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Snippet of NoSleep | Horror Stories: Text Messaging Horror Story

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Best NoSleep Podcast Episodes To Terrify You Listen to the best episodes of the NoSleep Podcast, an anthology horror fiction series, to hear spine-chilling stories not for the faint of heart. With both original and fan-submitted stories, the NoSleep Podcast is guaranteed to give you the chills like nothing before. These top NoSleep Podcast episodes are your prescription for too much sleep. A unique horror experience, the NoSleep Podcast features terrifying short stories that are accompanied by atmospheric sound effects and music. Hear this sample of the scariest NoSleep Podcast stories in their catalog that are sure to keep you up at night. Vurbl Paranormal: Tales of the Weird, Mysterious & Spooky
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A DJ on a radio-show receives requests from a stranger that are so specific that he feels like he’s being watched. Then, he’s requested to turn off his microphone. He’d been playing along with the requests so far, but this one goes too far.
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I'm a deejay on a small Internet radio show every Saturday morning. It doesn't pay much, but I love the job. I enjoy interacting with my listeners and playing any strong request they have. During my broadcast this particular Saturday, I was taking text requests for songs. My show started like every other one did. I was getting requests and sorting through the ones I wanted to play. All of a sudden, a new number I didn't recognize started spamming my text. Great, I thought another spam number from an asshole with nothing better to do. After spamming random letters and numbers, the person suddenly wrote in perfect English. Can you tell a joke on air that another text came through from the same number? Can you tell a joke on air? I thought this request was a little weird. I had never done a nonmusical request before. I thought to myself what could go wrong and came up with a cheesy joke. Once the song that was playing finished, I proceeded to tell the joke. How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it. I nervously laughed at my own joke and click play on the next song. Can You Dance? For Me? Was the next text I received from the number at the next possible interval. As I introduced my next song, I added in a quick line to the listener out there asking me to dance. Don't worry, I'm dancing right now. It was a lie, but I didn't see the harm until my phone went off again. Can you dance for me this time? No cheating. I looked around. I was definitely alone in the room. I moved my shoulders a little into an awkward dad dance. That's better. I was getting quite anxious. The chapter. My show was going mad, but I couldn't focus on that. I felt watched like someone was around me. I tried to continue the show, but I started panicking. About 10 minutes before the show was due to finish, I got another message. Turn your mic up