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Snippet of No Dunks: The Suns Are the Hottest Team in the NBA

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How would the Suns fare against the Blazers or Mavericks in a first-round series?
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I just wanted to point out a couple things from this. The sons. I just saw Tim McMahon over a tweet this this morning. Over the last two months, the Sons have the best record in the NBA. 23 5. Nets 21 6, Jazz 20 and 7, 19 and seven and Nuggets 19 and nine. So the most wins, I guess, going to the sons. I know they played the Rockets last night, but I highly recommend you go check out, even if it's just Booker's highlights from this game. He just took over early. It was a close game, and he just made all the right place down the stretch. It is a huge book of fan, but it's fun to see him on a damn good team that he's put in these positions to sort of take over because I thought again, he is was amazing, this one, and he's been incredible over the last couple of weeks. Yeah, it's great that this one was way closer than it should have been here for the Phoenix Suns. But that's okay, because again, we want to see Phoenix in close games, how they close out who do they go to? Do they go to their star or do they go to Chris? Paul? I mean, Chris Paul is obviously a star, but Devin Booker is the guy who should be taking over. So this was This is a sort of when they need. They need to feel these on the road as well, where they're just not playing. They're not cruising along. They have to have a guy who they can rely on. And that's where we want to see Devin Booker. Because down in the bubble, that's kind of what he was. And he is now. I mean, the sons are an absolute lot for the playoffs. They're not gonna miss it now, so they need to get ready for these sorts of moments because they could find themselves up against, like, the Mavericks or the Blazes in the first round. Now the sons could obviously very well have home court advantage. Well, but you're going up against a couple of guys who do have some playoff victories and some clutch moments, so they're going to have to be ready for that. So I'm very happy to see Devin. Book is stepping up because Chris Paul has been great. But Devin Booker, of course, is the future of this franchise. Whoever the sudden play in the first round tray, I feel like it's going to be the the best series from the first round, at least in the West. Like if it's son's math's sons blazers like, I think that would be a blood, but I think it would be a long series and probably a very entertaining series. But, uh, yeah, what do you think either about Phoenix and their run here or any of those other games that I started took us through? It'll be interesting to see what actually goes down in the jockeying position of the season, because if you're looking at the top four teams in the Western Conference right now jazz Sons, Clippers, Nuggets, despite the fact that they've been one of the best teams in the league, you're probably gunning for the Sons. I think just because they haven't been there, you know, you want to see all these young players they've got in the hothouse of the playoffs and how they respond to some tough stuff like, I mean, I don't know. What would the Blazers be favored over the Sun's. Just if Lillard comes into the series averaging 30 a game with 10 assists. Who knows? The team that people are going to be picking on is the Sun's. Just because it's the first postseason experience you know they are getting to the playoffs is a huge accomplishment for Phoenix, so I don't know. They've been really good. They do it on both sides of the ball, a great game for DeAndre Ayton last night. They at least have a big guy who is a solid presence at the rim, can play a little bit of defense and hit the glass, so they're not going to be an easy out. But it is gonna be the team that people that the lower seeded teams want to play. I think I think you're right, but I'm glad you slipped it in there. This team, the sons, they're good on both ends like this is not just like the case of, like to even compare them. Let's say the Mavericks last year, like you said, they were like on fire from, you know, distance. They had just this unbelievable offense. They want a lot of their games that way. That's not really what the sons are doing lately, like their top seven right now. As of today, offensive rating and defensive rating. I think Monty Williams has a case for a coach of the year. I think it should be in play. I wonder if he wins it because people will just think, Well, Chris Paul is sort of the coach of the team coming in there, so maybe that hurts him. But anyway, they I get what you guys are saying that people would probably pick the Mavs. They probably picked the Blazers, and at first I just I'm not sure that's the case. The more I watch the Phoenix Suns, the more I'm a believer and people are going to go out of the regular season. But it's not like Chris. Paul hasn't been in these big series and games. And if he is the true leader, like if you want to say that, that's fine. And the rest of the guys have fallen into order like into place Book are still like they're they're best player. Um, being at the age he is and the potentially has. But I I don't know. I'm just convincing myself that could beat those teams. I guess what I'm getting at, they could, they could. But I would pick Dallas and Portland today in a seven game series over them. I just I just would have more faith in little, sure and, uh, but the interesting thing is, let's say the Suns finished second, then you ideally want to finish seventh. That puts you in the play in tournaments. You know you want to be in six for the safety, but then your face potentially or the Nuggets in that first round. So you sort of want to be like, Well, I don't really want to have to go through the playing tournament, but then maybe that is a safer path to facing things, But this is a fair, uh, it's fair to be suspicious of the Sun simply because we just haven't seen the team in the West take a leap from no playoffs for years to second. And it is hard. It's just so much harder to then convince people that you can do it in the playoffs because you mentioned Chris Paul. He's been there, but he's also had some moments where he's kind of blown it in the playoffs as well. So this this is just a fascinating series and the season here for Phoenix, and I hope they can go further than just making making the playoffs. But I certainly think the sexy upset pick would be whoever they are facing in the first round if the standings finished as they are today.
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