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Snippet of NoSleep | Horror Stories: The Lake Horror Story

From Audio: The Lake Horror Story
Last Played: September 18, 2021
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One child disappears each year for the past 20 years in a town by a lake. A group of teens set out to solve the mystery and save the next kid from going missing. They set up cameras near the lake where the children are reported to be seen last. When another kid goes missing, they check their footage.
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for 20 years, a kid would go missing in our town. Each summer they had vanished without a trace and without evidence of foul play nor proof that anyone had actually died. No bodies were recovered during the investigations, nor was anyone retrieved alive. By all means, they seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Naturally, such occurrences come along with a multitude of conspiracy theories, ranging from monsters to kidnappers with supernatural powers. Most of us, however, blame the lake. It was, ah, beautiful piece of water hidden in the woods saga talk. Despite appearing perfectly still. On the surface, there had always been a strong undercurrent around the center of the lake. It was theorized that it was caused by an underground river, but thus far, no one had been able to prove it. So after multiple ignored warnings to stay away, the police simply put up a barrier around the center where the current felt the strongest. Me and my friends were some of the many people to go swimming there. Despite the rumors, we absolutely loved the lake. With its crystal clear waters and bizarre lack of animal life. We'd spend many days there every summer never leaving until our skins had turned crispy red or by the tempting promise of ice cream from our parents. We were young and we felt invincible. Years passed and the three of us were about to graduate high school. While we were naturally excited to move on to college and new adventures, we desperately needed one last hurrah to say goodbye. So that summer of 2017, we decided to solve the mystery of the missing Children. Thanks to our part time jobs, we have been able to save up a decent amount of cash. We used some of it to purchase cheap birdwatching cameras. Our plan was to place them in the areas where the kids had last been seen. It just so happened that most of those areas were within Saugatuck Woods concentrated around the lake. The whole area was weirdly shaped, which meant we'd have to keep a nigh on parts of the lake ourselves. The center in particular, was hard to get a view of from shore. We thought ourselves so clever to have come up with such a genius plan. Little did we know that the police had thought of the exact same scheme Onley without results. Nevertheless, we set out on a venture to save our town, thinking nothing could stop us. By the time we placed our cameras, no one had gone missing. We were hoping to catch the moment as it happened and swoop in to stop it. In hindsight, it was a poorly thought. I would plan, but we were teenagers. What else could one expect? We strategically put the cameras around the forest and some by the water. Each day we could collect the recordings to check the footage. In addition, we camp out around the lake and just enjoy the weather. The summer went on with little incident until the first week of August. Then a kid by the name of Alex Florence had inexplicably gone missing in the middle of the day. He had last been seen throwing a ball around with his sister by the lake. He was only seven years old.
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