad, Gary Trent senior, I think Junior will be spending more than just 13 games with the Raptors. Just a hunch. I think they'll be ready to pay him. And if you haven't read the incredible story of Gary Trent helping his friend Jordan Bolton walk again on the athletic you should. I'll throw it in the show. Notes. Have a read. Utah Dallas Luca. Don check talking about those guys you would pay to see. Well, he'll win an M V P down the road, this one this season, it's not it. He started slowly and his team suffered because of it, but the maps have won five straight there. Two games back from the six seed, they toppled a Jazz team that couldn't hit a three. And that was part of it for sure. They're kind of like the Nuggets, the Mavericks. Our team started slow, and here they come. They found their identity a little bit. Even without Kristaps Porzingis, Who's sitting this one out? They beat those Utah Jazz. It was an off night for Utah, snapping their streak. That's fine. They can have a they can have an off night. Cleveland, San Antonio The Spurs are a team Dallas has passed in the standings. The Spurs finished up a home stand two and seven. Yeah, the Spurs snapped a streak of 22 consecutive playoff appearances last season when they missed out and they could be starting a streak in the other direction. They've dropped into the play internment portion of the standings after a great start to the season, is making the play in tournament making the playoffs. Oh, the eternal question. Here in the NBA, they're banged up. Noted gendarmerie hurt the defense versus Darius Garland, who had a career high 37 points versus San Antonio. The Rockets are banged up, of course, but give credit to head coach Stephen Silas. They are scrappy. They took on an equally scrappy son's team down to the wire, but Phoenix held on for their sixth straight win. They're sitting comfortably in the West second seat. How about that? Good to see DeAndre. Ayton bounced back a little bit of a rough stretch with 27 points. Kevin Porter Jr continues to rehab his image in Houston. He scored 20. What could have been in Cleve
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