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Snippet of NoSleep | Horror Stories: HORRIFYING Valentine's Day Story | The Unwanted Valentine

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A popular teen receives unwanted romantic messages from a stranger. Her friends protect her, bringing a gun, concerned the stalker is coming to her home. She hears gunshots and then silence at the front door while she hides in her room.
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Kelly was a normal, happy teenager who was very popular in school. She was the prettiest girl in the 10th grade, and every guy wanted to data. However, at the age of 15, Kelly had no experience with boys. She felt that she just wasn't ready to have a boyfriend and hadn't even experienced her first kiss. One day at the start of February, Kelly was checking your Facebook account. She received a message from somebody she didn't know. It was a user who went by the name of who am I? And he had no photos of himself on his profile. Just a picture of a red rose next to a heart shaped box of chocolates. The message read. Kelly, will you be my valentine? Kelly was a little creeped out. She had no idea who he was, so she just replied, No, thanks. On logged up. A few days later, she got another message from the mysterious user. It read, Kelly, I like you. Please be my valentine. Kelly decided that the best thing to do was not reply. She didn't want to encourage him, so just deleted the message and tried to put it out of her mind. However, when Valentine's Day arrived, Kelly checked her Facebook account and found another message waiting for it. Read, I don't just like you, I love you and I want you to be my valentine. At this point, Kelly feared that she had a stalker on her hands. She wanted to end this harassment once and for all, so she sent an angry reply. Look, whoever you are, I'm not interested, she wrote. How could you be in love with me? You probably never even met me. You're obviously some sad, lonely, ugly, disgusting, repulsive loser who has too much time on his hands. Get this into your thick head, you creep. I don't like you, I hate you and I will never be your valentine. Then, 30 seconds later, she received another message. We'll see about that, it read. When I come to your house tonight, I'll make you my valentine. Kelly was terrified. Her parents were out of town, and they wouldn't be back for days. She called her friend Kelsey and told her about the disturbing messages Kelsey offered to come over that night and keep her company. She said she would bring her brother Jake with her. Jake owns a rifle and he often goes hunting with my dad, she said. If anything happens, he'll be able to protect us. That evening, just as it was growing dark, Kelsey and her brother finally arrived. Kelly was overjoyed to see them and ushered them inside. They turned off all the lights in the house and made sure all the doors and windows were securely locked. Jake Crouch down with darkened hallway, his trusty rifle by his side. He positioned himself directly opposite the front door and aimed his rifle, ready to shoot anyone who tried to get in. You girls better wait upstairs, he said. Don't worry about these things. If this jerk turns up, he'll have to get through me first. Kelly and Kelsey ran up the stairs and barricaded themselves in the bedroom, sitting in darkness. They passed the time by playing games on their phones. Suddenly, they heard the sound of the front door opening. The girls froze. Three gunshots rang out, followed by an eerie silence. Kelly and Kelsey sat on the bed, too scared to move or say a word. Their hearts were beating fast, and they were almost afraid to breathe. Tension was unbearable