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Snippet of No Dunks: NBA Mar. 4 | What You Need To Know

Last Played: March 09, 2021
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No Dunks gives you NBA updates every single day of the week. Besides their 10 minute recaps of the latest games, Skeets, Tas, Trey, Leigh, and JD breakdown basketball headlines, answer listeners' questions, host awesome interviews, and so much more.
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Utah, Philly. The West past versus the East Best did not disappoint. Damian Lillard stays cool under all conditions. How does the guy do it? Ironman LeBron finally sits a game and T. J. McConnell goes after the single game steals record. It was a wild night in the association, a 10 game night. So let's get to it. I'm Tess Melas, and this is what you need to know in the N B. A. Let's get to the games, because that's what matters. That's what matters. Let's remember that 76 years, Utah one versus one. The Jazz were in control of this game most the way doing what they do every single night. There are three point shooting is something to watch. You know it's coming, but it's hard to stop. Donovan Mitchell gets enough penetration. Rudy Gobert draws enough attention in the lane, and then they just whip it around. Joe Ingles, Boy and Bogdanovich. Mike Conley all raining down threes. Every time Philly would draw close, Utah would hit another one. It's just unfair playing against them. They take the most and make the most threes are the best in the NBA. But early in the fourth. It was a three from an unlikely Sixer that sparked a run. Dwight Howard hit just the 13 3 of his 17 year career, White said, You're going to be unprecedented. Well, so am I. Dwight scored six straight, had a big block, He was handling the ball, and somehow Philly gained ground going on an 11. Oh run with zero starters on the floor and it stayed tight until the end of the fourth with Philly down. Three. Joel and be looked up at the scoreboard and said, Oh, I'm inside the Ark now let me dribble out. He hit a real tough three hand in his face to send it to overtime. Big men do it all and be doing whatever Philly needs him to do. And in overtime. That's when Donovan Mitchell had had enough with the officiating getting won t as Embiid was happy to point out to the Stripes. And then he was ejected after a second technical foul entertaining game between two heavyweights and Beat had 40 versus Rudy Gobert. Mitchell had 33 points himself. James Harden had a triple double in his first return to Houston after nine seasons there and a very rocky departure from the Rockets earlier this season, but this was an anti climactic game. It was an easy win for Brooklyn easy trip dub for James Harden. Anti climactic because the Rockets just can't win a game. They have lost 13 in a row. They have been injured, although they did get one of their guys back. Victor Oladipo returned. He had 33 points, but it took him 25 shots to get there. He turned down two years and $45 million recently. Really, that's a shocker. This game was on ESPN. I'm sure ESPN wanted to flex this baby for Philly. Utah, Why don't we get more flexing happening? Guys just broadcasted from home. Just use the other teams camera. I don't know. I would like to flex the dunk contest and get Zach Lavine in their Levin pregame with a ridiculous dunk in the layup line. Last year, he did something really similar in practice a day before a dunk contest. He wasn't going in with a beauty dunks, just showing off what he could do. Either way, the Bulls handled the pelicans. They weren't ready for Wendell Carter's offensive rebounding prowess they weren't ready to play defense. Wendell Carter had seven offensive rebounds in this one. Zach Lavine had 36 points as he heads into his first All Star Game appearance. Congrats to Zach Lavine. This was crazy. Mere hours after the no dunks crew took a mailbag question about how the last quadruple double was 27 years ago and how it's harder to get 10 steals than 10 blocks and the NBA record for steals in the game is 11. Well, the Pacers T. J. McConnell went out there and had nine steals in the first half versus Cleveland. That's a record for a half, and he was coming off the bench, so he had nine going into the second half. Just needed to to tie the record. Start him in the third quarter. Nate Corcoran. Let's make history. Well, Nate didn't and T J only got one more. He did, however, get the rare triple double with steals. 16 points, 13 assists, 10 rips off the bench and a perfect shooting night. You're perfect just the way you are. T J. You, too. Nate LeBron set out his first game of the season. He didn't play versus the Sacramento Kings taking care of several little injuries and soreness is give him a break. He's 36 years old, doing what no player has ever done before at his age, actually, no break. He still will be participating in the All Star game Sunday in Atlanta, but it will be a quick one in and out only one day of work. Fewer festivities. Actually, one part of Atlanta extended its serving hours to 4 a.m. This weekend. Parties will be had the King's held on to beat L. A. Their head coach, Luke Walton, can breathe a sigh of relief after he was rumored to be on the hot seat recently. They've won two of three. Actually, he has one more game versus Portland Thursday. You never know what can happen with the Kings. Speaking of Portland. They will also be on a back to back after they defeated the Warriors on Wednesday. It was Dame time late as he lost the ball, but then hit a step back over Kent Bazemore and coolly went back on D, where he took a charge from Draymond Green
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